Highest Paying Top Jobs in South Africa

Hot Jobs in South Africa

South Africa has been one of the favorite destination along with Dubai, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for the job seekers from countries like India. Now, with the world cup football coming up there, once again South Africa is in the limelight. A good high paying job and career has always been a very important aspect one's life and most people keep on looking for different opportunities which will enable them to have a bright future.

With the advent of technology, the process of searching for a good paying overseas job has become really simple. One of the simplest way is to apply online by simply uploading the CV on a job portal and have the advantage of receiving latest updates on new vacancies. The world is slowly coming out of the recession period and big companies have started hiring again. So its time have a look at some of the hot jobs and hiring scenario in South Africa where more job opportunities will be created in the near future.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

Career Prospects in South Africa

South Africa is one of those countries that offer great opportunities to the deserving candidates. The employment rate in South Africa is quite higher as compared to other countries and this gives a better chance of finding suitable jobs with higher salaries and designations. All the sectors in this country are flourishing well, thereby providing enhanced openings for both experienced and fresh job seekers. Depending on the field, candidates can easily search and select available job positions from the various job portals like Monster, FindAJob, Simply Hired, etc. apart from directly applying on company websites.

Top Reasons to be in South Africa

Highly Paying Hot Jobs in South Africa

These days, most people wish to have highly paid jobs so that they can enjoy higher level of living and can fulfill their needs and desires. Acquiring a highly paid job completely depends upon the level of education. If a person is a graduate and just holds a degree, he might not be able to settle to a salary what a post graduate can earn easily. Sometimes, it takes years for people to reach a good salary bar, so the level of education is important while searching and bargaining for better paying jobs.

In the present time, candidates prefer to hold some certifications which include one year courses along with their degree, so as to master one specific field. The reason behind this outlook is that employers also look for candidates who have specialized in a particular field so that dealing with all the aspects in that field becomes easier for them. In the highly paid jobs, promotion always depends on the quality of work that the candidate is providing. I you are eligible you can easily get a job in any of the cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, etc, in South Africa.

  • Petroleum Engineers: This is a field which requires a lot of dedication towards work and along with this, a candidate should hold a masters degree that can help him to get promoted or enjoy a revised salary on a yearly basis. The average amount that a person can earn in this profession is $ 81,800 per year.
  • Air Traffic Controllers: There might be a few people who consider this profession as their line of work. This occupation also requires lot of devotion and some experience in the same field. Most of the companies opt for those candidates who have prior experience in this field and offer good pay scale around $ 83,350 per year.
  • Computer and Information Systems Mangers: This is a field where people need to have good experience in the field of Information Technology and computers. On an average, if the candidate has experience of four to five years, in this line of work an organization can easily offer him a starting salary package of $ 83,890 per year. Depending on the capability, performance and quality, people can get promoted and will also be proffered an increase in salary.
  • Lawyers: This profession is considered good as here people get paid for their abilities. If a candidate has been practicing for three to four years, he can easily work under a reputed and recognized name. The starting salary package of a lawyer can vary from $ 91,920 to $ 95,000.
  • Airline Pilots, Co-Pilots and Flight Engineers: This is a field where a candidate needs to spend some time in education and training, but once a person is done with these two aspects, he can easily get a job in this industry and get highly paid for different posts starting with a salary package of $ 99,400 and above.

Apart from these, professional athletes, actors, film directors, computer programmers and even Bank employees get highly paid in their profession,if they are well versed in their field. These are some of the highly paid jobs that people can opt for in order to have a bright future. So, if you also wish to boost your career, make sure you do some research and opt for the best career prospect.

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yash 3 years ago

on average a neurosurgeon earns 110 000 a month

Kamogelo 4 years ago

What about industrial nuclear chemist and physicists, I ‘am earning R75000.00 per month after deduction and I’ve only been working for 3 years.

wonder 4 years ago

what about economists

Voiç 5 years ago

Geez 35grand. So you earn close to actuaries?

kenny 5 years ago

Also computer scientists earn too much...my starting salary in BMW was R35000 and after 3 years i doubled the salary to R70000 plus benefits...im a snr.software engineer.

