Amazon Ad Units Update

Ad Unit Updates - What's it all about?

If you are an affiliate and you have ad units in any of your websites then this change may well affect you.

Amazon has changed it's technology platform from which certain ad units are served and the result of this is that some of the old code that you may have posted on your website as affiliate links to earn you some Amazon commission may not work any more and hence you will need to change it before 31st July 2015.

I know as an affected affiliate I got a couple of emails about this - the first one I just put to the back of my mind for a bit and then when the second one came in I thought, hang on, I had better do something about this!

The long and short of it is that if you have any of the affected code in your ad units, you won't get any commission payments from those units after 31st July if anyone buys anything through them. Possibly worse than this is that these affected ad units won't even show any links on September 1st 2015 so you will just have broken links on your website which is obviously not a good thing at all.

The ad units are more often than not ones that you may have had on your website for a while as it seems that only old links are affected (there is a bit of debate but the consensus seems to be ones that are older than 2 years old although it seems like some people have found younger units with the wrong code in).

Text links are not affected and I don't know if the capsules on Hubpages are affected but I suspect not as I can't find any reference to this change in the forum (although I could well have missed it so please let me know if I have). So really it is the product links, banners and widgets that you have on your websites that may need changing.

Amazon Ad Units - How do I fix it?

The answer as to how do you fix your Amazon ad units is reasonably simple in theory. You can go to your Amazon affiliates page and choose 'Update ad units' on the left hand menu bar - see image on the right. This will give you a link to all of the places where the old ads are showing so that you can go through and replace all the code with the new code.

The list will show you each page that has one or more affected ads on it and then when you click through it will show the number of ads and the code that you have on your site that you need to change.

Details of what you need to change are also shown on this page. You could do a find and replace on your website to make sure you have changed all of the codes.

Update Ad Units - Any Issues?

Well personally I had an issue with this. I was looking at another website that I have and it definitely had the old code in it so I changed it. But I wondered why the page that ad was on did not show up on my list.

I think a possible answer to this is that I had forgotten to add the website to the list of sites that I had declared to Amazon that I was posting ads on. In fact I had actually forgotten that this list existed at all and I think it is possible that the reason it did not show up on my list is that it was not on my website list.

It would be interesting to know if anyone else has this issue though as I can't really prove that is the reason it is not showing. you can find your list of websites in the account settings section of your Amazon affiliates page (see image below).

Are You Affected?

Have you been affected by this change and if so have you taken action?

  • I don't know if I am affected
  • Yes I am affected but I haven't checked my ad units yet
  • Yes I am affected and I have taken action
  • I am not affected
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Are You Affected?

It would be interesting to hear other Amazon affiliates' stories about this - did you know about it and have you taken action? It seems like it may have gone a little bit under the radar and I wonder if Amazon will lose a lot of sales from broken affiliate links. I also wonder why Amazon couldn't convert the links at their end as they don't seem to have given people a great deal of notice to change them.

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LindaSmith1 profile image

LindaSmith1 16 months ago from USA

You have to check each product. Clicking on update ad units is only for banner type ads. Coding was changed.

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 16 months ago from UK Author

It's a bit of a nightmare isn't it Linda? I pretty much use the same format for all my links - I use the little capsule that comes with 'link to this page' so if all my ad units are the same format I'm hoping they are covered by 'update ad units'.

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