Best Commercial Pilot Training in the Philippines

So you want to be a commercial pilot and want to have your pilot training in the Philippines? It is one of the best deal because the training and aviation course covers longer flight hours and much cheaper. Before you take off, learn the commercial pilot training courses, costs, requirements, privileges and all about this amazing flight training.

Become a pilot in the Philippines?

How to become a commercial pilot in the Philippines? Do you have that dream to become a licensed commercial pilot and work in a well known airline company? It’s simple. If you really have that dream to become a commercial pilot, just do the commercial pilot training. Start your airline career by complying with the requirements below. Don’t let your dream just be dream in the air. Fly for real and experience the best commercial pilot training in the Philippines.

Commercial Pilot License Requirements:

To become a commercial pilot, you must have the CPL (commercial pilot license) and pass the commercial pilot ratings. You must complete 110 hours of flight rating and pass the ATO commercial pilot licensure examinations and 1 hour check ride. To list the criteria of commercial pilot license requirements, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a Private Pilot Certificate or meet requirements
  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Must hold a valid 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Pass the Aviation Training Office (ATO) Knowledge (General) Test
  • Pass the Aviation Training Office (ATO) Practical Flight Test and Oral Examination (check ride)

Commercial pilot training requirements:

Aviation schools and flight schools in the Philippines require commercial pilot wannabes to:

  • Be at least 16 yrs old to get a Student Pilot's License.
  • Read, speak, and understand English.
  • X-Ray & ECG (submit at Air Transportation Office)
  • Medical Exam (ATO honors FAA medical)
  • Notarized Application Form
  • Payment of flight training fees (varies from each flight school)

Majority of the aviation schools and flight schools accept foreign students who want to go for the commercial pilot training and other pilot trainings and courses. Same qualifications and requirements are requested prior to admission. Additional immigration requirements for student visa are however required.


Why train in the Philippines?

Like I said, commercial pilot training here in the Philippines is much cheaper and covers longer hour of flights which obviously benefits any pilot student to practice and experience flying aircraft and airplanes. The aviation and pilot license in the Philippines is recognized in any International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) member country (i.e. US, Australia, Japan, and many more). The conversion process varies from country to country. For a list of ICAO-member countries go to their official website.One more thing, the weather here is perfect for your flying hours.

Commercial pilot training courses

Commercial pilot training courses in the Philippines which give the CPL, commercial pilot license, covers two main courses - the ground course and the flight course. The ground course usually covers a 110 hours of ground schooling which includes advanced flight syllabus that covers medical and human factors, aircraft aerodynamics, flight instrument system and environment, advanced weight and balance, emergency procedures, advanced conventional and turbine power plant, advanced civil air regulations and licensing, air traffic control and communication procedure, advanced meteorology, weather forecasts and reports, advanced radio navigation, flight computer, advanced air navigation and cross country flight planning. The flight course covers a massive and advanced flight training of at least 150 logged hours of flight time which includes commercial maneuvers and emergency procedures. This all will prepare you to ace and pass the ATO commercial pilot licensure exam and ratings.

Commercial pilot training time

The commercial pilot training time must complete a 110 hrs. flight training (150 total, inclusive of 40 hrs Private Pilot Course) based on the minimum number of hours required by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and Air Transportation Office (ATO). So how long will it take to complete the commercial pilot training course in the Philippines? Some flight schools follow a uniform and fixed flight training schedules with a 6 months training program. However, you can complete a commercial pilot training in like two months if your sched is so flexible and if you’ve got lots of time. It really depends on your time availability and choice actually. The weather here is damn fine so no problem with flying really.

Commercial pilot training schools in the Philippines

The best and top performed commercial pilot training schools in the Philippines are listed in a special hub I made for everyone. The article contains all the best top rating flight schools and aviation schools here which are well known and reputable in crafting successful pilots all over the country and internationally as well. Go here to see the best pilot schools.

Commercial pilot training costs

Commercial pilot training usually costs around 30,000 USD in a pilot program package with private pilot (PPL), instrument rating course (IR), multi engine rating (MER). What more can you ask for :) To read further and inquire further, go to the list of aviation schools.


Commercial pilot privileges and benefits

If you became a licensed commercial pilot, you have the full rights and privileges of being a commercial pilot like getting paid big time and being compensated more than the other professions. You can have the potential to be a flight instructor, cargo pilot and charter pilot. As a commercial pilot, you’ll have the best benefits attached with this high status. If your airline company is huge, definitely your benefits and compensations are huge, too.

