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Call center jobs or the business process outsourcing jobs are the number one gateway to receive the highest pay in the Philippines for years now. Yep, one of the highest salary. Call center solutions are literally the topnotch solution to receive the highest salaries here in the quickest way. A customer service provider and a call center agent, though only a starter, could earn as much as what a manager rank earns in a company here.

be a call center agent and earn big time!

Are you gonna wait and work your ass out for a higher position in your company to receive three grand to four grand of salary? Or are you gonna try to be a call center inbound and outbound customer service associate to receive impressive income you actually receive for four months in your old company? If your answer is the latter, quit your old job and apply at the best call center companies in the Philippines because I’m so sure you’re pretty much qualified.

What are the requirements for call center agents and representatives?

For call center agents and customer service and sales representatives, BPO companies don’t require any applicant to have a college degree or be a professional. They don’t require anyone to have experienced in the field too. Some companies prefer fresh agents without experience than those who had call center support experience already. For call center agents and customer supports BPO companies require the following:

  • Has completed at least 2 years of college education
  • Has a very good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Is fluent in English - oral and written
  • Has a very good customer service orientation and skills
  • Has good telephone courtesy
  • Is knowledgeable in MS office and internet browsing
  • Has data entry ability and skills

For tech support professionals and technical support agents, BPO companies require almost the same skills like what mentioned above plus the applicant must possess a very good IT inclination, familiar with internet connection, various operating systems and hardware trouble shooting.

be a call center agent
be a call center agent

How much is the pay / salary?

Because call centre outsourcing services and business process outsourcing is a very lucrative and profitable business internationally, call center agents are paid with higher income, too. In the Philippines, the starting salary of an experienced call center agent ranges from 12,000 pesos for ten days of work and 36,000 pesos for a month not including bonus and incentives. For starters without experience, BPO companies compensate their employees with around 10,000 to 12, 000. Of course that was just the starting salary for a call center representatives. If your rank pushes up from technical support associate to tech support specialist or tech support team manager and IT professional, your salary will be doubled or tripled, range from 50,000 to 70,000 pesos

Best Call Center Companies – Best BPO to Work for

I’ve listed the best and top call center outsourcing companies in the Philippines. They are proven the best BPO companies here because they pay the highest salaries, offer the best benefits and incentives, motivate their employees for career growth and potential, and has very good and trusted management and operation. These companies are known worldwide for catering call center offshore and outsource customer services.

Teletech branches in the Philippines:











Quezon City




Teletech is known for its innovative business process solutions globally. They are a worldwide known provider of customer management and business process outsourcing solutions. Yup, Teletech is already known worldwide and it belongs to the top BPO service providers in the Philippines. This call center outsourcing business has built up and established its innovative technology and courteous customer service experience in the nation for years now. Teletech branches in the Philippines can be found in numerous locations listed at the right -->

To apply to Teletech hirepoint online go to the website


Convergys is a world known corporation based in the US, it provides relationship services, consulting and professional services, billing services, and multichannel self-care technology system to its clients which are associated with government, technology, telecommunications, financial services and employee care markets. Call center agents love Convergys for its loyalty and very friendly work force that is maintained by its good management for many years.

Apply for a call center job in Convergys website.


Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company that is said to be the largest consulting firm in the world. Accenture call center outsourcing in the Philippines is known for its high performance business initiative boosting power. To apply for a business process outsourcing career go to their website below:

Accenture BPO

Stream Global Services branches across the Philippines


Quezon City

Eastwood City Cyberpark

Makati City

Cebu City

Alabang, Muntinlupa

Shaw, Mandaluyong

Clarkfield, Pampanga

Stream Global Services formerly known as eTelecare

Stream Global Services is one of the top business process outsource (BPO) providers and operates in stream locations around the world. Like any big BPO companies, it also operates its specialized customer relationship management services in the Philippines. Stream Global is one of the best offshore call center services providers in the world. They are well loved by call center agents because of their very rewarding performance incentives and exceptional culture.

Wanna work with Stream Global? Apply in their website.