Kash 5 years ago

Engineers are the highest paid followed by chartered accountants.

Sne nkabane 5 years ago

Im shocked abt de lawers dat der r de highly paid in south africa...

mr skill 5 years ago

i could'nt agree more with those saying that the most earning carrers are CA's and actuaries

Precious 5 years ago

I would like to be a customer service but, I would like to work here in Gauteng

Rammy 5 years ago

that's not true about the rating and the professions. business Developers are the way to go>. sure Lawyers and engineers are on top

Sceptre 5 years ago

South Africa is awesome, come by you'll get addicted in no time.

marcia 5 years ago

Thnx a lot for th info guyz now I'm quit clued up about th job availability in SA. A proud mzansi gal

Alfred mat 5 years ago

thnx.i really found dat useful.am zimbbwn who aspires to work in sa.jus doin my A-Level so hev 2 decide e subjctz 2 tek ryt nw(sciencesphyscz or biology thus engeneering or medicine.wat shud i tek?

moa 5 years ago

Actually actuaries are the highly paid

kiki 5 years ago

thnx a lot bout the info nd id lyk to say m proud of being a south african citizen. to my people id like to ask where can i get an internship in the information technology indusry? because i have been applying everywhere and i dont get any luck. your help will be highly apppreciated

Tman 6 years ago

Engineers are highly paid...period

Sisi 6 years ago

Thanks a lot people for the great and valuable information. Lots of people. I'd like to knw about lawyerz of industries and where to study?

Questionable 6 years ago

I have a lawyer friend who is constantly bitching about how little he earns. I am a qualified engineer and know first hand that the Salaries in all other parts of SA than Gauteng are in serious need of revision. Cost of living (other than rental and housing) is pretty level wherever you go - The grass isn't always greener - look at what you have and how you can make it better than always looking at what is next.

Sim 6 years ago

...I'm not sure where they're getting their information, but lawyers in South Africa earn nowhere near as much as stipulated here. Also, the employment rate is not considered good... yet many capable graduates are struggling to find work.

lucky tshikumbana,univen 6 years ago

yes you are right lawyers are making lot and lot of monies,not domino invito but in a respectable manner.keep on jurists keep on

Talent 6 years ago

Thank you for the information I believe those deciding to go the university or college and those intending to come down to SA will be helped by it.keep up the good work

Michelle 6 years ago

Missing from the list is Chartered Accountants, Actuaries and management consultants

sanele 6 years ago

I can see the economy is growing but let invest 30% of them in education so we cannot employ peole from other coutries, because of shortage of skills in SOUTH AFRICA

AuntySa profile image

AuntySa 6 years ago from Austalia

Good to see a positive hub about South Africa, it is a wonderful country. Been on holiday a few times and your photos of Cape Town brought back some great memories, thanks.

BOB 6 years ago


Nhlakanipho 6 years ago

Haai there.I'm very proud for 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP to be here.I will never forget this year in my life (2010).2010 FIFA WORLD CUP feel it, it is here, only 18 days left.Are you ready?.Only I can say that prepare your Vuvuzela,Bafana Bafana T-shirt (jersey) and South African flag.2010 is the year of South Africa.Sharp. 2010 2010 2010!!!.

sinazo 6 years ago

it's a gud thing that we are informed about the the best paying jobs .

drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Thank you, Sun Seven, for an interesting and positive hub about South Africa.

I also learned from the video you included that there are 11 official languages in South Africa - a really polylingual country.

ocbill profile image

ocbill 6 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

Thanks you for the information. I didn't realize their employment rate as high.

H P Roychoudhury profile image

H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

Great to know the job probability in South Africa. Thanks.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thank you SevenSun for a very informative and educational job hub. Thank you for sharing it. Godspeed. creativeone59

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