Article Marketing for Beginners


  • Post only original articles and with quality - One of the objectives of article marketing is gaining notoriety, credibility and respect, and in this sense should only publish quality articles and written by you. Must implement this strategy with the utmost professionalism and integrity, and commitment as if you were to write such an article for your own blog. It's your reputation at stake.
  • Preserve your image - Write only on topics that you dominate. If you want to risk publishing articles on topics that dominate the least you should do research on the topic in question in order to avoid errors paddle and/or inconsistencies. If you don't do the proper research you run the risk of having to face the "dark side" of article marketing, and instead to take advantage you will be giving a shot in the foot.

  • Give something that interest to readers - not to publish articles just for the backlinks. Try to pass the reader helpful information and relevant because only then will capture the attention and cause him to visit your page looking for more and better information
  • Publish in accordance with the site or product you want to advertise - The article should be closely related to the product or site that you want to advertise. So in the end may leave a link in context with the theme of the article. It will not make any sense to write about games for example and put a link to a site of employment.
  • Avoid placing too many links - There are directories that allow the placement of links in the text of the article, and this may lead to the temptation to link the right and left throughout the article. Both the directory allows the placement of the text and links in the "about the author, or allow only links in the field reserved for the author, consider leaving only 1 or 2 links, if possible related to the subject matter. Thus, the traffic will come to get high quality. Favor quality over quantity.
  • Set a plan and stick to it - According to your time available, to establish how many articles you want to publish a week, for example, and strive to meet the schedule.

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