Best Ways To Look And Find A Job

Best Ways To Look For Jobs

 Ways to find jobs

Looking for jobs is something that becomes harder in an economic climate of recent years, but there are some great ways to look for jobs and the key is being resourceful in your job seeking approach and having your eyes wide open to the many jobs that are offered almost daily anywhere.

One of the better ways now of looking for jobs is online, there are numerous sites now, were you can upload your CV and a few clicks of your mouse or touch pad on what jobs you are looking for and then you get sent whatever jobs are available in that job market, which is ideal for the busy job hunter who might also write spec letters and job applications quite regularly too.

Sites like Monster, Totaljobs, Jobsite all have one thing in common, they are there to help you find a job, your approach to applying for the jobs that you find is a personal one and one you approach in your own way, whether it is an effective job application or not, you are and will be competing with other people for the job, so make yourself stand out with your resume and attitude.

Other than looking online you may have jobshops that have specific jobs and roles that are available and these job shops are also linked to agencies that hold temporary positions as well as ongoing work too, so look for these in your local yellow pages or business directory, you never know what jobs you might uncover, of course the immigrants might have got there first, but it's always worth a try.

Shop windows might advertise a job offer, this is one way of job hunting that may require a network to find it for you, such as friends and family, as you really need to keep your eyes peeled for these types of opportunities as they are few and far between and as they might not be advertised through proper job shops to save money, there could be a chance that there won't be that many people applying for it, so look for these shop signs or job notices.

Newspapers are still an effective way of seeing any jobs, even though the newspapers may be a dying publication, still people do buy the newspapers for them to be still in print and circulation so check the jobs sections in them to find any new jobs, this is still one of the best ways to find local jobs in your town, so do this weekly to keep up with new jobs that arise.

Asking around may be a good option, visiting the companies in person if you are dressed smartly and have the right attitude it could land you a job, although there are some disadvantages to this like there may not be any work and you may feel daft at first begging for a job, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. By contacting employers directly face to face you build up your confidence and you get to know different employers and also it's good to organize what you have done for your job search and who you have contacted, so that you can track back if there are any jobs in the future, for instance if you've previously contacted an employer and there was no jobs, but in a few months a job arises, then you may already have your foot in the door by leaving your resume with them on the first visit.

Plus they might remember you for having the guts to approach them scouting for work, so they may feel more comfortable in offering you work there and then or on a trial basis.

Job hunting requires a certain amount of persistence, but it's worth it in the end when you do eventually get that job.

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Marcy Goodfleisch 4 years ago from Planet Earth

Interesting hub! I write about employment issues, too - I'm glad to meet you here!

Rogelio Necca 4 years ago

hello friend am roger necca Matses Indian student, happy to get in touch,,,,,,

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