Work at home call center and virtual call center jobs

Work at home call center and virtual call center jobs are one of the rewarding ways to work at home because you can enjoy your additional income while enjoying your other priorities as well. This work at home virtual solutions also offers full time employees, the same high performance standards, compensations, benefits and incentives. Home based call center jobs are growing rapidly in the world of BPO. The links for the work at home call centers from the best business process outsourcing providers are below.

Teletech home based call center jobs

Convergys work at home call center jobs

Stream Global virtual call center jobs

--work at home call center jobs--

contains the requirements for virtual call center assistant and home based call center outsourcing. It also discusses the application process in applying for the work-at-home call center job solutions for any interested applicant.

all photos courtesy of photobucket
all photos courtesy of photobucket


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5 months ago

SPI global scheduled me for tommorow .. for final interview you think this is going to be fit in my educational background, i have my masters degree in business administrator . and deanlister ,my previous job is a hotel manager in a 4 star hotel i left my job cause of my pride . i dont want to work in hotel anymore. ,

Jade 20 months ago

Hi! What BPO companies can you recommend that are near or within Manila and that doesn't require any blood tests. I've actually heard of some companies that doesn't actually require it.

Thank you! Learned a lot from your post since it was very informative, as well as the comments

Jade 20 months ago

Hi! What BPO companies can you recommend that are near or within Manila and that doesn't require any blood tests

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 2 years ago Author

many people chase JPMC, you are already in, why leave :)

Lee 2 years ago

By reading all these comments, i decided not to leave JP Morgan Chase :-)

profile image

jp08 2 years ago

Do you have any idea about the salary in ePerformax?

InfraRealty 2 years ago

If you are interested in setting up your own BPO or call center or looking for a job as an IT professional or call center agent, you can email your enquiries at

mansisin profile image

mansisin 3 years ago

Hi I am an Indian going to Manila very soon. Can i get a job in a BPO there. please help. I have worked with bops like Wipro and IBM in India.

Patricia 3 years ago

I am looking for a call center accepting 17 year olds. Are there any call centers accepting 17 year olds with a parental constent?

profile image

bidhandc 3 years ago

hi i m Bidhan from Bangladesh.i m a student in visa is a student can i job any call center in Philippine?i m goo in English.and i complete my 4 year graduation in it is possible for me to got a call center job here?

cooqey 3 years ago

Hi, im a single mom looking for a job. I learned recently that there are call center companies offering child care facility for there employee. Do you know what company tthis is?

Lisa 4 years ago

try teletech cainta. I just love seeing all of their recruiters.. Really friendly and accommodating considering most of them are guys..

Nice environment, very nice!

mocha 4 years ago

hello I'm a graduate of BS management currently im working in an office in our province but not satisfied with my salary...I'm planning to work in BPO company in Quezon city by next year can you give me companies which offer 20k as starting salary? here is my email thanks a lot in advance.

Jeff 4 years ago

Im looking for a call center job... Currently im working as a train driver here in the philippines receiving 18k monthly take home... Is there any way that i could get to abpo company that could offer the same if not more than what i receive for now? And what company could be best, considering im living in antipolo? Thanks a lot to those who would respond...

AEPeter profile image

AEPeter 4 years ago from Makati, Manila

The best thing to do to get hired in a call center is to refresh your English. I see a lot of applicants failing during the interview. Let me know if you would like to sign up for our free call center classes. If you are really motivated and would like to increase your chances on getting the job you want to SIGN UP NOW by texting your full name to 09189466534 and CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE. We only have 20 seats available for MAKATI. Please only text your name, after you text your name, you will receive our address and the requirements you need to bring.

Mimi 4 years ago

Hi, i need a salary bracket for Outbound Agents and the commission scheme. Any help?

agent 4 years ago

CVG 1 two thumbs up! i resigned there last January 2012. for me cvg is a very stable company. yeah the basic is very low, compared to others, but the stability is way up high. started 14,700k afte 3 1/2 years i end up 18,500 as for the basic plus the incentives. so i guess my take home salary plus ot plus incentives like 20k a month... and kuddos to my tl and account and battling with our clients high expectation i still end up as a HAPPY and satisfied prev employee of CVG1. i miss you CVG1.

