Blogging Dads A Look At A Work At Home Dad Schedule


Blogging Distractions: Managing Family and Work

I made a drive from Maryland the other day to spend a week with the family in Massachusetts. After dinner and "family time" I tried to get my daily blog chores done. I quickly realized that I'd forgotten how hard it can be to work at home while surrounded by the family.

It's pretty lonely down in Maryland but one thing that it does afford me is the chance to keep blogging and blogging to my heart's content.

My Family Video On A Work At Home Schedule

Keys To The Work At Home Schedule

1. Ensure that you have an understanding of the family operational tempo, events, appointments and how they operate on a daily basis.

2. Make your schedule after you have input all the significant events into it, to include recreation (gym, family time, ballgames, etc.)

3. Publish the schedule. Have a family meeting and make sure that everyone knows the next week's or month's work and play schedule. If need be, place it on a dry erase board where everyone in the house can see it.

A Schedule Is Paramount To Blogging Success

Whether you blog as a hobby, or it's your main source of income as a work at home parent, then you need to ensure that everything operates in perfect harmony.

By balancing the work schedule, recreation and family time you will enjoy a higher chance or success and harmony in the blogging and family life.

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