Advertising Classes

If you want a career in advertising, your first step is to attend advertising classes. There are many advertising classes available online and you can take them in a real classroom or have classes in your own home on your own time. Advertising classes are also available in community colleges and universities making it easy for you to find a class that suited to your schedule and budget.

The classes available both online and in traditional classrooms are as varied as the field. To pursue a career in advertising, you have to choose between the two types of degrees –the fine arts degree and the business degree. The type of advertising you choose should be in line with your interests and not just getting whatever is available. If you are more of a business person than a creative person, getting a business degree in advertising is recommended. However, if you think you excel more on the creative side, you should take the fine arts degree.

If you decide to take up a business degree in advertising, you should pursue a course in business administration. You can enroll in any university or college in your area because most colleges and universities offer business administration courses. After you graduate, you can get an MBA or a master’s degree in Business Administration. Business administration includes classes in accounting, marketing, management, and general education courses.

For the more creative, you can always take a fine arts degree and then you can get an MFA or a master’s degree in fine arts. Take classes in painting, photography, graphic design and drawing –these skills are needed by advertising firms. Visual arts is a craft that is needed for print ads, TV ads, and online ads but they are not just anything you draw or paint or create on your computer, these visuals should be able to convey that the client company wants to pass on to its consumers.

If you want higher pay, going into visual arts is a good choice because visual artists are well-paid in the field of advertising. Apart from developing your creativity, advertising classes in fine arts can also fine tune your copy editing and copy writing prowess.

Good writers are also needed in advertising campaigns. In addition to these skills, you should remember that ad firms do not only advertise in print or online, they also advertise on TV and on the radio. This means that writers would be writing for different TV and radio ads. Ad writers should be creative to create the perfect slogan that will go with the visuals of the ad.


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