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Mail trucks overseas don't exactly look like this ...

One area that APO FPO DPO online stores should examine is: "How much are you charging your customers for shipping costs?"

The first clue that can be examined is the fact that an overseas US service member can walk into any Army Post Office - otherwise known as an APO or Postal Service Center - and buy a stamp for 45 cents (the cost of a forever-ever stamp goes up 1 cent soon) - which is the same cost for mailing a paper letter within the United States.

So. As an e-commerce business manager - someone who owns or operates an online store that caters to people living or working at APO FPO DPO addresses - if you are still asking: "What's the clue? What's the clue?" - the clue is that the people you are selling stuff to at overseas locations know what the current postage rates are - because while your employees are pasting labels on e-commerce packages to send to customers around Christmas time - your customers are packaging cuckoo clocks to mail back to the United States (USPS shipping costs within the good old' US of A are pretty much the same as they are for shipping stuff from an APO or FPO Germany, Japan and Korea).

If you are over charging your customers on shipping fees - for whatever reason - you might want to pause and re-examine your business plan. Basically what I just said is: "Don't get greedy, otherwise you might see yourself on the evening news."

Google the phrase "stripes.com to issue refunds," if you still don't get it (note: Stars and Stripes is just a newspaper reporting the news as they see it).

If you are a business owner or manager and are unaware that your business would not be in existence or be able to maintain a bottom line - without customers - well, now you know. Rephrased yet again, in case you still don't get it, shipping fees are charged by the US Postal service based on the size, shape and weight of a package, and the location it is being sent to; e.g., to a US military APO AE address in Italy, for a specific dollar amount, and it kinda/sorta may not make good business sense to change the amount to pad your profit margin.

For a growing list of Amazon shopping sections that ship quickly to APO FPO and DPO addresses - visit the Amazon Fast Hub.

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traslochimilano profile image

traslochimilano 4 years ago from USA

Nice post.....

sean kinn profile image

sean kinn 4 years ago from Key West and Budapest Author

FP, I guess the APO NY is one of the ironies, and why I keep writing about overseas US military stuff, because you still may be forced to enter "APO NY" in your shopping cart address at some online stores, instead of the correct APO AE - just to get your stuff (a lot of e-commerce site templates include only the 50 states). Heck, for that matter, I bet there are Americans who don't realize we still have bases in Germany. :-) Sean

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 4 years ago from Arlington, TX

I remember back in the day. I was APO SF for a stretch then APO NY for a longer stretch. Great work Brother Sean.

The Frog

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