Cubic Meter Also Called CBM.

If you doing business or dealing with job or you want to ship something the knowledge about the CBM is most important for you. I see most of the Business Peoples or others they don’t know how to calculate the CBM. They let them others how they calculate for you. Others may calculate favoring their business. You can save much money if you know how to calculate it.

It will be better if we discuss with an example. Suppose you want to ship 50 cartons each carton size is

Height 20cm

Width 30cm

Length 40cm



1st STEP:

Must know the formula to calculate CBM is as under

CBM = W x H x L






2Nd Step:

Please be remember the W, H, L, must be in Meter. If it’s not in meter need convert in the meter. In our example the W, H, L is in cm so according to international standard 1 Meter is equal to 100cm. so we need to divide by 100 to get result in Meter.

Height 20 cm = 20/100 = 0.20 M

Width 30 cm = 30/100 = 0.30 M

Length 40 cm = 40/100 = 0.40 M

TIP: If you have measurement in CM and need to convert it to Meter the easiest way to move 2 decimal places. 20 CM after moving 2 decimal it will become 0.20 M.



3rd Step:

Now put values in the formula:

CBM = W x H x L

CBM = 0.20 X 0.30 X 0.40 = 0.024 CBM

So now your 1 Carton is equal to 0.024 CBM. It also means that your 1 carton will occupy 0.024 CBM space.



4th and Final Step:

If 1 carton will occupy 0.024 CBM the 50 cartons will occupy:

0.024 x 50 = 1.2CBM

That it, now you know that your total volume of shipment in Cubic Meter is 1.2 CBM.

Hope it will be helpful for you.

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Mili 6 years ago


Abdul Azeem 6 years ago

Really Thanks a lot.. i was stuck in it :) thumbs up

student 6 years ago


how to calculate if it is: 550mm x 180mm x 205mm = ?

550/100= 5.5

180/100= 1.8

205/100= 2.05

i am confused here

Lakshman 6 years ago

Thank you

Lakshman 6 years ago

calculation of CBM if it is: 550mm x 180mm x 205mm

Convert the above to cm i.e 55 x 18 x 20.5cm

55/100= 0.55

18/100= 0.18

20.5/100= 0.205

Now CBM = 0.55x0.18x0.205 = 0.0203 CMB

Miriama 5 years ago

Very helpful, thanks a lot :))

natubhai 5 years ago

fine and helpful

Usman 5 years ago

Jazakallah Khair (Allah Gives you Reward)

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venkat 5 years ago

Pls advice if any short cut to find cbm

anju  5 years ago

its very helpful, thanks.

mangyst 5 years ago

Tank you. Very helpful theme. O4en' poleznya tema )))

velmurugan 5 years ago

Its very simple and nice method. Thaks a lot

mohamedjavith 5 years ago

thanks a lot.before i saw ur website i don't know about cbm.but now i know very well about cbm.thanks for every one


it is very very helpful to study

Tony Aransiola From Lagos Nigeria 5 years ago

Your method of Teaching is the simplest and universaly perfect, unlike others. You made my Day.

santosh 5 years ago


sam 5 years ago

thanks very much !! so helpful

Veens 5 years ago

Thanks for your informations

murshid 4 years ago

plese help us

because we have only the figure of (cargo/pipes)length and diameeter only. so how we can convert to cbm ?

julie 4 years ago

very nice easy to calculate.

thanks a lot

one more enquiry kindly give the cal detalis for

meter to cbm

Asif Munir 4 years ago

Its really really helpful . Thanx

Iswhar 4 years ago

Your method of Teaching is the simplest and universaly perfect, unlike others. You made my Day.

Thank you so much ....^-^

sudhakar 4 years ago

thanks for your ser

tannalot269 4 years ago

calculation of CBM if it is: 550mm x 180mm x 205mm

Convert the above mm to cm;

(550 x 180 x 205)/1000 = 20295 cm

You can also apply;

(55 x 18 x 20.5)/ 1000000 = 0.020295 cmb

Mahesh 4 years ago

If dimenssions is in feet & inches then how to calculate

SYED 4 years ago


Muhammad Atique 4 years ago

This is the simplest formula that I've found for cmb calculation.

if you divide cms seperately then you've to do this by dividing on 100 and when your are doing it cumulative then do it by 1000000......

tapas 4 years ago


Adnan 4 years ago

At the time of placing the order of spare parts, system show the Total CBM is 561,772.94, so what is the mean of this ? the total net weight of part is approx 245kgs.

Jehangir khan 4 years ago

thanks a lot my dear

ayoub dubai 4 years ago

i have question

we have 1600 kg and 9.5 cbm

ratio of sea : 1 cbm is by $ 100

so what is volumitric weight of sea ?

ratio of air : 1 kg is by $ 0.9

so what is v w of air ?

deepak 4 years ago

very help full my business

deepak 4 years ago

very helpful

Bushra Batool 4 years ago

help full for my business

rumme 4 years ago

easy method.

many thanks.

