A Recipe for a Home Based Business

Your Recipe Must Start with Heart

Your recipe must start with heart. So, what is it that reaches deep into your cockles and heats them ‘til they are about to burst? Think about the last movie, TV show, article or book that really moved you. Did that feeling of connection or empathy motivate a donation, phone call or maybe even a tear (followed by snot-filled tissues)? Recipes are only ever successful when they are shared with or in service to others. It would be very easy to contribute to global warming spouting the hot air of opinion as popularized by (formerly) news networks. I personally feel bound by Karma to deliver some value in exchange for your spending time here. I research and write in the service of helping others. It is my hope for your creation of a successful holiday recipe to start with this small and powerful seed. After all, whether the home business recipe starts with an invention, improvement or service, the enduring one solves a problem. Solving any problem creates value.

What's the Problem?

We started with your warm heart; now let’s find a problem to solve:

  • Do more people need to taste your cheer-filled chocolate cake?
  • Do you know local businesses that could use temps or interns from the unemployed masses?
  • Do you have the strength to laugh with the terminally ill?
  • Can you teach others to meditate thereby relieving holiday stress?
  • Filling your Christmas list involve sending awesome cookies
  • Holiday choir
  • Dance with hearing impaired
  • Share your dogs with the elderly
  • Create holiday décor
  • Seasonal holiday decorator
  • Holiday chef

As you can see, anything that warms your heart can mix into the perfect holiday home business recipe. We now have our fresh ingredients: warmed cockles, problems to solve and creation of value. How is your recipe going to come together? Should your recipe have a long detailed braising, a precise bake, or a quick deep fry? This can be crucial to best utilize your holiday recipe ingredients. At this time, with proper preparation, your heart and value can perfectly combine into quality. When your recipe produces quality it reacts like a ripple in a pond. One satisfied customer tells two friends, they tell two friends, and eventually someone tweets about it to hundreds of friends.

The Real Value

The other extreme is to have no value. My daughter brought up a perfect example today: touch less hand soap dispensers. The imagined problem is touching and getting a pump or container of hand soap dirty. I know some of you aren’t getting it yet. The cleanliness of the pump or container has no relevance to your health since you are washing your hands AFTER touching the dispenser anyway. This is a business recipe that I discourage. Especially for a start-up, this recipe involves huge advertising budget to sell the non-problem and then the imagined value. I have researched the demand for these worthless products and found that the top ten key words all together total 144,593 global searches monthly. You could dominate the entire demand at less than $2/click. Please comment with any other zero value products or services you have found – maybe a service to capture and analyze the toxins in your farts before and after a colonic?

Your great holiday home business recipe should always start with some market research. Does everyone you know always ask for your confections? Or do you need more people to taste test them? How many people are searching for those types of confections every month? Are you starting to see I have a sweet tooth? I just ate one of my own dark chocolate no-bake cookies (willing to sell this recipe, when the demand presents itself). You can ask friends, family, internet forums, or me if anyone else recognizes your problem as one worthy of solving.

Heart, value, and well seasoned with research, your high quality holiday home business recipe is ready to share. This is the test marketing phase. Do you have any competition? What are they charging for a similar product or service? Is your quality superior enough to warrant a higher price point? Is your price point giving you a healthy ROI (return on investment of your time and money)? With this new information you know whether our home business recipe is worthy of finishing

But Wait There's More!!!

But, wait there’s more. Did your recipe for light flaky biscuits turn out worthless butter flavored hardtack (a hard and dry cracker closer to a rock than a saltines)? This is more common than you might think.  In fact, it is the corner-stone of the pharmaceutical industry. They test their recipes assuming to fix one problem and find it can be applied to another. Have you heard of Sildenafil? Initially it was formulated to treat hypertension angina, a symptom of ischemic heart disease. It is better known as Viagra today. So, your biscuits are like bricks. Are you aware of the gourmet pet industry? Gourmet dog biscuits are selling for up to $4-5 each. Your failing recipe might just need a new niche.

It is your time to find a niche, blend talents, and create your recipe. I appreciate all your emails and comments. Very best of luck, keep us updated with your high quality home based and small businesses.

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giwrgos12 6 years ago from San Diego

Hello, this is unquestionably a principally great submit.

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RickyDLV 6 years ago from USA and occasionally other countries. Author

Thank You gi, I've been testing articles to see which will make good video segments on a home business web TV show for my site http://www.myhomebusinessservices.com/.

Thanks again.

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