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Are you thinking about moving from a military career to a civilian life? Do not use the Army Resume Builder. This could be one of the most critical milestones in your life as you leave your military career and transition into a commercial job. Do you really want a machine to spit your entire life’s experience onto a piece of paper without consideration of the nuances of each of the appointment that you had held in the Army? Do you really believe that a computer can perform this task for you? Do you really want to use this template resume that everyone else is submitting for a civilian job? What are your chances in competing with the rest of your military buddies if everyone else uses the Army Civilian Resume Builder? I am writing to inform you that the army resume builder answer may not be what you want to represent your life achievements as you transit.

Army Centralized Resumix

I would not trust my military transition to a piece of software. The ARB simply takes in data that you input into the system and formats them into a machine readable resume format for submission into the Army Centralized Resumix. If that is what you want to help you in your career transition, then please carry on and use the ARB. But if you are seriously seeking a career in the commercial world, you should either invest time or money into getting a first class resume that will be able to sell your experiences that you had gained in the military and how that experience can be translated into the civilian sector. You want your military training to be taken seriously, especially your leadership training and experiences which you should sell as one of your strongest point.

Army Civilian Resume Builder

If you had received engineering training in the Army and you are seeking a commercial engineering job, you need to explain the relevancy of the military system that you were trained on to what you would potentially be responsible for. That way, the employer would be able to understand your military resume better. That applies to the rest of your military training. You need to translate it to the commercial tense. A military resume builder may not be able to do that appropriately.

Resume Services & Career Coach

Writing it yourself can be a rewarding experience as you will begin to understand your potential value in the commercial world and also your shortcomings. In that manner, you could seek additional training, commercially if possible, so that you can be better prepared for the new competition and environment. However if you find writing to be one of your shortcoming, you may want to engage resume services by a professional resume writer who could interview you before helping you to create your personal selling piece. It could be your best investment yet for career transition as the professional resume writer will had experience in writing for others and will understand what is the best language to use for resume writing. He will also be able to interview you and understand your most important value add so that you can leverage on it in your curriculum vitae (CV). Resume services are invaluable.

Of course you could even hire a career coach who would guide you in developing your professional goals and even coach you to put forth your strongest points on your resume. That way you could also become clearer in your career choices before you decide which civilian career you want to embark on. A coach would also nudge you in your transition so that you do not distracted and procrastinate your military to civilian career transition.

Do not sell yourself short by using a computerized system to churn out your life experiences onto a piece of standard template. I am not blasting the Military Resume Builder as I do believe that it plays a role for guys who cannot write well nor have any money to invest for a professional resume writer’s assistance. But for the majority of the military fraternity, I opined that a well written resume will be able to gain you an edge versus not just the rest of the military job seekers but also against other civilian competitors. Good Hunting for that new career!

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Ajac 5 years ago

I subbmitted a self nomination and my stauts has been sent to selecting officials but when I go on Army Resume Builder and for some reason I can't get to my answer page. I'm affraid i'll miss something and miss out on a goog job.

Yong Jun 5 years ago

I submitted a resume quite a while ago and I don't remember my password. I've tried to get my password, but the system says it's sent me an email and I can't use that email...suggestions? My new email is

Army Resumes 6 years ago

Army job only those people can apply who took training of Army, Some of the jobs are dangerous while others involve working in an office setting.

Travis 6 years ago

You make a good point about the army resume builder no being the best options. But for most transitioning military, it is what is available right then to those who have no idea what else to use.

Steve Clark 6 years ago

I submitted a resume quite a while ago and I don't remember my password. I've tried to get my password, but the system says it's sent me an email and I have never gotten the email...suggestions?

resume 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing tips with us.

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