American National Standards Institute (ANSI)


ANSI Founded 1918

The American National Standards Institute was founded in 1918 with the mission to enhance the global competitiveness of American businesses and the American quality of life. ANSI goals are to promote and facilitate voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems, and safeguard their integrity. ANSI empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy by overseeing the creation, promulgation, and use of norms and guidelines that impact businesses in nearly all sectors of the marketplace, according to the organization's website.

90 Years of History

Steps to Accreditation

Steps to accreditation as a Greenhouse Gas Validation/Verification Body (V/VB).

    • develop flexible, regime-neutral tools for use in voluntary or regulatory GHG schemes;
    • promote and harmonize best practice;
    • support the environmental integrity of GHG assertions;
    • assist organizations to manage GHG-related opportunities and risks, and
    • support the development of GHG programs and markets.

Accreditation Services

According to ANSI, “Conformity assessment is defined as a, 'demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled.'" Many conformity assessment activities are applied in today’s global marketplace such as accreditation, certification, inspection and registration. Accreditation is the one dimension of the conformity assessment process that concerns ANSI. The beneficial value of accreditation will ultimately be assessed by the marketplace and customers of conformity assessment services. Accredited third-party certification offers suppliers an independent evaluation of compliance. Suppliers’ procurement organizations “are increasingly specifying, and government agencies are recognizing, accredited third-party certification as an optional dimension of their systems for risk management,” states ANSI. The application process is discussed in detail on the ANSI web site. Follow the link to get complete information about the application process.

An African American worker at the Richmond Shipyards, Richmond, California, USA.
An African American worker at the Richmond Shipyards, Richmond, California, USA. | Source

Miss Anna Bland and Other African American Workers

In 1943 African American workers rushed the SS George Washington Carver to completion. These skilled workers played an important part in the construction of the SS George Washington Carver, second Liberty Ship named for an African American, in the Richmond Shipyard No. 1 of the Kaiser Company. Approximately 1,000 Black women are included among the more than 6,000 colored workers in the four Kaiser shipyards at Richmond. Miss Anna Bland, a burner, is shown at work on the SS George Washington Carver.

ANSI standardization recommendations helped these workers in their quest to rush this ship to completion.

Consumer Services

Standardization helps consumers in ways we usually take for granted. Every time we flip a light switch or stop at a red light we are taking advantage of standardization. Getting cash from an ATM machine is made easier by standards and standardization. According to ANSI, “A standard is a documented agreement, established by a consensus of subject matter experts and approved by a recognized body, that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.” The government often adopts the voluntary ANSI standards as a part of the regulatory framework.

Consumers play an important role in raising awareness of issues concerning special needs consumers such as children, the disabled, or the elderly. Consumer involvement in standardization promotes safer, healthier, and environmentally sound products and services, and increases consumer confidence in the quality of products and services.

ANSI Standardization

ANSI standards make it possible for consumers to purchase light bulbs that work across the country and indeed internationally.
ANSI standards make it possible for consumers to purchase light bulbs that work across the country and indeed internationally. | Source

Government Affairs

ANSI works to facilitate the growing trend of government agencies using voluntary consensus standards created in the private sector. ANSI bridges the gap between private and government legislative bodies to provide information affecting the standards community. Legislators often need a neutral information source regarding standards and how to gain access to appropriate developers. Government agencies use standards in their work in regulations and laws, procurement, and in internal operations. ANSI works to develop public policy positions on issues that concern the standards community through the work of the National Policy Committee (NPC). Today, ANSI is an advocate of increased use of voluntary consensus standards by government agencies and broader participation by agency personnel in standards development. As increased technology becomes available it is important for private and government agencies to come together to make use of voluntary standards and standardization that simplify life for all consumers.

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mecheshier 5 years ago

Thank you for a wonderful Hub. I am in dire need of such info!

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mecheshier 5 years ago

Very informative article. Thank You!

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Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

ANSI has been around since 1918 and have progressively gained influence with the government although their standards are non-mandatory. OSHA actually sources ANSI on their Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Thanks, Pamela99!

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Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Smireless, It seems they do an important job to keep products consistent and competitive.

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Interesting. I am going to check into ANSI a little more so I can comment. Thanks, Tom.

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In the European Union (Common Market) the CE perfoforms the same function as ANSI in the US, but I find that CE is far more political.

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Smireles 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks, Dennis. I was amazed as I learned the work that is done by ANSI. I always knew someone was doing this but it is still very interesting.

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Good Hub

It is important to get this kind of information out to the general public. Having a system of standards by which businesses can be measured is important

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