Ideas on Ways to Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time

Ways to Earn Extra Money ~ Not Get Rich Quick

Before you start reading be aware that these are suggestions for ways to earn extra money in your spare time, not ways to make a living or to get rich quick. Theoretically it may be possible to make a living from some of them but don't under-estimate the amount of work that would be involved.

The suggestions listed here of ways to make extra money can be broken down into 3 main categories:

1. On-line opportunities

2. Off-line opportunities / Service Provision

It is not meant to be an exhaustive list, more suggestions to get you started. Some may suit you better that others so please feel free to just pick and choose the parts you want.

Ways to Earn Extra Cash On-line

These really are just ways to earn a little extra cash while at home, they can be fitted into a spare 10 mins and if you're lucky may pay for a few treats throughout the year. To expplore online opportunities further check out these suggestions for earning extra money online.

Ebay - If you have items around the house that you do longer need or use the Ebay is a great and relatively easy way to sell them. Set up a personal (as opposed to business) ebay account, list your items and off you go. I won't go into minute here on how to do it as there are plenty of Hubs around which already contain that information and suggest you check out some of those such as the very good eBay Seller Basics hub by Marissa Wright.

Etsy / Folksy / Misi~ Do you make something you could sell on-line? From cookies to cards, bags to bracelets and everything in between, there is a thriving online market for good quality hand-crafted items. The beauty of this is that you can do it at your own pace and just list things to sale as you make them. Remember though that if you make something with the intention to sell it and make a profit on will be considered a business and be subject to tax regulations. A good hub to start with to get a better idea of Etsy is StarryNightsDiva's Sell Your Handmade Crafts on Etsy

Online Surveys- .There are plenty of online survey companies out there who will pay you in either cash or vouchers for completing surveys. The catch is that you generally only recieve pennies for each one you do so it's not a basis for a second income. However on the plus side they generally only take a few mins to complete and over time the amounts add up so it can be worth doing for a little extra pocket money.

Earn Money With HubPages

 The site you're reading this information on is called HubPages, and the information here is written by people like you i.e. people who love to write, have something to say or share, and would like to make some extra money in the process.

The site is free to join and easy to use. To find out more why not join HubPages today.

Ways to Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time - Off-Line

Car Boot Sales - they're like an off-line eBay. Collect up everything you no longer need or want, take a pitch at your nearest car boot venue and see what happens.

Car Boot Sales for Other People ~ You don't have to limit yourself to just selling off your stuff. It's entirely possible that friends and family also have boxes of items they no longer need, and would be happy to pay you to sell on their behalf. Selling at car boot sales isn't every ones cup of tea, or isn't something everyone has time to do ~ so if you enjoy it and have the time to do it, it could be a good service to offer ... which brings me onto the final section.

Services and Information - This is where you offer either a service or some information which people are willing to pay for, resulting in you earning extra money.

Lets start at the beginning with this one. People will only buy something if they a) need it and b) think it's worth paying for.

People will buy / need services or information because either a) they can't do it / find it for themselves or b) they can but they don't have the time.

Everyone has skills, most of which can be translated into some form of service for which people will pay ~ the trick is identifying your skills, what those skills can be used for, and what your target market it. For example let's say you're the worlds best walnut tree pruner (I honestly don't even know if walnut trees need to be pruned but it's what came into my head). If you live in an area where there are no walnut trees then no matter how much you advertise locally no-one will need your services. However if you produced a down-loadable e-book on how to prune walnut tress and sold it through the Internet your target market just became the whole world instead of just where you live. If you also re-trained to be an expert cherry tree pruner because your area is full of cherry trees you're then able to use your skills locally also.

So start looking at what you're good at and how you could use those skills for example:

Washing / ironing / cleaning / shopping ~ a lot of people don't have the time to do this themselves and are willing to pay people to help them.

DIY / Gardening ~ as above - if a couple work all week they may not want to give up several hours every weekend to catch up with all those DIY jobs or cut the lawn but would pay to have it done so they have more time for themselves.

Do you sew ~ can you offer an alteration service?

Are you great with computers ~ could you offer 121 tuition on the basics.

Are you always immaculately turned out ~ can you offer advice on how to dress, or how to mix and match clothes to get the best out of a small wardrobe.

Do you knit ~ could you offer sets of 'new baby' booties and hats?

Do you love rooting around antique fayres and flea markets ~ could you offer a 'finding service' for people wanting a specific piece of furniture.

Can you paint ~ what about painting murals on kids bedroom walls to match their chosen theme.

Do you have an eye for interiors ~ could you give old pieces of furniture a face-lift.

Can you cook ~ how about offering homemade desserts for dinner parties.

Do you have a hobby you could run workshops in i.e. photography club,

The chances are that there is something you do every day that you're very good at that with a bit of lateral thinking you could turn into a method of earning some extra money. Even if you can't think of anything immediately just try paying attention to everything you do for the next few days and hopefully something will click with you.

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Cobrafan profile image

Cobrafan 6 years ago from Nowhere

Good stuff there. For online opportunities you could include Hubpages. A few minutes to write an article, throw in Adsense, and call it a day :D

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PhoenixAshton 5 years ago

As usual a great Hub.

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cre8tive 5 years ago from U.K Author

Thanks PhoenixAshton

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