10 most wanted jobs

What are the Most Wanted Professions?

There are obviously different ways to determine the 10 most wanted jobs. I am using the US Department of Labor statistics  which is the beacon for many america's most wanted jobs articles.One might consider that the fastest growing occupations would suggest that they were the most wanted careers with the top. So let's first use this as our means to discover the top 10 most wanted jobs.

10 fastest growing jobs

So according to the US Dept of Labor the fastest growing jobs are

1 Biomedical engineers
2 Network systems and data communications analysts
3 Home health aides,Personal and home care aides
4 Financial examiners
5 Medical scientists but NOT epidemiologists
6 Physician assistants
7 Skin care specialists
8 Biochemists and biophysicists
9 Athletic trainers
10 Physical therapist aides

I think you can see there are some quite surprising choices on this list but with these being the 10 fastest growing careers does that mean they are the 10 most wanted jobs?

What do you think are the real most wanted careers? Leave your comment...

10 lowest paying jobs?

It is difficult to determine this but government statistics do show us the 10 occupations or industries that have the biggest declines in salary which would go some way to showing us what are definitely NOT the 10 most wanted jobs or industries to be in.

They are:
1 Working in department stores
2 Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing jobs
3 Motor vehicle parts manufacturing
4 Postal service
5 Printing and related support activities
6 Cut and sew apparel manufacturing
7 Newspaper publishers
8 Support activities for mining
9 Gasoline stations
10 Wired telecommunications carriers

These industries definitely do not include peoples most wanted careers that is for sure.


10 jobs america's most wanted workers

So in what sectors show a shortage in the workforce. Being that they are in need of workers it might indicate that these are again not the top 10 most wanted jobs. Or could it mean that not enough people are receiving  Americas most wanted jobs education and training?

Occupations with the largest number of total job openings because of growth.

Here they are

1 Cashiers BUT NOT in gaming
2 Retail salespeople
3 Waiters and waitresses
4 Customer service representatives
5 Registered nurses
6 food preparation and serving workers including fast food
7 Office clerks, general
8 Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers
9 Elementary school teachers BUT NOT in special education
10 Stock clerks and order fillers

It is clear from this top 10 list that there is a shortage of workers in these areas because they are most certainly NOT the 10 most wanted jobs.

What is your most wanted job or career?

These statistics have been compiled from the US Bureau of Labor. While  they show us facts I don't think they take into consideration peoples true desires. We work largely based on our financial needs and educational background.

What would be your dream job,whether based in reality or in your dreams? Leave a comment and let's find out what jobs people would really love to do. Better yet write YOUR top 10 most wanted jobs in the comments section.

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vilakazi cornel 4 years ago

i also want job

Molebogeng 4 years ago


squire 4 years ago Author

What type of job would you like?

squire 4 years ago Author

Apparently not such desirable careers.Wonder why? Any thoughts?

ismail maideen 4 years ago


squire 4 years ago Author

A good electrician will always find work and in my experience (paying for their services) they earn good money.

kelly 4 years ago


squire 4 years ago Author


A veterinarian is a great choice. Just be prepared for a lengthy period of serious Learnin'

A minimum of SEVEN years only IF you are totally dedicated and motivated.

It can mean four years of college and a further 4 years of veterinary medical college.

Good choice and good luck following your dream

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