Bed and Breakfast as a Business

Start your own Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is like a hotel with basic amenities. Also known as B&B, Bed & Breakfast simply means providing a room to check-in and a breakfast before check-out. You don’t offer any extra services like laundry, concierge, gyms or spas. This type of business can be run by just the owner, you need not have any staff. B&B businesses have a limited number of available rooms provided in the private homes of B&B owner. The rooms have in-room bathroom. Around country side, a B&B can comprise of 3-4 rooms whereas, in a metropolitan city, a B&B can have 10-15 rooms. The proprietor generally stays in the same premises. The breakfast is usually home cooked sumptuous meal served in the bedroom. With the changing times, now the breakfast is also served in garden area or at the patio.

Who can start the B&B Business?

If you are someone who loves attending to guests and welcome them with a smile, Bed and Breakfast can be a good business for you. All you need to have is rooms that are available to be rented out.

1. You own a Farmhouse but it isn’t used much. Rent out the empty rooms to people travelling for a day or two. That way you can maintain your farmhouse and earn money too. Travelers coming to stay will have a pleasant experience.

2. You own a Holiday house and seek a regular income out of it; Bed & Breakfast can be a good option. The time when you are not holidaying, you can start your own Bed & Breakfast business. The best way to take care of your holiday home is to actually utilize it.

3. You have a cottage or a villa on the country side, you can use it as a Bed & Breakfast. Travelers love to stay at a traditional place which is away from the daily chores.

4. Anybody who has extra space to give out as rent can actually opt for a Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

Things to Remember:

People coming from anywhere would first seek clean and hygienic surroundings. You need to make sure that the rooms you are renting out should be cleaned regularly. The bathrooms should be hygienic to meet standards of any traveler. Breakfast should be usually something that is home cooked. You should love serving your guests and make their stay as welcoming as possible. To make the stay memorable for traveler, you can actually decorate the rooms you want to rent out. You can paint the room with bright colors, use matching drapes, arrange a small writing table and give closet space. A double-bed or twin beds is what a traveler would expect.

Taking an Extra step:

For traveler coming for the first time you can drive them at nearby areas to see places of interests. You can guide them with popular places to visit. Tell them about all good restaurants and parks to visit. For the regulars or the locals, you can always assist them with any help they need or strategize to highlight on some unique points of your area. Also the breakfast can be served according to the traveler’s choice. For e.g. you can prepare an American Breakfast if you know they are coming from the United States. You can also keep books and travel guides handy for any international travelers coming your way.

Things to be considered:

A Bed & Breakfast accommodation is the mini version of hotel accommodation, so similar steps should be taken while taking into consideration, the rules & regulations, security, permits and licenses.

a. There are certain rules and regulations that you follow when you open a B&B accommodation. In some places selling alcohol is not permitted without license. So before selling alcohol, acquiring proper license is mandatory. Even serving a complimentary drink would need a license. So get yourself a premises license first.

b. You cannot trust all people coming for B&B accommodation. So it’s always a good practice to keep a copy of any of their identity cards. You can also monitor the area outside the B&B rooms. Keeping surveillance cameras outside the B&B rooms is not at all a bad idea.

c. Set some ground rules for check-in and check-out time, cancellations, smoking/drinking permission and also for allowing/not allowing pets.

Some advertising will not cost you much. You can market your new venture on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word fast. Lastly enjoy being the host for B&B and let your guests have the most pleasurable stay.

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