Are There Ways to Make Money Online

Does Writing Articles Work

I have been looking for legitimate ways to make money online for the past year. I was told about all sorts of ways to make money. So far none of these seem to be working. I have tried all the different making money online by article marketing. This does not seem to work because you must be technically savvy to know how to get people to your site to read the articles and click on ads on the article. I have tried to do this but did not understand the process. I guess this method is not for someone who is not technically savvy.

Does Blogging Work

I found out about blogging more than 3 years ago.  I set up a wordpress blog and started writing on this blog.  I then found out that once again I must get people to go to my blog in order to make money.  If I was not savvy enough to get people to read my articles,  I was certainly not savvy enough to drive people to my blog.  The blog is about thrift stores in my local area.  I guess I thought all I had to do to make money online was to find a subject that I liked and begin writing.  I soon found out this was wrong.  I needed to do keyword search and find a title that was being searched for on a regular basis in Google.  I still have fun writing my blog, but of course I am not making any money.  Maybe this method can work, but I just don't know how to make money online with a blog.   

Can You Make Money Online With Ebay

I suppose everyone has tried to make money on Ebay.  I certainly did.  I listed items on Ebay and even sold a couple of them.  But once again I have been unable to make any real money selling on Ebay.  It seems that you must sell thousands of items to make money online with Ebay.    dineoo

All the Internet Ways to Make Money Online

When you start to search for ways to make money online using Google, you get all sorts of e-mails that will show you how to make money online the easy way.  They almost always claim that you need to experience, technical or otherwise, but this does not seem to be true.  I have tried several of these methods but they all come back to "building links", "driving people to your website" etc.  This may be okay if you understand what all this means.  Since I don't really understand these methods did not work for me either.

Can I Make Money Online

If someone, anyone knows a legal way to make money online for someone like me, please write a hub on this method. I would just like to know there are ways for people to make money online without being a computer wiz.

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Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 5 years ago from USA

Read some articles on link building. Linking will make your articles and your blog come up better in the search engines and bring in a little traffic themselves. This is hard work, because if the subject of your site is too competitive, you may need thousands of links to get anywhere.

I chose the wrong topic for one of my sites and found out later the #1 site has over 10,000 sites linking to it. I now have over 2,000 and am at the top of page 5 on Google.

Also read some articles on SEO. You'll learn about keywords that way.

Making money on eBay is all about having the right product. Ebay now keeps so many fees that you will need to be sure you can make enough from your product to come out ahead. At one time I earned good money there, but once they raised their fees and Paypal fees, I gave up.

Best of luck. I wish I had better suggestions. It all means working for peanuts until you get established. After that you can sit back and breathe a little easier.

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