12 Ways To Build Backlinks

12 ways to build backlinks
12 ways to build backlinks

Your Site Needs Backlinks

When it comes to your website or blog backlinks is one area where you don't want to skimp. The reason for this is that without backlinks your site won't place well in the search engines.

And whether your goal is make money online or to just build up your readership, backlinks are a must. Otherwise your site will most likely be lost among the many thousands of sites already on the internet.

What Are Backlinks

To put it simply in case you're new to blogging and the internet, a backlink is a link back to your blog/website from another site.  Backlinks are a very important part of the seo (search engine optimization) for your web site or blog and should never be ignored.

Write Articles

1.One of the most popular ways to get more backlinks is to write some interesting articles with a link back to your site and place them in various places on the internet. Just do a search and you'll find plenty of places just like the two links below where you can do this.

Ezine Articles

Article City

Use Classified Ads

2.Classified ads are a quick and easy way to get more backlinks. Just do a search on free classified ads and you're bound to get tons of results for sites like the two below.

 Craigs LIst

 Us Freeads

Leave Comments

3. Leave comments
Leaving revelant and helpful comments on other blogs can also be a helpful way to get backlinks. If you do this it's important that you don't go around leaving spammy comments, otherwise they will only end up being deleted by the blog owner.

Use Social Bookmarking

4.Social bookmarking is a good and sometimes overlooked method to get some good backlinks. Anymore the internet is full of social sites but three good ones that you might want to check out are.




Have A Contest

5. Have a contest, even though almost everyone has done this, contests ares still a popular way to get backlinks. And why not ? After all everyone likes free stuff.

Try Guest Blogging

6. Do a guest blogging spot. Many of the more popular blogs use guest bloggers for some of the posting on their sites. You won't get paid for it but this can be a great way to get more backlinks.

Make A Video

7. Make an interesting video.
If you make it fun and interesting a video posted on youtube and other social sites can be a great way to get more backlinks.

Use Yahoo Answers

8.Just answer a few questions in a helpful way and get some backlinks. But be careful to not do anything that seems spammy, otherwise they will quickly ban you.

Use Squidoo

9. Make a squidoo lens. Not only is squidoo fun and easy to work with they also rank very well with google.

Submit A Press Release

10. Submit a press release to a site like prweb, about your business and activities to get more backlinks.  

Make A Hub

11. Make an interesting hub about  what you do and include a link back to your blog/website.

Buy Ads

12. If you can afford it buy an ad from a popular website that's relevant to what you do. Or you might try going with a company like textlink ads.


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