Beatties Basics - The Evolution Of Office Products

What is Beatties Basics?

Beatties Basics is an office products retailer serving both the Niagara and Hamilton markets. The company is locally owned and owner-operated, and carries a large selection of office and computer supplies, office furniture, business machines, technology products, printers and promotional products.


History of Beatties

The business was originally founded in 1860 by D.W. Bixby as a bookstore at St. Paul and Ontario streets in St. Catharines, Ontario. Lawrence Beattie took over the store from his mentor in 1926 and establishing the Bixby-Beattie Co.

Beattie renamed the store (changing it to Beattie Stationery Ltd). and retired in 1968. His nephew Rodger took over operations of the store. In the 1970s, after over 100 years at the St. Paul/Ontario Street location, the store was moved over to Queen Street. The main office and store was later relocated to Vansickle 2006.

The Future Of Beatties

The main offices, store and showroom on Vansickle is over 55,000 square feet in size. Approximately 6,000 square feet of the space is reserved for office furniture.

Besides it Vansickes office, Beatties Basics also has a sales office in Stoney Creek, and retail stores located in Niagara Falls and Fort Erie.

Beatties has recently unveiled its new online store, featuring over 400,000 technology products.


For more information about the company, you can visit the Beatties Basics Corporate Website, or you can follow Beatties Basics on Twitter.


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