3 Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate Marketing Essential Tools

Affiliate marketing essential tools for success, start small earn big long term.
Affiliate marketing essential tools for success, start small earn big long term.

3 Main Affiliate Marketing Tools

Successful affiliate marketing requires time, effort and a good amount of persistence as realistically there are no short cuts, only hard work to get you where you want to be in the affiliate marketing world. Affiliate marketing traditionally is regarded as an easy money making option, but a lot of people do fail at it, as they have unrealistic expectations of it, so go into beig an affiliate with your eyes wide open and plan everything you are going to do like a real business.

There are three essential tools that all affiliate should have and that is what sets you apart from any other affiliate.

Essential Tool Number 1 - A Website

This is an important one, some of those top affiliate marketers would have you believe that you don't need a website to earn affiliate commissions and while that may be true, but you do need a website, so that you can increase your affiliate earnings and that's what other affiliates do, so whoever says you don't need a website is just trying to fool you, because they are earning thousands of dollars and you are not right now.

A website doesn't have to be fancy or flash, but it does have to have a smart appearance and design that looks professional, so many websites try and go for a mediocre approach that only gets you half the mount of traffic that you want (if that!) Your website is your home base, your business HQ and you can set up all manner of email lead capture pages and feed subscriptions of you wish to drive more readers to your site and offer value to them through your website.

A website with just banners and links are not effective any more, what you need to do is provide a need for your website, with enough information to help others in some way, maybe write reviews on specific niche products that other people might find interesting and with enough content that makes them make a buying decision through your affiliate links of course.

Establishing yourself as an expert is the way to go, not in an arrogant way or anything, just in an honest and open way were you provide lots of value for your site visitors and also content that will rank well in the search engines too, because if you do this you will build a loyal following from the off start and this will only grow in the future as more and more people come to trust your reviews and article content..

Essential Tool 2 - Create Valuable Incentives

What are incentives?, well they can be anything that you create, so that people subscribe or sign up to your site via a newsletter or just to get a free ebook, in return you get their name and email address, so that you can provide added value with email content and any marketable offers you see fit to offer.

The money is in the list as they say, but try and do a good foundational email series first and offer a free ebook too, this will build the trust that we mentioned above and can also establish you as an expert and that's what you want, you want to overshadow some of the others online who don't take this affiliate marketing thing that seriously and beat them, of course you will have competition from some top super affiliates, but challenge is a goal to aim for!

Also think about other freebies you could give away that will get people to sign up and be on your emailing list,free software can be popular as is free games and wallpapers, but try and tie it in with your niche to make it relevant.


Essential Tool Number 3 - Build Link Popularity

Building back-links is a boring thing to do and ideally you should be working to a strict plan of action with this, don't just do a few links in a week and that's the end of it, you need to mark down your efforts all the time and keep track of where you have back links, what article directories you have written for to link back to your website and the forums that you participate in.

Also be aware that your website if written with good quality content others may do some linking for you if they find it useful, so that helps, but don't always assume that others will link to it, schedule in time to promote your site and best content, so that your website gets ranked highly in the search engines

Article marketing is a fine link building method, as are joining relevant forums in your niche too and the key is to just do them regular for the benefits to assert themselves, original article content is a must and useful is even better, write often and your article content will bring in traffic to your site.

Other relevant websites may select your article to feature through their email series or newsletters so it is worth concentrating your efforts on article marketing, but also other link building methods like video marketing and blog marketing.

Of course, as you follow the path to an affiliate ninja, there are many other things that will become very essential for you to build and increase your affiliate empire, so start with these three and go from there.



Affiliate Marketing Tools 3 comments

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

Yeah these are the basics of what an afiliate marketer needs, a website is the most essential I reckon as you can do a lot with your websites with regards to affiliate promotions and you can control it far better than just sending links willy nilly out there!

Nice and interestingly informative hubpage EBL!

easybusinesslinks profile image

easybusinesslinks 6 years ago from UK Author

Thanks waynet!

Yes, having a website is the best thing you can do for your affiliate marketing and trying to build up the traffic is fun too.

FANAFI 6 years ago

I think the content is informative. I would suggest to the writer, howvever, that they spend a little time in a creative writing class or buy a book.

The run on sentences were very distracting and hard to follow. Again, thank you for the article. The content is helpful.

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