Commercial pilot salary

How much is the salary of commercial pilot in the Philippines? I know I know many are asking about this and I won’t miss writing it here. Seniority and flight hours are the key to decent pay regardless of which commercial flight career you go into. According to a source, a pilot First Officer receives an average monthly salary of P177,000 while a Captain receives around P274,000 monthly. Aside from this basic salary, airline pilots receive awesome benefits such as premium and longevity pay, incentive pay, transportation allowance, rice subsidy, 13th and 14th month pay, and discounts rates for family airline travel. Wow!

Commercial pilot jobs

The demand for commercial pilots and any other kinds of pilots are increasing each year. Lots of commercial pilot jobs are everywhere. I suggest you start in your domestic airline companies to develop your skills and experience more. After a year or so, you’ll gain enough flight hours. Pilots who have logged the greatest number of flying hours using the modern and sophisticated equipments and aircraft are the most priority by big airline companies. If you’ve got an aviation degree from a flight school academy or university, you’ll be amongst the top choice in getting hired. You can also fly higher by applying to international and overseas airline companies. Pilot job openings are always available from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, India, Australia, Qatar, countries from the Emirates and lots more. Good luck and soar high!

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Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

I see the benefits of getting a private pilots licence in the Philippines,but in the US,the main supply of commercial pilots come from the airforce,and would take a great deal of dedication and time to get a quality commercial piloting job,in the regional airline buisness,we have these pilots with 150 hr.s of training and are having trouble with these companys casual professionalism,and demands on entry level pilots,leading to near misses and a couple of crashes;)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Yes the benefits are awesome but it really takes expertise. Commercial pilot training is just another level of training in aviation career. I see that more and more foreigners are training in here. For experience, for career improvement, for advancement, or for just flying LOL Thankfully, never heard of crashes LMAO If someone really is serious in becoming a pilot, it takes dedication and determination ;) Happy to see you Prof. A.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Hey Fehl, how are tricks? I enjoyed reading this new hub on best pilot training. You are doing a god service here, I don't know much about that subject, but love flying a lot. Are you a flyer yourself? I never asked that before, just wondering. It's a very tough job and carrying hundreds of people to and fro must demanding and stressful. It's a wonder burnout doesn't happen more with pilots, due to that stress. The training they go through must be amazing. Enjoyed reading this. Cheers, Fehl. XO

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hey Cheeky! hahah love flying, too but I'm not a flyer LMAO I have no wings and I need an angel to lift me up eh. Yup, a pilot's job is so tough. If someone offered me free flying lessons why not dare try flying ;) Cheers!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Great info. If I were younger I would do this. It makes sense. Thank you Dear!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

You can still do it Mik ;) Happy you dropped by

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

Very interesting article. I was in the pilot training business for 14 years. I just looked and my company website is still up, though my company went out of business.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Awesome website. Sorry to hear your pilot training biz went out of business..Thanks for stopping over here. Bless ya!

zulfiqaralimagsi 5 years ago

i want regestere me in fly emirates

pilot training 5 years ago

Informative hub with helpful information on helicopter pilot training. It is helpful to gain more information on pilot training to find the best options and training centers to become a professional pilot. As there are number of pilot training centers it is essential to find the best and experienced training center.

profile image

commercial pilot 5 years ago

Yes commercial pilot profession is very attractive because of this various benefits. Philippines’s pilot salary is good. I also want to make my career in this field. Thanks for providing essential and beneficial information. My relative lives in a Philippines. Now I will think to get pilot training from this country.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

thanks for commenting. I prefer no spam next time please. thanks.

nick 5 years ago

i want to be a commercial pilot

zxcvbnm 5 years ago

Do you have to take physics in high school in order to enter a pilot training school in the Philippines???

sanu 5 years ago

good article,thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Zxcvbnm- Not really. depends if you meet their requiremebnts for a private pilot training or a commercial pilot training. thank you.

Max Tablarin 4 years ago

i really appreciate this article thanks to the owner of this site..which flying school do you recommend for best but affordable school for flying?..thanks

idontknow 4 years ago

Are there schools that offer scholarships?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Max hello there. you can read the related article about the best flight schools in the Philippines as a response to your inquiry. Thank you :)

@Idontknow Yes there are pilot schools that offer scholarship especially the universities. See the list of flight schools

bong maceda 4 years ago

hello tahnks for a very good's just what i need..i am currently Captain of a seagoing ship overseas,mostly what they call Master Mariner..i am planning to shift career,what do you think are the odds? thank again..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Wow you are a master mariner? That's so hip and cool. Very impressive title. :) The odds of shifting a career is of course the uncertainty... I suggest you don't resign unless you have a pilot license and got hired in an airline company.

