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It’s possible now more than ever to earn an income online by doing numerous things but one of the best and most popular ventures is the “get paid to write” market. Writing is something that many people do every day online and you can be getting paid to write what you’re already writing or getting paid to write for others.

You don’t have to be a pro at writing because the more you write, the better your growth and there are many sites that will allow you to practice writing while developing your skills and there’s lots of online editing software available if you’re not good at using correct grammar or editing.

Top Paid to Write Sites

Here’s a lists of the best Paid to write sites online to get started

1. Hubpages-At hubpages you’re sharing your writing on any subject with thousands of people around the world and other hubpage authors. You can write on earn subject and earn ad revenue through the Google’s AdSense program.

2. Elance- at Elance you can work in a variety of fields by bidding on the job you want, if the client chooses your bid congratulations you’ve got a job to do. Elance takes a small fee per job. There is a basic membership for free that includes 10 free connects per month to bid, a membership package can be purchased for more features or you can simply by more connect when needed. I use Elance daily and have received many jobs.

3. Xomba- Free to use and write about any subject that is not of adult nature or violence. You can earn through the Google AdSense program in a 50/50 split with xomba. Participation includes writing your own content or social bookmarking your favorite web pages.

4. Squidoo-Squidoo is Free to join and write. Your pages are called lenses; money is made by creating rich content lenses then pulling in traffic to your page. Payment is made by PayPal and you can keep your money or donate to charity.

5. Associated Content- Using associated content you can publish your writings of any subject in any format then distributing it to the sites website and content partners. Big earnings on associated content.

6. EHow- eHow is a fun site to write your basic how to pieces on anything. The writing program is available to U.S only but the minimum payout is only $10.

7. Flixya- on Flixya the earnings are created by sharing your photos, videos or blogs. Earnings come from the Google AdSense program and you’re receiving 100% revenue.

8. Demand Studio- On demand studio you write articles in any subject and earn.

9. Review Party- Writing simple reviews and earning through the Google AdSense and Amazon associates program is what this site is about.

10. Blogger Wave- Here at Blogger Wave your blog can earn big money!

11. Article Income- At article income your writings can earn you 50-75% of contextual advertising. A very fun community!

12. Article Codex- Using the Article codex site you’ll receive a share of 50% AdSense revenue for your writing.

13. Blogvertise- Another site where your blogs earn you money. A bloggers heaven is what some call blogvertise.

14. Freelancer- At freelancer you bid on jobs the same as using eLance. Freelancer also takes a small fee when your clients pay you and jobs are available in every category from writing to website design.

15. Triond- Triond pays you for your poetry, music, video, or articles based on web page views starting around $56 for every 200th visitors.

16. Review me- Review me pays you anywhere from $20 to $200 for completed reviews you post to your sites. There is good money here as well.

17. Developer Shed- At developer shed you can write stories on current trends, feature articles, or tutorials while getting paid. More technical.

18. Tutorial 9- Here you are paid up to $300 for articles on blogging topics or photography. Payment is made through PayPal if your tutorial is approved by the Tutorial 9 site.

19. Helium- Writing on helium you earn from your articles ratings, this is a good starting ground for getting in more practice.

20. Freelance Switch- Freelance Switch is much like freelancer and eLance except you’re not bidding on jobs, you will simply be sending a proposal to the clients based on their job description details. There’s good earning here too but you have to be a lot more competitive in your proposals.

21. Textbroker- Textbroker allows you to choose from jobs that are already available. You are free to do as much or as little work as you can handle each day anytime of the day. Writing on textbroker the prices are right in front of you so if you want to take on the $50 job then it’s yours just by clicking. Upon submission of work you are paid by client although you never have to deal with any clients personally. Payment is made through PayPal but there is also a tax form request before you can withdraw your payments.

There will be more paid to write sites added regularly so feel free to bookmark and check back.



22.    Guru- Guru is another site where you can find jobs in 3 categories. The categories are Technology, Business, and Creative Arts. Jobs range from writing to Business Admin, it’s a really good site to work on or use to hire freelancers in any field.

23.    Constant Content- on Constant Content you can get paid for articles you’ve already written, or create new articles to include in the directory. Clients browse the website to find articles for their personal use and you can sell your article outright or just sell usage rights.

24.    Carrot Reviews-On carrot reviews you get paid $3 for every retail site you review if you’re the first one to submit a review for that particular site. There will be a payment of $1 if you’re not the first to submit a review for any online store.

25.    Ezine Articles- Only accepts top quality material, you are not paid for your works but this is an excellent choice for driving website traffic to your other writings on different sites. Many successful writers use Ezine articles as a marketing place to get their name out there, it’s very valuable.

26.    PayPerPost- at PayPerPost you can earn from your blogs, you decide what advertisers you want to work with, negotiate your own prices and start racking in the cash.

27.    Academia Research- Writers are paid from $6 to $20 per page. There is tons of work at Academia research and the site has great feedback.

28.    Brighthub- At brighthub writers are paid through earning online revenue, the more visitors to your page the better your earnings will be but this site works in more ways than one.

29.    KPwriting-KPwriting is mainly for academic writers and there is a test essay you will have to complete within days of signing up to be accepted to the site.

