A New Work Day

On Beginning My Day as Always A Very Important Time

And again when I have only gotten 6 hours of sleep, I awakened to work on the computer and whatever is online, which was hard since the printer didn't work up until now. I am truly so serious regarding work and writing, Jeffrey David Jubelirer and I am supposed to get treatment over Hep C soon. I remember Jeff wrote "Who is God today?" I was then amazed that he wrote that and that poem and I do often think twice or more than that on that poetry, kind of like how can he write that!

He is an amazing writer. He is more talented than I ever realized he is very talented and brilliant himself, like my father is greater likewise. I have decided to pursue wisdom through my mentors and of my own brain up here where I hope heart sure is. God's heart does hold myself

and I believe God is for all mine. For my folks were only here yesterday on Thursday and that was for cleaning the house and of the Lord Jesus Christ, Our King, I am pretty sure today.

And hopefully we can keep keeping on, loving God and choosing wisdom and obedience to Him. All is well for this minute here. Definitely I am kind of sitting on my money, whatever little I do got. I was hired for real writing jobs and I was hired for home business system. Maybe after all, I will make some money! Grace, grace says this author of love here!


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