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To start with I would like to tell you who exactly are these Business Coaches. In today’s world, we all know, the pace of shifts is faster than ever. The changes are brisk. The perspective of people is revolutionizing. Small Businesses are augmenting like never before. So is it that all the prevailing well-known businesses were successful as they started? Or are the emerging small businesses well prepared to be successful?

This is where the need for a Business Coach arises. Business Coach is someone who coaches the business owner on how to run the business smoothly. He mentors on what steps to take for the business to burgeon in an apt way. Business coach will manoeuvre the path for Sales, Advertising & Marketing, Management, Recruitment, Personal Relations and most of the aspects of any business small or big. A Business Coach will give an approach to a start-up and a different vision to an emerging business.


Let’s gauge who should hire a Business Coach. Are you a small business? Do you have a business idea that you want to start-up with but no clue how to? Are you a big company unable to deal with the new marketing techniques? Did you read of emerging trends for profitable business and don’t know how to go for it? All of you can have one solution, the easy and affordable solution, hiring a Business Coach.


It’s true that in today’s fiscal stagnation, many have called for bankruptcy, many are laying-off employees and many are not ready to risk new businesses. A Business Coach is a problem solver and will analyse if you really have to call for bankruptcy, lay-off employees or start new business or not. He will set a business paradigm for you. A Business coach will not straightway tell people what to do; he will find a procedure wherein people would find out what to do.

As the realm of business is evolving faster and getting more competitive, a Business Coach will not only steer time for your business but will also come with a new vista. You will get a direction on how to develop your business in a potent way to be successful. They say, in the business world, that a Business Coach can increase you revenues up to 20%. A Business Coach focuses on amplifying profitability and probability.

A Business Coach will first create a scheme for your business and for you. If you already have a first-rate plan, you’ll be guided on how to make this plan efficacious. Next, various departments of your office will be analysed. Which department will work in what ways, what changes need to be done, what are the goals and how to achieve the goals; will be decided by a Business Coach. Recruitment is essential in any business. A business coach, will train the Recruitment department on various methods of hiring people. Team leading tactics will not be left behind. A Business Coach will help any business to boost sales, aid esprit-de-corps, embellish output and polished quality.

Many of us are unable to apportion time for tasks to be completed before deadlines. We sometimes take lots of time on one particular task and then realise that too less time is left for completion. This happens all the time leaving us feel not very positive on our time management skills. A Business Coach will measure time based goals with rectified time management strategies.

Lastly, you run your business with ease and balancing you personal space too.

Almost everything about a Business Coach looks good. So are there any cons to it? YES! Well who doesn’t have drawbacks? There are possibilities of conflicts between you and the coach. You might not agree with everything that a Business Coach says. You might have your own idea/plan. Small businesses or start-ups might not be able to afford the Business coach’s fees. But these are very petite things to consider as cons.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your business a boost with a Business coach.

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Jyoti Patil profile image

Jyoti Patil 4 years ago from Mumbai Author

Yes Lefebvre, doing nothing equals nothing. And Business Coach can always be a good option to kickstart your business or for smooth sailing too.

R. J. Lefebvre 4 years ago


All of us can benifit from people who have much experience in how to operate our business or lifestyle. True, there is always a chance of hiring someone less than desired, but doing nothing equals nothing. Live and learn is the key to success.


Jyoti Patil profile image

Jyoti Patil 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

hey Business Time, thnx a lot for liking it!

BusinessTime profile image

BusinessTime 5 years ago from Twin Cities

I have a friend who is a business coach -- thanks to this hub, I understand a lot more about what she actually does! Thanks for the information.

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