Advertising Objectives - How to Define Goals

Seven questions to ask yourself in order to narrow down your advertising goals

In order to define your advertising objectives it is a good idea to ask yourself certain questions. The following are seven questions designed to zero in on what is important to your brand during your marketing campaign.

1. What are some objectives if I want want immediate sales?

  • Execute the complete sales function
  • Finish closing the sales to potential buyers who are already interested
  • Remind people to buy the product or service
  • Get impulse buys
  • Advertise a reason to buy right now such as a discount on pricing or premium on services

2. What are some advertising objectives if I want near-term sales?

  • Heighten brand image
  • Create awareness
  • Give information or try to develop attitude
  • correct negative publicity or false impressions
  • enhance familiarity and brand recognition

3. What are some advertising objectives if i want to build a long range consumer franchise?

  • Show the potential buyer that they can be confident in your brand and company
  • Increase the demand from your target market
  • Have a reliable product distributor selected
  • Make sure that your brand is more recognizable and is accepted.

4. What are some advertising objectives if I want to increase sales?

  • Keep current customers loyal to your business
  • Remind users to buy
  • Turn people who do not use the product into people who do use the product
  • Implement messages that cause people to prefer your brand over the competitor's brand.
  • Give your customers a reason to buy more of your products
  • Show off new product uses

5. What are some advertising objectives if I want to increase customer satisfaction?

  • "Where is it being sold" advertising. Show the consumer where they can purchase it.
  • "How to use it" advertising
  • New prices, models, features, or package deals
  • Introduce new guarantees or customer policies

6. What are a couple of advertising objectives if I want to measure whether a specific step in the advertising campaign will increase sales?

  • Run a campaign where your customers fill out a survey, clip off a bar code, enter a contest, or return a coupon.
  • Talk your customers into coming to your showroom to view a live product demonstration.
  • Offer a free trial offer

7. What are some important advertising objectives if I want to build the image of the company?

  • Growth
  • Product quality or dependability
  • Family values
  • Diversified products

If you have any other advertising objectives please leave a comment!

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