"Black Hat" Techniques to Receive Quick Internet Marketing Results

Black hat tactics
Black hat tactics

What are "Black-Hat-Tactics"?

Black hat tactics are techniques known by everyone as being either "unethical" or "illegal". These tactics I'm about to show you are far from illegal, but can be considered unethical to many. These black hat tactics are for those who have web sites they aren't too serious about establishing. This means they are willing to sacrifice their positioning in search engine rankings in order to claim to quicker dollar.

There's nothing wrong with trying to establish a great business online the traditional way, but for some it may take too long. It could take weeks, months, even years to get top search engine rankings, but with black hat tactics, the money seems to flow smoothly, quite fast. It all comes down to 2 questions that you will have to ask yourself. "Do I wanna wait for the long lasting results" OR "Am I caught up in Instant Gratification"? If you can comfortably answer question #2, then Black hat tactics are for you.

What is Link Farming?

In the Internet world of black hat tactics, link farming is considered to be one of the tactics. Link farming consists of building links on directories that all link to one another. This will certainly get your web site removed from search engine results. This will not be a successful tactic if you try using it for search engine optimization and will find yourself very disappointed. So why would you want to use link farming black hat tactics?

Link farming can bring you good, targeted traffic if used properly. Because you have no hope for search engine optimization, you might as well get as much traffic as you can from your efforts. Link farming with the right web sites will bring you targeted traffic that may become lifetime customers. That's the whole purpose of black hat tactics. Black hat tactics are used to bring quick, reliable visitors to your web site in an attempt to generate sales, build your mailing list, and more. Link farming does exactly that for you.

What is Interlinking?

Interlinking is one of the more difficult tactics for search engines to identify. Because your site will eventually get banned from the search engines using this tactic, it should only be used by those who are using it solely to increase sales and mailing lists. Basically its for those who are looking for instant gratification. I mean, that's the whole purpose of black hat tactics.

Black hat tactics can be difficult, as with interlinking. I couldn't give a true definition of this technique if I wanted to because its a complicated procedure. I wouldn't wanna give the search engines a hard time, plus I have no idea how to use this technique. You may find some helpful information on the Internet on this evil, but profitable tactic.

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