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Businesses can use blogs quite effectively!

Everyone seems to want a blog these days. From the largest of companies using them to talk to their customers directly to the individual with a particular interest in three different subjects, and having a blog to address each one of the three.

Businesses can use blogs quite effectively and can link them directly to their social media web pagers. The trick is to get people interested in reading the blog. What will your blog cover? You may need to have several that each addresses a different issue within your company’s vision or mission statement.

If you have a light bulb company, for example, you might want to have a blog that allows your customers and even the general public to share their ideas and suggestions with you. Customer suggestions can be a tricky thing because you need to answer their ideas in a sensitive manner so if you allow comments, be prepared to monitor them and remove the inappropriate ones and address those that might require a return comment.

A blog can be simply a way for you to share news of your company with the world, or it can be a place where you write about your products. The light bulb company might have a blog that addresses different types of bulb and their uses. Create a blog every week that talks about a different bulb. You can also share new innovations and what the company is working on in the way of improved products where the information is allowed to be shared with the public.

Blogs can be a terrific way to add depth to your social media pages. It gives those that visit a reason to return to your page. If you create a new blog entry every few days or even once per week, readers will know that they can return to your pages to see what’s new.

Blogs are a good way to share information with those in your niche target market and it will bring their attention your way. Seeing information in print also makes you appear to be an expert in your field, which is helpful if you are just getting started in a business venture.

If you do create a blog on your social media site, make sure that you are committed to maintaining it. It will have to be updated with fresh material often. If you allow comments, it might be wise to have someone assigned to the monitoring of the site so any inappropriate wording or negativity that you don’t wish to be on your site can be immediately removed.

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feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago


This hub is particularly useful for me.

Although I have been blogging for about 10 years, I have never had my own blogsite. However, in the very near future, I am going to set one up -- and this post provided me with some very good guidance.

Thank you.

ShaamCA profile image

ShaamCA 4 years ago from India

I have a blog just created for fun but not maintained it properly will try to make use of it

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