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From more than 50 soft drinks available in India, Parle Mango Frooti is the biggest selling and preferred brand. Frooti is the first tetrapak fruit juice in India launched in 1984. Frooti still holds a dominant position in the Rs300 crore tetrapak fruit juice (TFJ) market. It is also now available in PET bottles and triangular shaped packs. The drink contains mango pulp, water, sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid, and approved coloring and flavoring.

From its rhythmic ‘Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy’ days to the current attitude-loaded ‘Why grow up’, the brand has come a long way. Frooti Mango, which has 85-per cent market share in tetra packs, grew by a modest four per cent in 2001 against an average growth of 18-20 per cent.

For better sales and to compete in relevant market, Parle introduced few more products. Mango Frooti fresh and juicy, Appy Fizz (Juice made from fresh apples), Grapo Fizz (Juice made from fresh grapes), Saint Juice 100% natural juice, LMN (Lemon Juice, Thirst Quencher), Bailley (Bottled Mineral Water), Hippo Baked Chips (By Parle Agro)

However, to be success in any brand, advertisements takes a huge role. In soft drink segment, there is kindly huge competition, not only for their drinks but also for their advertisements. Parle approximately spend Rs 10 crore on advertising, Parle says: “Our ads are no longer meant to just create buzz, they are created keeping in mind a long term brand vision. Even the treatment of subject in the ads has also changed. Instead of a story narrated through songs and dance, our new ads are more about situations and showcasing how consumers connect with Frooti. Frooti’s most recent ad campaign with the ‘Why grow up’ theme, lays the foundation for a long-term strategy and vision for the brand. It not only highlights the brand make-over, it also stays true to Frooti’s core mango values.


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