An Honest Independent Profit Center Review

The Independent Profit Center as Reviewed By The HBB Advisor

For several years I have been successfully working what many are now calling "Tier One" or "Direct Pay" programs. I prefer to call them "Direct Pay" programs because as the promoter I get paid directly by the prospect even before the company gets their share.

There are many examples of these "Tier One" or "Direct Pay" programs on the internet. A few include Easy Daily Cash, Perfect Wealth Formula, and Cruise To Cash Vacations. While promoting these types of businesses I have found that the number one reason that a prospect does not join the business the 1 up or 2 up compensation structure that many Direct Pay programs have.

In these types of pay structures a person has to give up all or a percentage of their first one or two sales before they become qualified to get paid directly on each of their sales. Most people just don't like the fact that they have to give up this income.

It was for these two reasons that I started looking different type of Direct Pay program. Specifically what I wanted was a program that met the following criteria...

  1. Reasonable Entry Level But Still Allowed For A Good Profit.
  2. A Good Product Package.
  3. The Ability To Get Paid Directly on sales made but with no qualification criteria. (ie. get paid on their very first sale)
  4. Outstanding Training.

After looking around for some time, I came across a program called The Independent Profit Center that met all of the requirements that I was looking for.

IPC's products included some software that would actually benefit people in there marketing efforts online. The entry level was low enough that most people could easily afford to purchase the products (which would make IPC easy to promote) and the payments went directly to the person making the sale with no qualifying requirements before gettting paid. So all a person would need to do was make 1 sale to pretty much break even.

After joining IPC I did find one thing that I felt was not good but soon discovered I was wrong. In fact several of the people who have purchased the IPC package from me believe that what I originally took as a negative to be the best part of the entire program.

Most programs, like those that I mentioned earlier, are set up with replicated sites for you to promote. So every ad you run drives traffic to the companies site (with the promoter's id tagged to it), thereby building up the programs reputation, alexa ranking, google rankings etc.

With that type of set up you are never building up your business. Just the companies business. Dan Miller (IPC's founder) recognized this and decided that everyone who joins IPC should learn how to set up thier own domain, their own hosting, and thier own website. Thereby branding themselves and building there own business.

I soon found out that Dan was 100% correct.

The training videos walks everyone... step by step.... thru the process of setting up their own site. And Dan made it very easy to understand and even easier to do.

During my testing phase of promoting IPC the number one thing I heard from the people that purchased the program from me was how much they learned from the training. Especially the set-up portion of the training.

Dan also did a great job on the other parts of the training. Including the best ways to promote IPC.

After joining IPC I decided to run a test for a few weeks to see how easy the program really was to promote. During this time I chose NOT to pay for any form of advertising and I also chose NOT to offer it to anyone on any of my current lists.

Instead I decided to run a few ads on some free classified sites like backpage and craigslist. What I discovered during this two week test was that IPC was easy to promote. My first two sales came within 48 hours of placing the initial ads which put me into profit.

During the rest of the test period I placed some new ads every few days to see if the trend continued. While I did not make a sale every single day of the test period I did produce enough sales to know how profitable IPC would be when I decided to start the paid advertising campaings.

All in all The HBB Advisor gives IPC 4.5 out of 5 Stars and believes that this program would make a great addition to anyones portfolio.


About the author:

Brett Shelite AKA The HBB Advisor has been making a living online for a number of years now. In fact he has not held a J.O.B. in over 6 years now. He strongly believes that anyone can make a good living online if they find a program that they can believe in. However, he also believes that no matter how good your program may be that if a person does not know how to market properly (both online and off) that their success will be slow and difficult to obtain. If you would like more information on anything Brett is doing just visit his HBB Advisor Site.

Independent Profit Center Review

IPC Review
IPC Review

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The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author


Great to hear that you are making money with IPC. It really is a good program. In fact I woke up this morning to another overnight sale.

Keep up with the training and Good Luck.

sdas86 8 years ago


Grea to hear that you are making money from the site. I am not using the site yet. Thanks for sharing the site. :)

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

Hey sdas86...

