12 Sites to Find Job Leads for Online Earnings

It's difficult to get a writing job or gig if you have absolutely no idea where to look. Writing jobs won't come to you. You have to go to them!

So, where can you actually go to look for writing jobs? You could just go to Google and type "freelance writing jobs", but how many sites will you need to go to root out the legit ones, to look for the kind of work your looking for? Fortunately for you, there are many sites for freelance writers that have listings of job leads. What's better is that most of them have already researched and double-checked the jobs they're posting so that you won't have to deal with a scam.

How do you do that?

Join Forums

Forums for freelance writers (or freelancers in general) are very helpful in getting tips for starting a freelance career, to real freelancing jobs that pay to current job leads. Also, you can might meet a potential client for your freelancing business, a magazine editor, or a publicist at a company.

Job Sites

When I mean job sites, I mean sites like JobStreet.com or Indeed.com where there are several job ads you can find. The thing with these job sites, though, is that you have to register to the site to apply for a job (some job sites will only reveal a company's name to a site member or user).

The List

So, here's a list of sites and forums you can join or subscribe to for job leads, writing tips, and more useful pieces of advice.

ProBlogger.net - This site has a job page and forum you can join to trade tips and find online jobs. The site also offers useful sources, links, and posts on making your loving as a freelancer.You can also subscribe to the site's newsletter to get updated.

WorkersOnBoard.com - I saw this one when I was using PostLoop and this site has such a comprehensive list of work-at-home jobs from transcribing, data entry, tele-collecting, Q&A, to writing and editing. The list is so huge, but there are some links that are outdated. It has a great forum, though, where people ask and answer questions about work-at-home jobs.

Frugee.com - Frugee is a forum site for freelancers and micro-task workers. There are many topics and threads about writing online and the members share sites where they get good pay or their techniques in getting writing jobs.

WarriorForum.com - This is a well-known site where businesses and freelancers post questions and answers and sell their services (Warriors for Hire). The forum has many members who are connected to the business world, whether they are self-employed or not.

DigitalPoint.com - The site has other pages, so make sure to go to the forum itself, where you can look up threads for job leads and their Marketplace, where you can put up articles on different topics and sell them (like WriteLearnEarn).

MediaBistro.com - This is also a famous site for job seekers. You can go to their Jobs page and look through different freelance writing jobs. They also have links or posts on how to pitch queries or submissions to online or printed magazines.

LinkedIn.com - Oh, you shouldn't be surprised anymore. LinkedIn is a place where professionals hang out like they do on FB, only more professional-ish. Anyway, LinkedIn has a Jobs tab where you can search for writing jobs and connect with the company directly. Also, LinkedIn is a great place where you can start following a company (Think: Random House, Kirkus Media, etc...) and maybe meet someone on LinkedIn who's a magazine editor, writer, or publisher.

TheWriteLife.com - The Write Life is a good site that offers articles and job leads on writing. You really can't miss that big green JOBS button just waiting for you to click it. You can look up jobs based on location or type. If you want to work at home, you can search for telecommuting jobs instead.

BloggingPro.com - Not to be confused with ProBlogger, is another site where you can find job leads. Although it's not into articles and tips on freelance writing, it's still a very useful source for freelance writing.

JournalismJobs.com - You don't exactly have to be a journalist or journalism graduate to apply for jobs posted on this site. What you do need is amazing writing or storytelling skills you can use to get a good job where companies, newspapers, or magazines are looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time writers.

AbsoluteWrite.com - The Absolute Writer's Watercooler is where you can hang out and talk about writing. Although there are no job leads, you will find that this forum has an extensive and broad cover of topics. It's everything about writing - freelance, work-for-hire, literary markets, book-publishing and more.

Freedom With Writing.com - Subscribe to their newsletter and get updates on different writing sites, literary markets, and writing tools that can help you land a well-paying writing gig or a good writing career.

There are more job sites online right now, but these are the most comprehensive, extensive, and popular ones. When I discover a new one that's worth looking at, you can be sure I'll post it here.

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