Ardyss Preferred Customer Program

Why Be a Preferred Customer?

Ardyss International has launched a new program that will be a huge benefit for its customers.  Until this program, there two ways to purchase products- as a retail customer or a wholesale distributor.

The new preferred customer program allows a distributor's client to join this new program and earn a significant discount off of the retail price without becoming a distributor. 

What is Ardyss International?

If you haven't heard of Ardyss International, where have you been?  Just kidding! You may have heard of the Body Magic, but that is not all we have. 

There are over 21 reshaping garments for men and women.  The garments are useful if you have had surgery and are looking for a way to tighten your skin.  They also aid in easing back pains, improving weight loss results, and correcting your posture. 

Ardyss also has a line of skincare, nutrition, sulfate free hair care, and green cleaning products.  Feel free to stop by my blog to learn more.

How does the preferred customer program work?

To be an Ardyss preferred customer, you should be able and willing to purchase at least $50 a month in any combination of products. 

Your savings will be off the retail prices and you will be saving 20%.  Wouldn't it be nice to have your personal care items and household cleaning items delivered directly to you? 

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