Adsense Tips to Skyrocket Your Earnings

My Adsense Brief Story

I am going to dedicate a separate hub to describe my 10-year experience on the web. What worked for me and what didn’t. This is a long way that I went through. As soon as I learned about Internet I knew that this is my lifetime job and mission. I learned how to write HTML and scripts, program PHP pages and form SQL requests for databases. We made loads of websites for our clients and even created our own Content Management system before Wordpress made creation of website and content a snap.

I learned about Adsense in 2005 and create a couple of free blogs to try it out. It did not work at first, but in October 2006 due to some lucky placement in one popular catalog one of my blogs skyrocketed, and I earned 600 USD in one month. I got 6 checks totaling 1500 bucks. And after that I was kicked out of the program in July 2007. Why? Nobody explained that to me. I sent a few letters and got no replies. Well, that was a tough lesson. I think that they considered some part of my blogs offending or violating the rules. Whatever. I decided to be much more careful after that. I got back my account in 2008.

My Adsense

Earnings by me, Alex Radich, in May 2007
Earnings by me, Alex Radich, in May 2007

Ads That Work Best

The wider the better is the rule that I heard many times. I think that the best selling ads are placed in 336x280 shape, and 300x250 or 160x600 perform great as well. It is a great idea to go on experimenting after each 500 impressions. Choose ad formats for your ads, color schemes and placement and try it out. Then change and try again. Choose what is best for your specific resource.

I got advice that text ads perform better than image ads do. Yet there are a few supporting arguments in favor for images. They are creative and attractive, and the market will grow for contextual image banners by 42 percent before 2012. Google recommends choosing Ads And Images format for best results.

Choosing Color Palette

The idea is to implement ads in the content of your website organically so that the ads look and feel comfortable to click. The background color, the link and text color should be about the same as on your CSS stylesheets. The links should look like links, and blue color is considered the best for this purpose.

Link Units

Google offers so called link units that you can place on top of standard ad units. You can put 3 ad units AND 3 link units. Link units mean you have four of five categories listed for your visitors. As soon as one clicks the category name, he or she sees a standard Google results page with paid advertisers list. It generally increases your CPM earnings.

Search Box

When you add a Google search box, it is also useful as about 50% or more of your visitors are likely to continue their research after quitting your webpage. Why not improve their user experience and provide them with on-site Google search box. You generate more income, and people do not feel disgusted as you help them on their way.

Smart Pricing

There are different places on the webpage with different attention levels. People pay attention to the upper left corner on the page, and totally neglect the lower right corner unless they really need to read or see something there. Thus advertisements on the right bottom of the page are doomed to oblivion. Yet even if you place your ad unit on the hot place, make sure it is the first unit on your HTML code. Otherwise it will be smart priced by Google. The best money ads go to the first unit on HTML code. Never forget it. Otherwise you will get clicks that are 1 or 2 cents worth all the time.

Another important point to note is you should provide enough hints for Google to place the right ads for your page. Your page should have proper title, proper headings and proper keywords in the content to trigger proper expensive ads that are likely to earn you more money in the clicks.

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Thanks very much for good info.

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