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The bartender job description is one that many seek as a decent entry level wage job. Depending on your location bartender job descriptions will vary from place to place. The income also varies from different locations with some making their normal hourly, while others make nearly twice their hourly rate due to tips.

Job descriptions for a bartender normally have the same general job duties like mixing drinks, minor cleaning etc. Some smaller restaurant. or bars may even only have a bartender where they may also serve the position of waiter/waitress for the entire establishment.

Bartender Job Description List

  • Mixing ingredients to use in cocktails along with other drinks.

  • Keeping track of customer tabs is vital.

  • Washing dishes like glass cups, and utensils each time they are used.

  • Pouring beer, and wine.

  • Collecting payments from customers, and operating a cash register.

  • Serving food to customers that are seated at or close to the bar.

  • Making sure to check the identification of any customer who does not look of age. This is to ensure they meet the required age to purchase alcohol or tobacco products.

  • Cleaning up the area where customers sat after they leave.

  • Ordering, and maintaining bar supplies.

  • Maintaining a friendly atmosphere, and dealing quickly with any problems that may arise.

  • Limiting alcoholic beverages to customers who may have had too much to drink already.

  • Basic supervisory over servers, sometimes also cooks. In many bars the bartender may also double as the manager in charge depending on the size, and volume of the bar.

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