A Few Things Every Fresher/Intern Needs To Know

A few things a Fresher must know
A few things a Fresher must know | Source


After you finish your graduation, you will be very eager to get a new job. One young man, who was an expert in developing iOS applications, was offered a job in Apple by Steve Jobs as soon as he finished his graduation. But he went on to deny it and start his own firm. Most graduates have a lot of responsibilities on their head after they finish college, the most common one being debt. Yes, it is very important that you get a job and start working, but at the same time, it is also important that you learn about the corporate illusions. Here are the few things every Fresher/Intern needs to know before he/she takes up his/her first job.

1. Ask Questions

In many developing countries, a fresher is not allowed to ask questions during an interview. Though you can ask questions, you will be trained in such a way that you should only answer the questions put forth to you by the interviewer. That is not the case. You can very well ask questions, but they should be asked according to the stages of the interview. In the early stages, you can ask about the company, and in the final stages, you can ask about their policies and even your salary, after they confirm that you will get the offer.

2. Learn To Say ‘No’

This is a corporate strategy that will help every fresher/intern to climb up the corporate ladder effortlessly. Most seniors will try to extract work from you when you are a fresher. Most of this work will not be related to you, but instead it would be something that they should do, and sometimes, it will even be personal. Learn to say ‘No’. It could develop a bad relationship between you and your boss, but it can also prevent you from ruining your career.

3. Discuss Your Salary With Colleagues

Some companies also tell you that you should not discuss your salary with others. That is because of the fact that they want to keep you in the dark. If you get close to someone, it is always good to discuss your salary with them. You don’t want to be underpaid do you?

4. Keep Track of Everything You Do

One thing I learnt from one of my bosses in the early years of my career was to maintain a record of what I was doing. It is simple. All you need is a spreadsheet. Have a column for the date, task, Start and Finish respectively. Update it as and when you complete every task assigned to you. When your internship or your first year as a fresher is completed, some official from the higher management might ask you, “What were you doing all this time?”. All you will have to do is email him the spreadsheet.

5. Do Not Hesitate to Shift

Even if you have entered your dream company, chances are that you might not like working there. Most career experts advise that you should stay in your first job, no matter what, for at least a year. But I would like to differ. If you do not like it, then quit and start fresh! Because, a few years down the line, you do not want to be complaining every single day about your job.


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