5 Small Business Ideas You Could Start Today

I am always thinking about different ways to earn money. I love to read and hear about different ways people are making a extra income part time to a full blown business that started in their bedroom. The best way to start your first business is to have it as a sideline whilst you work a full time job. This puts less pressure on the business having to perform straight away and also means you're not dependent on making a living from it. My mentor, Jim Rohn says spend full time on your job and part time on your fortune. Jim Rohn himself doubled his income in the first year by working his fortune part time. So what have you come up with so far on making money? Do they seem too big? Do you need a lot of capital? Do they need a lot of time to put in to them? All business need to be nutured and this is why it's best to have the business as a sideline. You will need capital to start a business up so if you haven't already put some money away to start your venture. $1000 is a great amount to have put aside to get you started on your first business, whilst haing a full time job. Some small business ideas don't need $1000 to start but it's great to have the money set aside and used as a back up. If you start your business with a friend everything is halved.

So here's 5 small business ideas you can start for under $1000. These can be upscaled so you can start off small and then grow as you start making money. First up Gold Plating. This you can do from your home and is so simple as you can now buy gold plating kits. You can gold plate almost anything. A popular item to gold plate is mobile phone cases and electronic devices. Gold Kindle or Ipad anyone? If you're young this could be a real earner if you your frineds from school hear about your gold Iphone. You could charge $10 for small items and so on and so on.

A business venture im strongly considering right now is a bouncy castle business. This one is at the higher end of our budget but its a set and forget type business. You can buy seconhand bouncy castles for around $500 with a fan. You will need transport to take them to each customer. There's minimal overheads and it's all profit. you just leave them all day at the customers home and collect in the evening. Prices depend on size of bouncy castle but you can easily charge $100 a day. There's so much to be made with this business and you can upscale by buying more bouncy castles : ). potential income $1000+ a month with one bouncy castle.

Sweet machines. You can see that I prefer the set and forget type businesses. These can be bought for $100 and your local wholesalers will provide the sweeties. This is a great small business and can produce a tidy little income for very little outlay. Things to consider with this is that you will need to get permission to place your machines once you've done this you just need to take note of sell by dates of your sweeties. Other than that you can leave them to make money. My idea on this would be to do an old skool theme like 80's sweets.

Make T Shirts. You can not only kit yourself out you can also make yourself some money do them to. There's different ways you can make t shirts - Iron transfers, screen printing and Direct to Garment. Iron ons are great and you just need a computer and printer to make these. Screen printing you will need silk screens for each print, these give a better longer lasting printing and for DTG you will need a very expensive printer but you can do anything and full sized. I'd start of with Iron on and then make some screens once your raking in the big bucks get a DTG printer. Potential up to you! A small company in the 80s started making t shirts for local skaters it then had to change its name,they also borrowed some money from their relatives to upscale, it became DC clothing.

Collection and Deliveries - Theres is definitely money to be made in collections and deliveries thanks to the internet and lazy people. This will wipe your budget out by buying a small van but you can still make money doing this. People always need furniture picking up they've bought on eBay that won't fit in a normal car you can even carve out a little niche in the market. My niche was going to be picking up engines for people that have bought them on eBay. The more awkward and heavier the item the more you can charge. Take in to consideration your time and fuel costs.

So there you have it, 5 small business ideas to give your food for thought. A business does'nt have to be complicated or need a till to be called a business. Serivces are always a great way to earn money with little outlay as it's your skill and time people are paying for. Car washing, lawn cutting, window cleaning, gutter cleaning (this ones great), cleaning, music tuition.

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creativespirit63 profile image

creativespirit63 4 years ago from Omaha, Nebraska

These are some good ideas. I especially wish I knew someone doing the pick up and delivery service. A year ago I traded my mom van for a soft top Jeep Wrangler. I had no idea how much stuff I move from one place to another until I gave up the van. Very good idea.

JP993 profile image

JP993 4 years ago from England Author

Yeh I loved my van, they're so handy. I'm on the look out for another. There's loads of little niches to be had with collections and deliveres.

Thank you for your comment

mizjo profile image

mizjo 3 years ago from New York City, NY

Good ideas for the retired person too. But don't count on Uncle Sam not wanting a big piece of the pie!

JP993 profile image

JP993 3 years ago from England Author

And so what if he does, that's just part and parcel. Don't limit yourself because of that.

mizjo profile image

mizjo 3 years ago from New York City, NY

Sure won't. Just my gripe about over-big government.

JP993 profile image

JP993 3 years ago from England Author

Good, but Lose that gripe.

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