7 Remarkable Ways To Manage Your Time

Oh, so you have time to read this? This is good. You are not yet one of those people who are losing all their time browsing and jumping from page to page, because they have no time to focus on anything.

And it's even better to be here because this page will give you a lot more time than the 10 minutes it will take you to read it. In fact, following these remarkable time management techniques may change your life forever (or at least to the end of the world!)

1. The 80/20 Rule Or Just Do The Best First

80% of what you achieve in life, career, and just about everything is a result of 20% of your efforts. This doesn't come out of nowhere, it's the well known Pareto principle. Who am I to argue with it, eh?

"But only if I knew which were the good 20%".

Well, you know very well. It's not chatting. It's not checking your mail hundred times per days or browsing HotOrNot. The good 20% are the efforts which you put to produce something - being it text, images, law papers, video, plastic toys, programming code or business strategies. It's the time which you use to produce, ship, make, write, sing, do. So tomorrow when you wake up and decide to "work", starting doing something for real rather than waisting your power in meaningless tasks.

If you do the best things first every day, you may get exchausted quicker but that doesn't matter. If you do the best in the beginning, the rest just isn't going to make sense anyway. 

So, rule one: do what you do best first. Then do the rest if there is time for it. Consume information at the end of the day.


2. Know What You Have To Do

This is a really easy tip and yet most of us don't follow it. If you don't know what's on your plate, how are you expected to peak the most important tasks from it? Of course you can't!

Just keep a to-do list. It's really THAT simple. There are tons of time management tools that can help you do it. For free.

At the time of making your to-do list you can do the prioritization too. Then in the morning you won't have to watch stupidly the monitor and wonder where to start the day. You will just open that to-do list app and start the tasks. Then click, click, click... and the items are gone one by one, and you feel better, and your day is far more productive.

But no, some choose to wonder instead and watch the monitor with eyes "wide shut".

3. Turn Tasks Into Habits

Tasks are hard to do when you have to think about them. Imagine you had to drink coffee every morning like a business task:

  1. Now I have to drink coffee. Let's get prepared
  2. We need to make good coffee. Let's see what does it take
  3. Now I have to boil the water. I have to pour it at 95°C
  4. ...
Looks hard, doesn't it! But in reality drinking coffee is not only nice, it's something you do in-between, without engaging your brain.
With a little work and patience you can turn many of your tasks into habits. Then your brain will be free to work on more important stuff!


4. Keep Stress Levels Low

Leave the office drama to those who have no private life. Some will kill to get a task done just so they can get a hike. Don't be like them, it's just not worth it.

Keeping stress level low is one of the best and most efficient time management techniques. Losing an hour "productive time" to get out for a walk isn't a crime. It's an investment that will make the next 4 hours twice as productive as they would be if you didn't go out. Which is more? 1 or 4x2?

5. Do One At Once

It may sound cool to be multitasking but it just doesn't work. Just see MS Windows, ha! 

Reading news and writing an article at the same time doesn't work. You won't be doing even one of these things good. Your article will suck and you'll forget the news at the minute you read them. First write your article, then read the news (unless your article depends on the news - then switch the order). Just don't do both at the same time - it doesn't make sense.

I know staying concentrated is hard for everyone these days, but switching between four browser tabs while you pretend to be working in MS Word isn't going to help you. So, close Facebook, turn off Skype, yes and close that browser tab with the vacation rentals too. Now you can finish your task twice faster and three times more efficient. Then browsing for vacation rentals will make a lot more sense because your chances to afford a good vacation are growing with every tasks completed well.

6. Let Someone Else Do It

What if you could have someone else do the most boring tasks? Wouldn't that be marvellous? 

Well, actually you can!

It's called outsourcing. There are hundreds of sites on the web where you can find affordable workers from all over the world and outsource your tasks to them. Great, isn't it?

"But I will have to pay for this!!!"

Oh I see, there are still people who believe in free lunch. Yes, you have to pay for it. But let's think now: if you have 8 hours in the day and have 12 hours of work to do, what are your choices? To do 8 hours of the best work and left the rest undone. Intsead of that you can outsource the 4 hours that you are less efficient in for few bucks and do the 8 just fine. Or even better, why don't you outsource 6 hours and do 8 hours of actually meaningful work? At the end you will have both emotional and financial gain.

Of course outsourcing isn't that simple, but the principes behind it are. Don't be afraid to try it.

7. Use Cool Tools

There are many software programs that can help you manage your time better, use them. You don't have to rely on pen and paper all the time. There are various time analysis tools, calendars, to-do lists, automation tools, mind-mapping tools and so on.

Some are free, some not, some are for your personal use, some will give competitive advantage to your business. Learn about them and use them, that's what they are made for!

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