Building My Brand on Social Media

Finding My Root Reasons for Sharing

I began to build a business as a consultant for an essential oils company because I felt really moved by their products. Then something unexpected happened. After being established on the web for many years which represented hours and hours of work, I found out that I had no authority to share my story about what I had experienced. I was faced with the reality that I had worked for years on sharing my stories and not only had I needed to find all the places I had shared about the products that changed my situations for the better, but I had to erase all of them or loose my account in the company and not be entitled to purchase from them any more. Needless to say, it was an overwhelming decision, but regardless, I had to make it quickly or have my account remain frozen until it was completed.

It was then that I was face to face with the reality that I had a well established brand name that had a constant list of new people who had subscribed to my monthly newsletter and I now had no product line to share about my personal experience with anymore. I could do one of two things, one, throw in the towel and feel bitter about my whole experience of dealing with such a tough break, or two, see it as the Heavens opening up and pouring me out a blessing I had not room enough to receive. If you know me, you know that number two was my choice.

I now had to find a new title to call myself. It took me some time to find my way through the tailspin I felt I was in, and so I turned to keeping a journal. . That is when my head cleared and I saw all the great possibilities.

I finished my certification for Hypnotherapy and I am still working on 5 more certifications in the same field but instead of just wanting to be confined to that field, I opened up my talents to the world in the form of what I now identify myself as a Facilitator of Creativity. ' What is that?!', you may be thinking, my answer is that I have been blessed with the talents to always come up with a new perspective, one people usually are unaware of. I know this is true because I have 9 children and I have been married twice before this and I know I think way outside the box where miracles float and am always blessed with access to them, when others choose to throw in the towel, or run and hide in a closet when the going get rough. Life is hard in the real world, but what if what you think is the real world is only what you are choosing for yourself at this time because you cannot see a better way? Thus you see the need for my skills as a Facilitator of Creativity.

Choosing What Social Media Sites to Share On

I love the ease that Google Plus has for sharing on their site so much more than on Facebook
I love the ease that Google Plus has for sharing on their site so much more than on Facebook | Source

I am in L-O-V-E with Google!

There are so many opportunities to get all your connections on Google. YouTube is connected to Google, and it makes it so easy to watch a video and post it automatically on your timeline. You are able to get a free blog and then every time you write on it you can share it on your page. And people look at your pages, let me tell you! I had created 3 pages 2 years ago and forgot about them while I was busy with a newborn and 2 small children, buying a house, hand sewing clothes, crocheting purses, cleaning, cooking, well, you know all the work that comes from not only being alive these days, but also just the mere fact that I am a mother! So I finally googled myself the other day and remembered that those pages were there when they were listed in the first 9 links that was me. So when I clicked on them I found that one was visited over 11,000 times, another had 12,000 visitors and the third was visited over 26,000 times over the last two years! And that is with only one post on each of them! It that is not enough to get you motivated, I don't know what is! Now that is just my pages. My profile has been seen by over 52,000 people and I do not post on it monthly. Realizing this has been a great loss for me and now has lit a fire under my feet to get me moving, is an understatement! I plan to really connect with the people on Google weekly, if not daily because it is so easy to slap a photo up on those pages, talk about it and then go and connect links from them onto my Google profile, no sweat! And as soon as I find the easiest way to get over my stage fright I will begin to make videos on Youtube that inform others of my creativity facilitating services and even do a couple of classes on hangouts! Actually, you can do a hangout, tape the whole thing and slap it on Youtube in one swipe! How's that for efficiency!!!!

Watch out or the Google Love bug will bite you next!

Using Other Social Media Sites

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest , Twitter and Linkedin, but that is only because I believe that it is important to create a web on the internet and connect with people and share with them your light and fire for what you do and how you see life. Some people are afraid of becoming well-known, but I believe that I am meant to share what life has taught me and I refuse to focus on the bad. Sure, bad things have happened in my life, but I have always relied on God to see me through and that is not going to change. I use good sense on the web and if I get the vibe that someone is being dishonest with me about their intentions I simple either don't respond to them or I block them. It is easy to follow the safety guidelines each site has set up for us too.

Connecting My Social Media Sites to My Etsy Store

This is the only item I have in my store right now, but so much more is coming!
This is the only item I have in my store right now, but so much more is coming! | Source

Etsy is the Place to Sell

I love Etsy, even though it has taken me some time to get the hang of selling on their site, I still know that there is great potential for achieving success in sales of my original creations there. Another reason I love ithem so much is because it is so easy to connect all your Social Media Sites to them. Google likes to verify your website before they will list you publicly and I like that security. I sold a couple of things in my store, back when I was a distributor for that oil company, but since then it has taken me some time to figure out what I wanted to create for others to buy. I have since come up with a whole list of therapeutic classes to help others overcome their fears of life and creativity and am looking forward to serving others with my classes on seeing life through a fresh perspective, one that has pulled me through, time after time. And it only costs 5 cents a moth to list your item, but they do change you 20 cents for four months, still I like saying it is just 5 cents a month to get my item in front of their audience and it saves me the great hardship of trying to set up a website, or a Facebook store and figure it all out! I simply do not have that kind of time, I have realized after struggling to figure it out for the past 4 years!

Release Your Inner Tiger and Bloom Where You Are Planted!


I Have Lots of Dirty Little Secrets --No I Mean Short Cuts I Have Learned from Using All the Different Social Media Sites

I was 41 years old and I got banned for 6 months from Google because I did not know how to share on my profile and was trying to share my information in the communities I was a part of because I did not know any better. That six months taught me a lot! There are tricks to using every site and I plan on creating a class that will go along with this topic soon for those of you who are new to all of this social media business. It will be a course very different from anything out there because I will include ways to connect with your subconscious and uncover your fears and will give tools that I use to move past the boulders of fear that sometimes are buried deep with in us that we wonder why we are not experiencing success like everyone else around us. After all , that is what a Creativity Facilitator is capable of doing!

Hope this article was helpful for you and that we can connect soon!

Best Wishes!

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Kathleen Kerswig 17 months ago

I want to congratulate you on learning from your experience. Some people would have thrown their hands up in the air and given up completely. Instead, you chose to learn more and shift your way of getting your message out to the public. The best part about all of this is that you have a desire to help others in the process. Kudos to you! Blessings!

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 17 months ago from Houston, Texas

I agree with what Kathleen Kerswig wrote. The good thing about making mistakes is that we can learn from them and keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing your original art with us. That Tiger Love image is cute, whimsical and colorful.

ruoiled profile image

ruoiled 17 months ago from On Etsy as Ruoiled, in Purdys, NY Author

Thank you both, Kathleen and Peggy, for your encouragement and support! I wish you the best!

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