Alpine Access & Sykes Virtual work at home! Beware!

Termination what a Joke

I paid against my better judgement $ 45.00 to Alpine Access to work at home for ATT small business. I was already trained working for ATT for years, so I was very familar with their programs and their system issues.

I kept documented books , day by day, minute by minute logs of every day worked, and every system issue. ATT is very hard to work for using the programs and following all their rules. It is also a hard program to teach, and for anyone to learn in a short time that is given for training.

However there is no excuse when any virtual company has a tech pay policy, and your issue can be proven to be a company technical issue, and the employee is not paid per their policy, or terminated when that employee asks for their money.

Alpine Access and Sykes will fire you when you ask for your tech pay, or ask HR via email what is going on when their equipment doesnt work.

Shame on them! I am owed over $600.00, did I bail on them when the tech pay started to rise so high, was I asked to "trust them". You bet I was, and they are outright liars.

Not all work t home Companies ask you to pay for anything such as Convergy's, which happens to pay for tech pay after it is verified, and Convergy's has a real technical department. Convergy's was very concerned about keeping their employees working and keeping their promises to their clients.

Att should know that they lost good experienced people that were employed by Alpine Access and Sykes, and could not work to service their customers due to Alpine Access and Sykes technical problems not Att's. I know the difference.

In my opinion Sykes bought Alpine Access who was failing after many law suits, better watch out Sykes more are coming and on the way? The Management of Alpine Access are just as flighty as their appointed wanna be team leaders. The only prerequisite for them is to be sneaky lying hide your phone number callers!

The normal people who had morals, ethics, brains, honestly, ran for the hills, quickly. Watch your back and have another source of income lined up to cover yourself, and unemployment.

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