Newbie Email Marketing Advice.

Some Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing.

Hi all again and as always, so great to be here!

I have been studying Internet Marketing for some time and since email is such a vital component of online marketing, I'd like to share a few observations about what I have learned with email and maybe pass on some advice for new marketers.

After signing up for many programs, I receive quite a bit of email and the following are some of my hints to persuade me to open and read yours:

1. Keep them short and to the point: Who wants to endlessly scroll try to read it all? A soon as I notice that, it's usually on to the next.

2. ALWAYS include your full name somewhere in the note: I get mail from many marketers and I wonder why they don't include their full names in the message. This goes a long way in trust, branding, and personalizing the message and will make it seem like your talking directly to me. A nice touch for sure.

3. ALWAYS make sure your spelling, punctuation, and grammar is as correct as can be: I know this can be tough at times, but it shows that you have put some effort into formatting the mail to make it readable and presentable. And if you copy and paste links, test them and always check their spelling and grammar as well -- it's not always correct and you might have to edit the link before you send it out.

4. Test your personalization tags: If you use {F_NAME} or {LAST_NAME} which are common tag time-savers for your subject line or first line of the mail, send a test to yourself to make sure they work. Sometimes they don't engage and while not a BIG problem, still nice to see my own name in there as if you had me specifically in mind when you mail.

5. Don't overdo the use of colours: I've received many mails where I can barely read it because of the psychedelic flavour of the text. Remember to keep it simple and to the point, with minimal use of color. Some might be OK for emphasis but a lot is distracting.

6. Choose a nice font and size: I like Verdana, about 2 points or so. Too large is too large and too small is difficult to read. Just make it readable and nice flowing.

7. Be careful with subject lines: Make sure your subject line will capture my attention and make me want to read your note. This is the first part of the mail that is viewed and if I think I will benefit from your note, I will open it. For example, if I'm interested in learning about how to create backlinks, then I would probably open a mail with a subject line like "How To Create Effective Backlinks".

As mentioned, mail looks much more professional when you've spell and grammar-checked everything and made sure it reads well and if you have some difficulties with any of this, get someone to assist you in putting it all together.

These are only a few tips and tricks but hopefully some of this will aid you in your email marketing efforts.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you here again soon.

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