Cagora Social Networking Website

Earn Income With the Cagora Social Networking Website

The social networking website Cagora is like no other social networking website you've ever seen. But on the other hand it's like many other social networking website's you've seen!

You see, Cagora has taken the best of web 2.0 and other business models, added in social entrepreneurship and local community support and created an entirely unique way to earn income.

Cagora's "architecture for income"

One way you can earn from the Cagora social networking website is by referring other people to join Cagora for free. You will then earn on any purchases they make throughout the site.

There certainly have been other sites that have attempted the same sort of thing, but what sets Cagora apart is it's "architecture for income".

Because Cagora is divided into thousands of niche topic forums, local communities, and niche topic forums within the local, state, country, and and world communities, this makes it very easy to refer people who share your same interests and passions.

Also, since there are natural reasons for people to join - great free instructional videos, niche discussion forums, virtual expos and more - it makes it simple to refer people to get information and connections that they want and need.

Profit from the trend towards "local"

Another way you can profit from Cagora is by becoming a local community partner. While not free, for the right person this can be an outstanding opportunity.

This opportunity takes advantage of the need and trend for more local niche advertising and the power of consumer-generated content and niche community.

With numerous non-monetary and financial incentives to contribute to localized nich communities, you can profit as the main jumpstarter of one of these niches. Niche Communities are not just limited to such topics as cooking, golfing, music.

A Niche Community can also be your own Local Community.

Video Explanation of Cagora Community Partner Opportunity

Video Overview of Cagora

Community feedback overrides rogue individualized feedback

One problem online is that sometimes a single person can have the power to influence ratings and results. You see it all the time in online marketing forums and to a lesser degree in ratings systems like has.

Some people think this is a good thing. Others believe in the "wisdom of the masses" - something wikipedia proved out as correct (for their project at least).

Cagora will have such a community feedback system and over time will make it harder and harder to "game". Of course there will always be those who try to game the system, but some systems - such as FreeIQ - are incredibly difficult to game. This will NOT be technology like the everpresent fake live chat robots. This will be a sophisticated algorithm that is hard to game.

And best of all, the sites provide users with search results that mean something instead of pages designed to take advantage of some sort of search engine loophole.




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