Aluminium Window Restoration

If you have old aluminium windows and you want a colour change but don't want to replace them, don't worry, you don't have to.

There is a cost effective solution to achieve the colour change you want without replacing them. That's aluminium window restoration.

There are two steps to the aluminium window restoration process. First, painting your aluminium window frames in the colour you want, and second, carrying out a complete mechanical overhaul so that your old windows doesn't only look new but also work like new that glides easily upon opening.

The Aluminium window painting process creates a highly durable finish that resembles the factory finish of new powder coated aluminium window frames. However, this process can only be achieved by employing a highly knowledgeable, skilled and specialized painter in spray painting using HVLP spray gun equipment and poly urethane two pac paint application.

Simply painting your window frames with acrylic or oil based paint enamels using a brush will not achieve the same quality finish as spray painting does. The use of single pac paints is also an issue due to durability.

The 3 steps in the aluminium window restoration process are:

1. Preparation. Preparation is what takes the greatest amount of time and there is the temptation from tradesmen inexperienced in two pac spray painting application and the DIY home renovator to take short cuts. Often the short cuts are a result of lack of knowledge rather than being lazy. However the end result of not carrying out the correct amount of preparation is a less durable poor quality finish.

2 .Paint application For two pac paint application, it's important that the substrate is free from any dirt, grease or grime build up. The outside of your windows frames can be cleaned using a non-salt based soapy water and a sponge. To be carefully rinsed with fresh water or water pressure cleaner. But, this can't be done on the inside so you can use a solvent wash such as prepsol. A solvent wash can be used on both sides. Use a commercial grade scour pad to apply the solvent. Before you wash down the inner frames, it is best to vacuum the inside tracks first to remove any dust or bug build up.

The wipe on wipe process of cleaning is important. Apply the solvent with a clean cloth in small sections because it evaporates quickly. The problem though is that the residue containing dirt and grime will remain unless you quickly wipe it off using another dry, clean cloth.

Keying up the surface by sanding is probably the most tedious part but very important. Use 120grit for chalky powder coated surfaces, 240 grit for non chalky powder coated surfaces, and 60 grit for anodized surfaces. It is imperative that the anodized surfaces are aggressively attacked and keyed up properly. Using 80 grit and lighter on anodized surfaces is a waste of sandpaper and your time.

Mask and protect of all rubbers that hold the glass in place. Protecting the glass itself and all surrounding finished surfaces from overspray during paint application is critical. Skip on this process and you will have an expensive cleanup bill.

A three coat two pac paint application is recommended by the major paint manufacturers. The first coat is a light primer coat (single pac etch primer is recommended) which should be left to dry for at least 30 minutes more or less depending on the temperature and humidity. When dry, apply two medium to thick top coats. However, it is recommended to apply four light coats consecutively, having time intervals between coats for tack off to occur. This allows solvents to evaporate and the paint starts to go tacky to the touch.

3. Mechanical overhauling. Once painted and all masking is removed, the mechanical overhaul can begin. This includes replacement of all window and sliding door rollers, installation of new weather felts to stop window rattle at the openings, and checking of window latch springs and installation of new springs so that latches can be centred. Complete replacement is done when no replacement springs are available. Sliding door handles can also be replaced.

So if you want to change the colour of your old aluminium windows then you may want to consider getting your windows painted by the specialist painters that other painters get in to paint – “Window Revival” - call 1300 882 482 or email:

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Great article. Thank you so much for the advice!

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Garry 5 years ago

The author of this article, Chris Vernon, obviously owns the company "window revival", Ive seen thius so-called "advise" on many forums.... Stop trying to con people Chris, it makes you and your company look shonkey

Sunshine Tinting 3 years ago

I agree here, I mean isn't this what HubPages intended when they created this? I'm also a window tinting professional in Lockhart FL ( and do commercial and residential tinting. A number of customers like to get their windows replaced and lack the resources to find good content to educate themselves.

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