30.    Needanwriter- At needanwriter you can choose jobs in every field of writing, there are excellent earnings here.

Paid to Write List

31.    People per hour- There are thousands of freelance jobs at people per hour, the clients are so much easier to work with and the pay is through escrow which means that they pay up front so when the jobs is complete to the clients satisfaction the only thing you have to do is request payment.

32.    Daily Article- At daily article you can sell your single articles or take topic requests to complete articles for clients. This is an enjoyable site to use especially if you have dozens of articles lying around.

33.     Factoidz- Here at Factoidz a writer can earn up to $20 for articles/reviews, there are also chances to earn a bonus, plus you can check the status/performance of your article in real time.

34.     Writers Access- This is a fairly new site launched by gather, writers can earn for their articles as well as get major traffic and take client orders. Writers’ access is the one of the hot spots for getting freelance jobs.

35.     Oboulo- at Oboulo you earn 50% on your writings due to a split with the site owners, it’s a good place to market/sell your articles at any time and payment is made through PayPal. This site is global and has major traffic daily looking for articles you produce.

Writers Software Reviews


Now that you have decided to go ahead with your online writing venture you’ll also need some simple writing tools to help you along the way.

There are many types of software out there to help you with writing articles and submitting them to article directories, writing eBooks because many clients on the paid to write sites like eLance and Freelancer pay hundreds to thousands for the eBooks per job and editing software because no client wants to pay for unpolished work.

In the paid to write field remember you’re still working a job even if it’s from home in your pajamas, you must keep things professional and you must be able to submit quality work. Don’t be nervous, relax and you’ll do just fine. Maybe you’ll be the next featured hubber on hubpages or racking in thousands per month from many different writing sources. It really is possible to do well when you have everything you need to succeed and when you learn while listening. Take notes of what other writers write or products they use and things of such because if it helped them it could surely do the same for you.

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Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 5 years ago from South Carolina

Useful article. I'm bookmarking it for future reference and rating it up. Thanks for sharing.

Corinnalm 5 years ago

Thank you so much for this excellent resource! You've saved me a lot of "google" time.

nighthag profile image

nighthag 5 years ago from Australia

A great page filled with fantastic information, Loved the one that included poetry, bookmarking for sure...Thanks!

Rebecca Saunders profile image

Rebecca Saunders 5 years ago from Australia

Thanks - I appreciate your concise but thorough hub!

brandonfowler66 profile image

brandonfowler66 5 years ago from EveryWhere USA Author

Thanks everyone, I've done work on much of these sites so I wrote from personal experience

PieterTheProphet profile image

PieterTheProphet 5 years ago

Thank you!

brandonfowler66 profile image

brandonfowler66 5 years ago from EveryWhere USA Author

pieterthe prophet thank you and check back soon, theres lot more sites that people dont know about i will be adding.

balthasarcontent profile image

balthasarcontent 5 years ago from San Diego, CA, USA

Really excellent list; thanks for doing the research on this.

brandonfowler66 profile image

brandonfowler66 5 years ago from EveryWhere USA Author

Thank you, also Vancouver Realtor I have done much work on other sites in my list, I think elance would be more your type of place for writing jobs. I have had much success with eLance as well and I still do work there from time to time for very interesting clients. The only thing about eLance is that your bid must stand out from the rest because 1 job could get over 30 bids.

BeckyA 5 years ago

As a newbie to being online at home, I found your hub to be very informative. Thank you!!

brandonfowler66 profile image

brandonfowler66 5 years ago from EveryWhere USA Author

BeckyA you're welcome, glad I could help and happy holidays to you n your family!

Phil The Gain profile image

Phil The Gain 5 years ago from Planet Earth

This is by far the best article I have ever read regarding this type of information. I wil most definatly be checking out some of the sites for future use. Thanks!

brandonfowler66 profile image

brandonfowler66 5 years ago from EveryWhere USA Author

Thanks Phil The Gain and I am constantly testing new paid to write sites to make sure they are legitimate opportunities

Keith Worth profile image

Keith Worth 5 years ago

Very thorough article Brandon, though you may want to update to merge number six and eight since you can now only write for Ehow through Demand Studios.

I started a series on hubs about the different paid to write sites but so far have only actually finished the one on Helium. I'll be coming back to this one quite a bit to use as reference I suppose.

Very good job.

anish92 profile image

anish92 5 years ago

lots of new sites. good research. voted up.

brandonfowler66 profile image

brandonfowler66 5 years ago from EveryWhere USA Author

Thank you anish92.

lee custodio profile image

lee custodio 5 years ago

very informative, thanks

johndwilliams profile image

johndwilliams 5 years ago from Essex England

Good information and a comprehensive list - thanks!

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celebritie 5 years ago

Wow this is a great list thanks!

william.fischer29 profile image

william.fischer29 5 years ago

Very useful article and interesting.

LindaSmith1 profile image

LindaSmith1 4 years ago from USA

Blogger Wave no longer exists, the link to it takes you to a dating site. You should check your sites and update them.

seek-knowledge profile image

seek-knowledge 4 years ago from Global Village

Useful and helpful information. But really Bloggerwave is no longer available. You need to edit your list... Thanx

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