Don't wait too long. This is hot right now and will continue to be hot for some time to come. I am averaging 1 to 3 sales per day and I still have not paid for any advertising...

All advertising to date has been of the free variety and I only spend about 30 to 45 minutes per day doing it!...

james M 8 years ago

is this program still working for you? i just recently discovered it, and am wondering if it is still paying well for you.

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

James... Thanks for your comment. Yes it is doing very well for me and I expect that it will continue to do so for quite some time.

missy 8 years ago

I read that ofcourse you have to pay to get started on training. But it still worries me when they make it seem to good to be true and they say you get 100% of the profit. That ofcourse kind of tells you theres a CATCH. There has to be because arent we selling their product. The company has to get some percentage of the profit some how. How do the person that is marketing get all the product when they work for the company?

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

Missy. Great question. The product package costs $200 of which you would keep the full $200 when someone purchases the package from you. Their is a one time admin fee of $49 that is paid to the owner of the company. That is where he makes his profits. And believe me he makes more by doing it that way then by taking part of the $200 every time a sale is made.

This type of compensation package is very popular online and a lot of legitimate companies are using it.

Finally. You don't actually WORK for the company. You are starting your own online business with IPC. So you work for yourself.

Thanks and Good Luck...

The HBB Advisor

Les 8 years ago

I am thinking of trying IPC so I am posting a comment to check if this post is for real.

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

Les... Yes IPC is for real and so is the person behind this hub... :')

But... if you decide to "try" IPC you will probably fail. IPC is a program that you should decide to promote. The only way to fail with this program is to try and give up. Those that truly get serious about it will succeed. Remember... it only takes one sale to pretty much break even. The second one puts you well into profit.

With most direct pay programs you have to pass up one or two of your sales as "training" sales. Not with the IPC program.

Thanks for you comment and good luck.

Brett SheliteThe HBB Advisor

J Materon 8 years ago

I would like to see actual payment account numbers. Show me the proof of performance... There are too many people offering scams but few show actual results and are able to back it up.

How much have you made in the program and how much did it cost you to generate those sales.


J. M.

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

J Materon... You left no way to contact you.  Why would I post actual payment account numbers in a public place?  For that matter why would I show someone I don't know payment account numbers?  That would be like me asking you to show me your complete financial statements before I will consider you as qualified to join IPC with me?  Make sense?

As for how much I have made... why does that matter to you.  That doesn't mean that you would make what I made... and there would be nothing stopping you (except for you) from making even more.

What you should be concerned with when you join ANY program is whether or not the person you are partnering with has the ability to help you be successful.  That doesn't mean do the work for you but to help you and teach you to be successful yourself.

Does IPC work?  Yes... Is if for real?  Yes...

I have already made 1 sale this morning and 3 sales over the weekend.

As for how much money have I spent?  Just what it cost me to join. 

100% of my marketing efforts have been of the no cost kind.

Can I show proof?  Absolutely... Under the right circumstances.  On a public website is not the right circumstances.

I am looking for positive minded people who understand that once they learn the skills needed to market online and they learn how to drive quality traffic to their website, that they can and will be successful with anything they do.  I don't care if they sell paper clips... if they know how to market they will be successful.

If a business is legitimate like IPC is then the only way to fail is to not do it or to start it and give up. 

How do you know it is legitimate... just read the reviews on the internet.  If it was a scam... believe me you would find out.

Best of luck to you...

Brett Shelite

The HBB Advisor

Erik 8 years ago

I'm curious and would like to see what you promote (ie what exactly are the products and are they worth the cash)? I'd be using the "bum marketing" method (ie free methods) to do this. Please get back to me: erik dot heyl at gmail dot com


The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

Hey Erik, 

Thank you for posting your question on my hub.

There are way to many individual products to list here so... 

To see what is being promoted all you need to do is go to  

On the third page towards the bottom you will see a listing. 


Brett Shelite

Tracy 8 years ago

I really need an at home job. Is this still a viable opportunity in todays market?

