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Your Home Business Checklist

Getting a business started can seem overwhelming. Here is just a short checklist for your average business start up:

1) Make a Business Plan

a) What is your product or service

b) How are you going to build or provide this

c) How much is production going to cost

d) How are you bringing your product or service to the masses

e) What are projected cost of sustaining the business for the next month, quarter, year

f) What is your competition

g) What is your anticipated sales based on the market demands

2) Find Your Storefront

a) Do you need foot traffic from an anchor store like a Wal-mart or Target

b) Are you going to get the cheapest storefront/office in a warehouse district

c) Are you going to turn part of your home into a tax write off

3) Manufacturing

a) Are you personally creating every product

b) Will you hire locally to build your products

c) Is the savings of outsourcing to another country balance with the potentially bad pr

d) Is there any manufacturing involved with your “service” product

4) Supplies

a) How green are your machines

b) What is your best balance of expense to quality

c) Can you increase your ROI by retailing your professional supplies to your clients

5) The Money

a) Do you have equity to loan against

b) Do you have an angel investor

c) Do you have presales to show an investor/loan officer

d) How much do you plan on spending per week, month, year

e) How much can you get done for free

Home Based Business

Mom's Home Based Business
Mom's Home Based Business

Start Your Home Based Business for FREE

As you can see, creating a detailed business plan can be an awarding home business for a technical writer. This is why you can do a local search and find writers in your area that charge anywhere from $75 - $1500 to create your business plan. The range varies greatly by how much of the research you have already done. While I personally believe everyone should have more than just they’re job as an income source; most people are comfortable in a single income stream. This is commonly called the worker bee mentality. The other extreme is a start up addict, this is someone that lives for the creation of the business and doesn’t always follow through with the growing of the business. The happy middle is an entrepreneur. This is someone that likes there business enough that it is more than a potential stream of income. This is where anyone can turn their favorite thing into a home based business. Whatever your hobby or interest there is a way of turning that into a business.

But, what if you would like to start right now with little or no money? You can with the “others” principle. In almost every interest, there are communities of others with similar interest. By communicating to those fellow hobbyists you can sell “others” products for a commission. This is one of the hottest home based businesses out there for many reasons:

1) You can start for free

2) You can advertise for free

3) You can develop traffic for free

4) You can find plenty of products to sell for free

5) You can be paid by direct deposit, mailed check, or PayPal

To start up for free you can join an affiliate network like Commission Junction (CJ) or Clickbank. You can find products that are in your interest group and promote them for free. You can promote those wares for free by blogging, facebook, or forums. I got my start here being a Hubber. The organic traffic from goggle and other search engines is growing my per hour income for each of my hubs. I get paid every time someone clicks an ad on these hubs.

Thank You for sharing a few moments of your precious time. I wish you great health and happiness for you and your family,



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