Business Restroom Hygiene: Sanitary Bins

Businesses in which the public tend to frequently use the restrooms may be concerned about the cleanliness of these often problematic rooms. A dirty restroom reflects poorly on the business. No one wants to eat at a restaurant where the restrooms are disgusting. Sanitary bins are hygiene supplies to help keep the women's restrooms clean. The ideal sanitary bins are easy to clean, are not too large, and are discrete.

A sanitary bin may be attached to the wall or be placed on the floor near the toilet. The bins help promote sanitary conditions in the restroom by providing convenient disposal of used feminine products. Providing bins is not the complete solution for sanitary bathrooms, but clean bins with convenient placement is one step towards keeping restrooms clean.

Having a convenient bin can discourage the woman from flushing feminine hygiene products down the toilet which can cause plumbing problems. Though paying for bins may be looked at as an unnecessary expense, buying a sanitary bin can save a considerable amount of money compared to paying for plumbers to fix toilets after feminine hygiene products have been flushed.

Traditional plastic or metal bins hold paper liners for quick and easy disposal of the contents. The person who cleans the bathroom can lift up the liners, dispose the contents, and replace the liner with a new one. The units that are attached to the walls or metal stalls in the restroom can be difficult to empty and clean without such paper liners. Frequent disposal and cleaning are absolutely necessary to maintain a clean restroom.

One problem with traditional bins is that the users are exposed to the disposed pads and tampons when they put their used feminine products into the bin. This is unsightly and not very sanitary. Newer versions of feminine hygiene product disposal bins eliminate this problem by not having the hinged lids that traditional bins have.

Though a sanitary bin may be nothing more than a small, narrow plastic or metal trashcan, some units are much more sophisticated. A modern bin may contain sanitizing and deodorizing granules to help kill germs and control odor. Some bins have motion sensors so that the woman can pass her hand over the unit to trigger it to open. This is much more sanitary than having the lid of the unit touched over and over again.

Other restroom accessories that help keep the restroom clean and provide convenience for the patrons are baby changing stations, hot air hand drying units, motion detecting faucets, and trashcans. Keeping the floors and toilets clean is a very important part of restroom hygiene. Sanitary bins are not a complete solution for restroom maintenance, but rather an integral part of the necessary components to promote the cleanliness of the restroom.

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