Jagan 4 years ago

Hi,thanks for the info's.Can u please tel me the formalities to get joined in training schools ?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

First choose the flight school and submit your requirements and documents. Pay the pilot training tuition fees and attend your flight course and training. Join the licensure exam so you can become a licensed pilot.

YaHtOoTs 4 years ago

I prefer Alpha Aviation Group/Academy in Clark Pampanga Philippines.. They offer the best training among all the flight schools in the Philippines. Their instructors are Pilots from different Airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Arabia and other big Airline Company not only in the Philippines but also in other countries. They offer a Pilot Training Package which cost around 3-4 Million Pesos with a type rating of AIRBUS A320. They have a State of the Art AIRBUS A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator. That's why it's my favorite Flying school in the Philippines. Another thing is, they will endorse you in their Partnered Airline Company if you have Passed and Completed their training. They have also partnered with many different Bank for Financial Assistance. By the way I'm currently an AMT(Aircraft Maintenance Technology) Student at Clark Polytechnic besides Alpha Av. Group also known as Clark Aviation. I'm a man who dream to become an Airline Pilot someday. That's all. :D

aunonymous 4 years ago

twenty five..can you mplease give informations about Leading Edge Aviation School..thanks;)

YaHtOoTs 4 years ago

Dude. Are you talking about Edge Aviation School in the Philippines coz there's a flying school named Edge Aviation School here in the Philippine It's in Taguig City Metro Manila Philippines.

As i know they offer training for those who want to be a Cessna Pilot. They are authorized by the Cessna Company to Train Cessna Pilots here in the Philippines.

By the way it's Leading Edge International Academy.

If you want to know more about the school, try to search on google or try the link below.

Here's their official website:

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

thanks for sharing. Must be a very good pilot school. Never heard of that aviation school before though. Is it a newbie? Just wondering..

Babs 4 years ago

do you know how much is the training for commercial pilot which has a curriculum of two months training in clark,phil then the remaining months of training will be conducted in paris, france? would that be inclusive of airfare and accomodation? how many months of training will it be in paris? your reply would be greatly appreciated.

Kezhiah 4 years ago

How much money do i need to prepare ?? Im a graduating highschool student and i belong to a middle class family where not that rich to afford it do i have a chance to become a pilot ??

Kezhiah 4 years ago

Could you please give me some link of aeronautic school that offer low tuition please :)))))

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

See the best flight schools in the Philippines. I have included the link in the related articles above. The tution fees are also found in their websites. Some aviation schools offer scholarships for qualified candidates if you cannot afford it.

paul 4 years ago

Hi 25, what are the chances of getting hired in an airline company as a pilot if you don't have any degree besides having trained and acquired the commercial pilot license? Do pilots need to study aviation courses first?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I know airlines prefer their employees to have degrees even cabin crews what more to their pilots. Having the license is great coz you cannot fly a commercial plane without it but you should have the degree coz you cannot be hired without it.

PT 4 years ago

Thanks for writing this informative post. Is there a height requirement (or more like an "unspoken industry height preference") for pilots? I'm considering shifting careers and pilot school is an option. However, I'm only 5'5" and it would be being a huge waste of money if I pass the program and end up not being hired at any airline anyway.

Mark Salazar 3 years ago

hi twenty five, this page is very informative. I just want to ask if you know any aviation school that is offering "fly now pay later" scheme. PAL aviation don't have this kind of scheme anymore. My brother would like to enroll in a flying school but we don't have 2M Php :(

baroks 3 years ago

Hi. This thread is very helpful. Iam an Electrical engr. working as an Electrician on ships. I want to change my career into flying. Help me please to choose on this two school I have been eyeing for many times, Alpha avation and OMNI av...Which of this two school has the highest rate of graduates that goes into commercial airlines? And which of them is reasonable in terms of value in money..I believed ALPHA Av requires 3-4M and while OMNI was 2.5M..But seriously, i don't know how far they are different. Thanks..I really need some inputs!!! Thanks in advance!!

Jr Manalo 2 years ago

Hi 25 i just wandered in ur previous comment that commercial pilot needs a degree.. Wat if i only graduated highschool and didn't take college degree. I straight to a flying school at the age of 16. Is it possible that i cant apply because i don't have degree?

CHRIS PESAIMA 22 months ago


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