Best Businesses to Start in This Economy

Why Start a Business in this Economy

Most of the financial experts say that one of the best times to start a business is when times are hard So many people are out of work that starting a business may be the only way a family can survive. If you are not working and have time on your hands, you should consider starting your own business using the skills you used at a previous job. After all one of the biggest problems with owning your own business is the time involved in running the business.

Three Great Businesses to Start

A great business to start in this economy involves selling items on EBay. There are people making enough money on EBay to pay household bills and more. Most everyone I know have more consumer goods than they need. You can sell almost anything on EBay for just a few dollars. When you run out of your own items to sell on EBay you should ask your friends to sell their items for a percentage of the sales prices plus expenses. In order to start this business all you need is access to a computer and an e-mail address. Go to and register for an account. You can then begin listing your items on EBay. When an item is sold, you will be notified by EBay. You should also sign up for a paypal account so that you can receive payment through paypal rather than waiting on a check or having the need to have a merchant account to accept credit cards. Paypal will take care of the payment for you and notified you by email when the payment has been received. Once payment is received, package the item and ship to the buyer. Repeat this same process for all items and before you know it you have started your own Ebay business.

We all know that no matter how bad the economy gets everyone wants to eat out every once in a while. A great business to start is a restaurant that caters to the single crowd These would include pizza restaurants or hamburger/french type places. it is probably best if you do a franchise because the name is already well known. Check out the location you plan to open your restaurant to make sure that you do not have too much competition. If you choose a franchise make sure that it is one which provides training. Make sure that you have an attorney review the paperwork before signing any leases or franchise agreements. One word of caution, do not hire your family members to work for you unless they are your under 18 year old children living at home. You can still make them go to work. The other relatives sometimes take you for granted and do not show up when they are supposed to. This means that you have to go in their place

One of the best businesses to start at home when the economy is not great is an inhome daycare for children. This business is so great because you can start with little or no money. If you have a child of your own you can save money from taking your child to daycare and make money at the same time by keeping other children in your home. To start this business, you should make sure that you are licensed by the state in which you operate. To get these license you must learn the rule and regulation regarding operating a daycare center. This information can be used to help you decide how many children you can keep in your home. Check in your local neighborhood for clients by posting an advertisement in the local newspaper, advertising on Craigslist, sending our flyers and posting business cards at local businesses such as restaurants and schools.


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