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Say "thank you" and call back!

Do you ever get the runaround, into a shouting match or bad information that can leave you in disarray? Check out this fresh take on succeeding on a service call. You will be amazed how effective saying, "thank you and then calling back is when trying to get help. This way your time is not wasted and your head is not spinning at the end of the call. Say, "Thank you" and Call Back!

Many of times, we have called for a company for customer service and gotten nowhere or our day totally ruined by bad information or a bad attitude. Experiencing this has enlightened me greatly on what goes on. Save your time and your mind call back and take names! If you call customer service and have not been greeted in a pleasant way, ask for the services you called about and run! Or you can try to make that agents day.


Listed here are just a few factors that affect a great phone call.

  • Agent came to work with a ton of problems
  • Agent not receiving updated information in a timely manner
  • Do not know how to diffuse a situation
  • Not trained properly or didn’t pay attention during training
  • Do not work for an employer who invests in their agents.
  • Do not enjoy their jobs, stay distracted and probably not qualified
  • Do not know how to choose their attitude

As a customer, if I am having a bad day it will transmit through the phone and if a representative hears that, their attitude should not change according to what they hear. Customer Service Representatives should make our day. It gains a repeat customer and benefits the company as well.

This all relates to communication. As customers, we are calling about a one particular situation and the representative has heard over 100 calls on the same topic. However, your situation just might be similar but different and you are now in pool with the rest of the problems of the day. This particular agent may have not been train on the subject and is waiting for a training class. Their can be several reasons why there is no consistency when calling a company.

If you are in a rush and cannot afford to hang up and call back because of the wait time, asking to speak to a supervisor may save the day. If that does not work, I would politely hang up and call back in. Even if you have to repeat this method at least twice, getting a different service representative you are likely to get a problem resolved or even a questioned answered by someone who is more experienced and takes pride in his or her job.

Divine | Source

A little Divine intervention

A miracle happened and it worked for me with the internal revenue service. I had just finished up with an awful call, and this was not because I did not like what I heard only. I had to ask for some divine intervention on this one. I called back and whalla! Pleasant, helpful and informative was the next representative.

"It's excellent"
"It's excellent" | Source

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charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

I had a recent experience with a telco that helped me understand that you need to call the right person. The initial call saw me bounced around the Philippines which I decided to terminate. The next call I tried a different number and got a local in Adelaide and she sorted it all out in one call for me. Clearly she was better informed about my issue than the generalist contact centre off shore. Cheers Michael

Jubileerose profile image

Jubileerose 4 years ago from Wild & Wonderful West Virginia Author

Thanks for sharing, and the Philippines is off shore for you. So locally you were able to get a trained and knowledgable representative your story proves this. Thank you for dropping by. Jrose

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