Affordable Social Media Services: Create and Manage Facebook accounts

According to the recent statistics of the Facebook site, there are more than 300 million active users to which 50% log on at any given day.  Another interesting fact is that the fastest growing demographic age of active users range from 35 years old and above.

What do these figures tell us?  It may be well worth to note that Facebook has been people’s common denominator today.  It has served a common ground for connecting people around the world.  Distant relatives, long lost friends, new acquaintances are part of Facebook’s active users.  This has been more than just a social network where one gets to meet and acquaint with old and new people in their lives.  It has also been used as a marketplace where people can share and promote their business. 

Facebook is one of the most affordable social media services that you can use to increase traffic to your site.  Imagine the number of content being shared each week through Facebook.  Contents such as blog posts, notes, articles, and web links are being posted and shared with the active users of Facebook. 

These content are circulated to users with an average of 130 friends on the site.  This is why there are more than one million developers and entrepreneurs joining this social networking site. 

Contents can be posted through the following tools of Facebook :

1.    You can post through your wall with brief descriptions of your articles or blogs.

2.    You can upload a video or photo which contains relevant contents about your website.

3.    You can also send through the notes platform which would contain articles or blogs related to your products or service with links to your website.

4.    You can upload a link of your website with a brief description of what is it all about so that people will not think that it is just another forwarded or spam link.


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