Rakesh 4 years ago

i want to calculate a tank capacity in cubic meters. The length is 9 meter, width one end it is 8 meter the other end it is 2 meter, and the height is 2.5 meter. how to calculate the cbm ? plz help and if possible plz send to

Manoj 4 years ago

Very Easily Define

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Ibrahim 4 years ago

how to calculate the following into cbm

213.36cm x 106.68cm x 177.8 cm

Ms Honey 4 years ago

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GAMENTKHAN 4 years ago

Really Hats off.,

Jehangir Butt 4 years ago

I have Question.

460 cartons


how we calculate per carton cbm

Kawsar 4 years ago

Really help full for me, Thanks

nishan 4 years ago

i prefer the below way of calculation-

55 x .01 x 18 x .01 x 20.5 x .01= 0.020295 cbm

mani 3 years ago

really help us

wilson 3 years ago

your teaching method is very good and it is very helpful.thanks

zzeeshan 3 years ago

w=17inch L=29inch H=13inch plz tell me what is the cbm conform

tushar 3 years ago

ples solution

Amanat 3 years ago

It is very easy system.Thank you very much.

Amanat 3 years ago

You teach the hard things in a very easy system.Thanks a lot.

Amanat 3 years ago

You teach the hard things in a very easy system.Thanks a lot.

Malik 3 years ago

Thanks a lot!! Surely helped.

suresh kumar 3 years ago

how to calculate break bulk and project cargo

Jony 3 years ago

How can i measure CBM to kg in a cartoon.

suppose one cartoon measurement 60*40*12. how many kgs goods capacity in this cartoon. how can i measure it please tell me.

shaf 3 years ago

how to calculate the CBM of a PipeBend

azhar 3 years ago

i have getten knowledge how calculates CBM

Faha 3 years ago

Thanks for Idea. Its very eusy to solution.

Dale 3 years ago

Thanks, I'm relaxed cos your explanation is quite simple to understand.

Naresh Pant 3 years ago

Pls advise 05 Carton and 1.20 CBM then Pls advise how many KGS

Nizam 3 years ago

how can i calculate a CBM from feet (i.e 8x1x20) for a commercial vehicle?

dolapo 3 years ago

i love your explanation on topics. its always very simple to understand.

Jolly 3 years ago

You copied it from our website, you sick loser

AWAIS ZAIDI 3 years ago




16 X 12 X 12 / 1728 / 35.3 = 0.038

Q #




Best Regards,


Computer Operator

(Garments Division)

# +92-303-7572600

Ashfaque 3 years ago

Its method is very helpful

otim osbert 3 years ago

Thanks very helpful,a few months back was stuck over that with ma uncle

ARS 3 years ago

Awais bhai 16 x 12 x 12 this is inches, inches ko convert karne ke ley 1728 use kare.

Shakeel Ahmad 3 years ago


If we calculate cbm and dimesion is in cm thn we we calculate as LXWXH/1000000X total cartons

and if we have dimension in inches thn we calculate as

LXWXH/61024* no of total cartons

Shakeel Ahmad 3 years ago

awaiz bhai ap khd b calculate kar saktey hain. dakhain agr ap k pas jo cartons hain un ki dimension agr inches me ho ya c,m me ho, upr jo formula bataya he ap us se help le saktey.

naersh 3 years ago

how to convert 2.5 CBM to KG

nv patel 3 years ago


shailesh 3 years ago

if 460 cartoons cbm ..i..e 60 cbm so one cartoon....460/60= 7.666 cbm

Ismail 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for this important information

Victoria 3 years ago

Hi. Im struggling.

We have just been posted abroad and been told we are allowed 9cubic meters fpr shipping space. What is this in W.Lengh and height xxx



Basit Malik,,, China 2 years ago

So beautiful and easyway to learn ,, thank you very much,,, 2 years ago

Really very happy to know this.

I am very much thank to you

umar hammad 2 years ago

thanks its very helpful for me

ali 2 years ago

Its rly helpful...


Anayo nwa 2 years ago

So excited knowing how to measure CBM via this site.I bought curtain material of 50rolls and was afraid shipping it to nigeria due I was advice to air freight them, 1roll is about 36kg.I quickely measure the CBM and the cost of shipment became less for me.Thanks .

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Shihabuddeen A 2 years ago

thank u very much.....

Rehan Hussain Shahid 2 years ago

Thanks for this

Chosunmate 2 years ago

This surely is a gem of knowledge that is useful for my newfound affair with export-import business:)

thanu 2 years ago

the airlines giving dimensions like this

110x80x120 , in this which is height, width and length.


Thampi 2 years ago

Could you please let me know the cbm of PIPE (WIDTH= 0.78M) (LENGTH.MTRS = 20M) (THICKNESS = 16MM)

tires 2 years ago

if we know only Diameter 192 and width 75 how can calculate CBM? Thanks in advance.

g.manjunatha 2 years ago

very helpful.

