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In creating good Powerpoint presentation, there's no better way to start by knowing the basics. Well, I'm sure a lot of people know the basic for using Microsoft Powerpoint software, This is guide is to help those who just started using this software for their presentation. Please do post comments regarding this guide.




Technically, everything that we do always backed up with some kind of plans. For doing a Powerpoint Presentation Slide, I would suggest that write the things that you need to present on a piece of paper. This way, you can know which points should come first and which should come last. Cover each aspects of the title. For example, proposal for implementing solar panels in each residence. So, what do they need? From the cost of the materials, the time taken to attach them, how does it work to the way to get the sponsorship for this projects. Ask the 5w1h question to yourself can be a great help to get the idea for the plans (what,who,why,when,which,how). There are different way for you to plan in terms of mind map which is highly recommended or simple bullet points.

New slide

After you had planned everything, here are the next step. Creating a new slide. If you open the Microsoft Software, the new slide already opened for you. But to add another slide, simply click Insert > New slide. To make things easier is just click ctrl-m.

Editing Font

OK, after creating a new slide, Simply write your titles, subtitles and perhaps some things you need to put on your presentation. But look, somehow the font doesn't really suit your taste. Maybe it's too big or too small. This is where you can play with the style you want ( you can find more tips at my other hub , Top 8 Things you should avoid on your Powerpoint Presentation). to edit your font, highlight the words or paragraph that you wish to edit. Then, click Format > Fonts and there's a box will pop up. You can change from the colors, the style of font, even crossed out some words to give emphasize. Super script is actually to create symbol like square of a number and subscript can be use to create chemical equation in chemistry.


Black and white is in fashion but not in presentation. Having black and white Powerpoint slide giving dull effect to the presentation. Most audience will yawn with this kind of presentation.  Since you already create some paragraph, lets kick things a bit by adding colour to it. Every titles, subtitles, paragraph have their on text box. double click the text box or right click then press format autoshape (some may say format placeholder) If you can't find it, click Format on top of the software, then click format autoshape. Since you already know how to change the colour of the font, now we move on to the box colour. There's a box says no fill, just click the down arrow button and click colour you want (for more info on how to choose the colour, visit my hub on Top 8 things to avoid on Powerpoint presentation). You also can change colour border of the chat box by change the no fill in the box "no fill" to which colour you want.


Well, background can be very intimidating when it comes to get good first impressing. Currently, plain white background is not just enough to cut it. So, you can be creative in terms of the background. To add a picture in background, follow the numbers on the picture to the right. Right-click the slide and then press Background. Then, a window will pop up. click the down arrow beside the white colour box and press fill effects. You can either choose other color plain, add texture and some gradient but for me personally would love to add picture. What ever the background you choose, make sure it contrast with the font used. You don't want the audience to squeak their eyes to read the points on your presentation would you?


Oh yes, this is my favorite part regarding using microsoft powerpoint. If you have creative minds, you could do endless possibilities with the template animation by combining them from one animation to another. However, failed to do so could result in disastrous presentation. Just look the video I've made to make things easier. There's 4 types of animation you can do:-

1) Entrance, to bring up the point onto the slide

2)Emphasize, to animate points that already on the slide

3)Exit, to bring away points that already on the slide

4)Motion Path, to move a point that already on the slide to another place (which still on the slide)

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chasemillis 5 years ago

Well done, Great Hub!

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Great work. This article is great, easy to read and informative.

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