Are you Working??? Oh Really!!!! WHY???

Rat Race

Well its a Monday Morning and around 6:00am in a clock and you hear a voice which you hate since you are in a job "dhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"..... Alarm Clock, one of the thing which almost everyone in the world hate but still obey it... NOW What?? what are the options you have? wake up and get ready for work (is there any other option since you have so many bills to pay) or snooz the alarm and try 5 mins more rest before you once again hear "dhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

Same thing happens to you every day, you wake up, take break fast in hurry, get ready go to office work whole day and sometimes over time at the end of the day while reporting to the boss just listen which you would not listen from any other person of the world but here just because he's your boss he has all rights to tell you anything and then you come back home, take dinner, go to bed and next day morning once again "dhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" it goes on and on, every day, every morning for long 40 years of your life... Don't you get bored????

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  • I hate my job and immediately want to find something
  • Its ok with me, i can live with it, i believe in compromise
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What is the Solution

Well guys I am not big motivational writer or a big MLM leader or anything but I have written down what ever i could feeling looking at average person's life I am narrating here, all because I also went through this same life for more than 10 years of my life and amazing is that like almost every such job person, even i didn't have much savings to survive after giving away 10 valuable years of my life.

Just answer this, If you loose of job today, would you have enough money to survive??.... let's say for 1 week?, if the answer is yes, how about for 1 month or for 3 months? if answer is no, then guess what.. you need to earn more money.... NOW but question is how?

Lets imaging that you are working at some place where you are having good position, let me take this on my own example as i said I am not good writer, I was working as a Graphic/Web designer and whereever i worked, i got good promotions and nice packages too, WHY? simple because I am good designer and they earn from my designs.... How much do they earn??? once again Simple... more than they pay me??? Oh Really so does this mean I was making lesser than what i could actually make? That's not good.. so what should I do now???

Have you see people with their wife and kids on a park tuesday noon 3pm? or people surfing on sea on monday noon 2pm, possibilities are they are owning their own business and reality is YOU CAN TOO. only thing is that you have to decide and start it as fast as possible and in fact almost NOW. there are so many opportunities around only question is you look around and find them. let me tell how did I find it for me..

How Do I start?

What I did is i started doing Designing work on my own as a free lancer and at that time my company was not allowing doing personal work, so i made simple decision I left that job and chose another one which was paying little less but they had not problem me working my personal business too (after the job ofcourse).. I started my work as free lancer and you know Miracles doesn't happen in a day, after 3 years of me working free lancer I had enough money to start my own business, I left my job, started business, hired good marketing people and designers and now proudly owning my own web design firm.

Was that simple? NOT AT ALL... specially while you are doing your Job, as per IIM (India's Leading Management School) toppers and business owners, if person has done job for 3 years then it becomes his habit to do the job and he then can't start business and if wants to it becomes very very difficult, so if your 3 years passed (like I did job for 10 years) it is very difficult to concentrate on business because our mind automatically diverts us to find another better paying job rather concentrating on business but only thing you concentrate, keep doing your current job and keep focus on developing your business and guess what?? within 3 to 5 years you would be having your own business

You will take leave when you want... you'll own the car you want you know when your income changes everything changes like vacations you take, clothes you and your family wear, car you drive... everything.... Simply everything. so just get to live your life better... Wish you Best of luck.

If you guys have any question, please don't hesitate to ask and my next Hub will be soon on top 10 reasons why to start your own business. till than... See you.

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pradiphira 6 years ago

hey, thats wonderfool article,

but i just ask u one question,

r u out of rat race?

mustmanoj profile image

mustmanoj 6 years ago from Ahmedabad Author

thanks for appreciation, i am writing this article because i am still working to get out of it... wish me luck

Tarang Vaidya 6 years ago

i have heard before this type of speech by Mr. Randy Gage the famous MlM Leader (in science of the one on one part-1) it doesnt impress me but the way you present your article i like very most. thank for awaiking me again Tarang.

mustmanoj profile image

mustmanoj 6 years ago from Ahmedabad Author

hope it will help more and more, keep waiting for new and even better article.

Malak Patel profile image

Malak Patel 4 years ago from Ahmedabad, India

hmm... really its very irritating "dhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

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