SiDDhi... 2 years ago

Thanks its very helpful for me....

CS. Naimish 2 years ago

is article let us learn Calculation of CBM under LCL sea shipment. Why to measure LCL shipment? How to calculate volume of cargo under sea LCL shipment? What is the importance of calculation of volume of cargo under LCL shipment?

Calculating volume of cargo is a common subject for all exporters and other shipping related companies. If cargo is Full Container Load (FCL), the freight charge is for full container load basis. But if the cargo is a Less Container Load (LCL), normally a freight forwarder charges freight on the basis of volume of cargo. A freight forwarder charges freight on the basis of CBM. How to calculate CBM in LCL export shipments

The method of calculation of volume of cargo under sea LCL shipment

CBM means Cubic Meter. However, the total weight of cargo should not exceed 1 ton. That means, if the cargo weight is above 1000kgs, the volume of cargo is treated on the basis of weight. In short, freight forwarders charges LCL rate on the basis of ‘per CBM’ or per weight of 1000kgs (1 ton) which ever is higher. CBM – cubic meter is calculated by multiplying length, width and height of packages of goods. For example, if the length, height and width of a cargo is 2.3 meters, 1.4meters and 2 meters respectively, the volume of cargo is 2.3 X 1.4 X 2.00 = 6.44 CBM. If you have the measurement in inches or centimeters, first you need to convert in meters and then calculate CBM which will be easier for you. If freight forwarder quote a rate of USD 10.00 per CBM, the rate will be 6.44 CBM X USD 10.00 per CBM = USD 64.40.

If the weight of the said package is 7 tons (7000kgs), the freight on LCL is calculated on the basis of weight. That is, 7 tons X USD 10.00 = USD 70.00. So, weight of 1 ton (1000kgs) is treated as 1cbm. In other words, the LCL freight is calculated on the volume of 1 CBM or weight of 1 ton (1000kgs) which ever is higher.

Also read - Why do carriers balance weight and volume while charging freight amount in Exports?

How to calculate chargeable weight for airfreight in exports? How to calculate weight for airfreight.

I hope, I could explain about calculation of volume of LCL cargo in easy method.

Would you like to share your experience in volume of cargo and related subjects?

MANU 2 years ago


12706.2724 2 years ago

I want to round up the decimals can help me to d so

Mohana Krishnan 2 years ago

Very useful information, Thank you so much !!


Top Concrete Products




thank you very much. I hope it must be helpful to take any decision.

ram 2 years ago

if we have gw can i calculate cbm

Subho 2 years ago

Nice...great n Thanks

prasad 2 years ago

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Palix 22 months ago

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Ummar 22 months ago

how to calculate if it is: 2385mm x 1158mm x 1410mm = ?

ayaz 21 months ago

if the W=243, L=243 and H=357 of carton please help that how i calculate the CBM?

Mark Gariki 20 months ago

Thanks it's help me in my shipping field area

Jenie Quiza 19 months ago

I understand but when i solved its not wright

prasad 19 months ago

thanks simple teaching method

A.Z.M YOUSUF 17 months ago

I'm a student of textile & I have problem which mention in below:

# prob:

mens polo pique shirt whose dimension is 12"*7"*8", The total order quantity is 25000pcs. The rate of 20' container is $3500 & 40' container is $5000. which type of container do you book & why?

plz give me a solution in easy way as soon as possible.

A.Z.M YOUSUF 17 months ago

my exm is very near plz ans. my question.

my mail id:

I try to sign up with HubPages it's show me error. I tried many times.

Sandeep Tyagi 16 months ago

You are a perfect teacher

Nayak 15 months ago

Good things dear sir

awesome 14 months ago

its accurate

BSP 14 months ago

1 cbm means how many kg

Latika 13 months ago

Qty - 350 kgs

Packed in 30 Boxes (Corrugated Box)

Box Size - H 340 mm x L 420 mm x W 290 mm

please clearify total cbm

rajesh chandran 12 months ago

how to calculate cbm for 2''x6''x10' white wood

Md. Ahasanul Hoque 11 months ago

Ok sir, thanks for your good idea.

Elijah 10 months ago

Hi,I've a tank measures 1.7H by4.8Lby4W how much cubic meter do the tank have?

sawan 10 months ago

relay good

Mujib Khan 10 months ago

It is very much helpful! good work! Thanx a lot.

Zohaib Memon 6 months ago

W 4.00 x L 4.00 x H 3.75

Please adv CBM ?

Please urgently reply

Dani 5 months ago

Size of Box

Length 60cm

Width 38cm

height 45

No of box 1pc

Our Company approved rate: 29pesos per kilogram, please help us how to compute. Thank you

badshah 4 months ago

thank you its very helpful

ALI 3 months ago

Room Size = (W) 8 feet x (L) 14 feet x (H) 10 feet. What is the Cubic Meter?

Humayoun 2 months ago

Zajahkallau khairan

(May Allah Gives a Lot of Gift to you!)

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