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

Tracy... While The Independent Profit Center is not an at home job it IS still a good and viable business opportunity in todays market. 

In fact the last two weeks have been very good for me with the IPC Program.

Brett Shelite

The HBB Advisor

Green 8 years ago

Hey nice to find a fellow ipc member on here. I see your doing good. Do you have skype?? if so add me green.mathok thanks.

nancydodds1 profile image

nancydodds1 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

Its nice information about ipc. I had gone through ypur huv its very informative.

sabby6660 8 years ago

Your review site is very good with lots of positive comments. My concern is that the longecity of this program may be short lived. With the abundance of people paying the $200 and opening thier own sites, it seems to me that there will be (and is from what I can see) over saturated. The key then would be to open a site and only charge $100 for the program so as to differentiate that site from the hoard which leads to price errosion. comments?

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

I understand your concerns but I personally don't believe in saturation. There are just to many people coming online for the first time everyday. Plus there are all the 17 year olds turning 18 and getting old enough to legally start a business.

There are also millions who are not looking for any home based or internet business today. But some of them will decide to in the future.

As for joining IPC and then under cutting the price. That would be breaking the terms of service you agree to when you join. Your IPC site would be shut down by the owner and you would lose your IPC business.

The only way you could do what you are talking about is reselling the products individually, or as a package. But you would have to put together your own site and it could no mention IPC at all.

But in no case would you be allowed to resell the IPC opportunity for under the current price.

Because as you said that would lead to price erosion and would hurt the credibility of a great program... and IPC is a great program.

Thanks again for the comments.

Brett Shelite aka The HBB Advisor

nancydodds1 profile image

nancydodds1 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

Nice information and great hub. I had gone through your hub.

brentk 8 years ago

is this for real?

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 8 years ago from United States Author

Of course it is....

jay kuhn 8 years ago

I have tried plenty of work at home or make home from home opp. in the past three years and I will say i have had some success with some and none with others, some people think they can just sit back after they start and expect money to come in, thats not the case. I have found a company IPC that I started with 3 months ago and I tell you, its by far the best business opp. that I have ever used. The first month with the program I earned $5800.00 and its grown each month since. I would urge anyone who is serious about a real legit opp. to take a look at it because it does work and I even made $400 my second day in the program. The full cost of the program is $249.00 and there are no monthly fees or anything like that. I wish I would have found this a year ago before I wasted money on some of the other programs!

A. Carter 7 years ago

Wow! That's nice to see so many people being successfull with the IPC program.

I am also a member for a few month and I can say now why I never made any money online. The Training with IPC program is the best training I ever had. I've learned so much and now I am able to help others to be successful as well.

Thanks , Ana Carter

C. Merlin 7 years ago

I just came across IPC for the first time this morning while researching other opportunities. Judging by what I have found so far this seems to be a good ooportunity. Unfortunately for me, I have to find a way to come up with the $249 to get started. But, I think that when I do have the money I am definitely going to give this one a shot. Thanks HBB Advisor for putting this review up and to everyone else who posted on here. Looking forward to a fresh start and to working with all of you!

Bill Rainier 7 years ago

I don't see any recent comments regarding Independent Profit Center. Any updates? The links that I've landed on or received via email often redirect me to other peoples' websites. Is this indicative of a problem there and concern for me? By the way, do you personally promote any post card programs? There was a good video link on one of your pages put the guy's capture page isn't working. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bill.

The HBB Advisor profile image

The HBB Advisor 7 years ago from United States Author

Bill... IPC isn't getting as much action as it used to but in my opinion it is still a solid program to promote. As you stated in your comment many people have moved on "to the next best thing", which is what happens a lot online.

As for postcard programs... Check out

Thanks for your comment.

gert2u 4 years ago

It is now September 2012 and I've just been emailed an ad for IPC! They're still in business I see! Are you still marketing this product?

Seeing any sales? Has the company upgraded their software products since 2008? I would love to get your opinion on the company today. Thanks!

Johne139 2 years ago

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Johng811 2 years ago

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