How You Can become a good speaker in five steps. Improve your profile now! Be a better listener

5 steps to become a good speaker

1. Know your audience
who are you speaking to?
what do they want to hear about?
what is necessary for this audience?
what will they relate to?

2. Create 3 key deliverables
don't try and get everything across at the same time.
i suggest you choose 3 key points or take aways as we like to call them, for your audience.
focus on these

3. Know your material
there is nothing wrong with speakers who read from prepared text and sometimes it is a good idea to refer to your notes for accuracy, but the most engaging speakers are the ones who can make eye contact with the audience and project an sense of passion into their talk.
continuous reference to your texts does not let that bond develop

4. Practice
practice, practice and when you feel you are ready, practice some more.

5. Seek feedback
complete the loop.
you were talking/speaking to share something and now its time to check if the message you intended to communicate, has been communicated.

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