Make Money Online (MMO) As A Work At Home Dad

And, here we go again...again!
And, here we go again...again! | Source

Not Every MMO eBook Is The Same

Being able to stay at home and make money online (MMO) consistently is the important part about the job. Sounds evident, right? Well, all too often dads will decide to begin working from the house without having any real plan. They saw this web ad, you see. It promised them thousands of dollars in a limited amount of time. The ad says anyone could do it. So dad does a little preliminary research on a landing page that is pyschologically designed to get them pay at the end.

But then it doesn't work. Or, it does work but the "secret" that this method releases is the same old, regurgitated information that everyone already knows.

Here are the highlights of that (tsk, tsk) "get rich" quick system:

  • Start A Niche Blog
  • Become an afffiliate of products in that niche
  • Monetize Your blog
  • Develp A Mailing List
  • Add Fresh Content to the Blog
  • Get traffic
  • Make money

These are all great tips. Everyone already knows this stuff, though. The best eBooks or programs that tell you how to make money onlinie are actually the ones that also "SHOW" you how to do it.

Get One eBook For Everything You'll Need

Here are the typesof eBooks I recommend getting for your MMO endeavors.

Types of eBooks You'll Need For MMO

  1. Setting Up a Blog | BlogWars!

  2. Monetizing A Blog | YaroStarak's Blog Profits Blueprint

  3. Writing for SEO | Lots of good info at Mequoda

  4. Backlinks for Sites| Jim Hagerman is a pro at building backlinks.

  5. Creating a Mailing List| Go back to YaroStarak's Blueprint for this one as well.

If these don't suit you, don't worry you can find some different ones online. Just go to Google (or a search engine of your choice) and type in "free eBook, <insert bold subject from above here> Example: "free ebook, monetizing a blog" It'll be easy to find a bunch on each of the subjects.

My Personal Disclaimer

None of the eBooks I just pushed, or the people who wrote them, encourage any kind of "shady" black hat type of search enigne espionage. I hate that type of stuff, personally. I think "black hat tactics" belongs to the world of 18 year old bloggers writing about porn and electronic cigarettes in their mother's basements.

If you can't rank organically (naturally-with hard work by posting content, building natural backlink on other blogs and forums, and working your a$$ off then you shouldn't be allowed to blog or make money online. Don't get me wrong, I believe in SEO and I crave more knowledge about it. You know what makes me hate "black hat tactics" the most? SPAM COMMENTS! I hate them! Ugh...that's another Hub, though.

As work at home dads I feel that we have more of a responsibility to do things ethically than others. I would never want to teach my daughters and son that is okay to get ahead at anything by cheating. What about you?

Anywho, there's my list of eBooks that you'll need to make money online for you blogging dads out there. Stay cool-

Blogging Dude Out!

PS-For a really great series on making money blogging, check out fellow hubber, bendo13

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As Always...Please Let Me Have Some Feedback! 2 comments

chrisinhawaii 4 years ago

Hey there Mr. Ken,

As a fellow work-from-home dad, I'm diggin' your MMO content. I'm gonna go check out those ebooks after this, since I'm just getting started as a freelancer, too. I'm just wondering, is the info in those books still solid ever since Google changed the rules of the game last year (Panda)? I'm still learning about SEO and Panda and all that, so I just don't wanna go on a wild goose chase learning outdated methods.

Okay then, keep writing and posting. And Ken, just in case none of us civilians told you this today...thanks for your service! You are appreciated.

Aloha, Chris

kmuise profile image

kmuise 4 years ago from Laurel, MD and Bedford, MA Author


Thanks very much for saying so! I would say that #2 and #5 are still solid. #3 is trustworthy because Mequoda keeps adding all kinds of cool little books and white pages and SEO hasn't changed that's just gotten more important. #2 The backlinks thing is really outdated. And I would probably find another...Pat at has a new post about the backlinking that he does and he is one of the brightest around.

#1...pretty old and outdated...and it's mine so you know I'm being honest. I finishing up another ebook and will replace that one eventually.

Again...thanks and ALOHA!

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