Jing 4 years ago


How much is the salary if you got promoted to floor support?

Please send e-mail to

My husband didn't tell me that's why I want to know. He is working at Convergys Up Tech Hub - 2012


fromCVG 4 years ago

Accenture, CVG and JP Morgan are my recommendations.


You can try Convergys. Don't limit your capabilities in finding a career. Consider your long term goal. If you just want a fast track, money-pouring job, then there are a lot of other companies to start with. But if you consider your directions in 2-3 years, these 3 companies are better options and you will get more than what you expect in terms of salary, career growth, motivations and work environment. Companies have high-offers for entry-levels to get applicants to compensate their attrition. While others, have a fair offer to entry levels to keep their budget for competitive supervisors for expansion.

There are many other industries that you can try as well. Best luck! Cheers!

zayn 4 years ago

next year i'll be done with my studies, so i am planning to work as a call center agent right after our graduation. my problem is that i dont know what company will be the best for me as a fresh grad. anyone can suggest?

dumbo 4 years ago

"15k ECLUSIVE OF THE ALLOWANCES" I should edit my post sorry :D

dumbo 4 years ago

Hi everyone. I would like to share my experience with Stream Global.

This morning I went to Uniserve, a recruitment firm for call center agents. I was endorsed to STREAM GL. by Walter, one of the HR people.

I have precisely dscussed with him my expected salary, I informed him that in my previous job I had 15k for the basic, inclusive of allowances night diffs etc.

By 11 am I reached Stream Gl, I handed my resume to the receptionist and was asked to log in using one of their computers and was asked to stay and wait to be called.

I passed the examinations and got the chance to be interviewd by 4pm. Stream Gl offered a 13k basic plus 3k allowance etc. Now the disappointing part was, they are offering me a practically lower basic salary than my previous salary. What's the point of indicating this on my CV and dscussing this term with Uniserve when in the end they will just give a rubbish 13k job offer?

I thought maybe I could be patient and give it a try. On the latter part, the interviewer said that while Im on training I will be working with a 30k bond. Whaaaaaaat? Meaning when I live the account regardless of the issue would be, I am opt to pay them 30k. That's bull* right?

So to those noobs whose planning to apply to Stream, think twice, and when you have decided.. think even more.

Goodluck guys.

joan belle 4 years ago

One of the best companies is JP Morgan Chase Bank. I start with a basic salary of 23k then had an annual merit increase of 2k total of 25k a month plus hindi pro rate ang night diff nila for example your shift starts at 230pm-1030 pm automatic you get full 8 hours night diff as long as naka render ka ng 30 minutes pasok ka sa buong night diff. may 14th month pay like dividend earned previous year usually feb binibigay ive got 500 usd. 2 dependents are free sa health card, vaccinations are free like flu shots etc. overtime pay ia 200% plus 200 pesos per hour sometimes 300 pa on top, plus allowance na mga 3k a month. the best more incentives pa napa galante...

profile image

Twinhearts 4 years ago

@SPI HR LEAD. the email is not working. GOOD POST TWENTY FIVE

SPI HR Lead 4 years ago


Hello to all! To those who are interested in applying right now, we at SPI Global are in mass hiring!

Offer is one of the best if not the best with basic salary of P18000, allowance of P2000 and night differential of 30%*(P5300).

We have employee friendly environment which has shooting hoops, nintendo wii, movie lounge, karaoke, and our pantry area has computers that lets you access your facebook.

Once you get regularized you get P1000 rice allowance, attendance bonus, performance bonus and HMO.

Isn't that awesome?! And to make it an even sweeter deal is if you get to be either tech support or sales agent of a certain account for makati or mandaluyong site then you get signing bonus of P20000-P40000!

Just email me your resume at if interested and I'll reply right away. Good luck and God speed to all!

xtian024 4 years ago

wow! thank you twentyfive for setting up this forum,this really is helping me with my options,BIGTIME!

anyway,i do have a question:what will be the best call center in cubao?

based on the discussions here,stellar seems to give the highest premium pay within this area but unfortunately they've moved to eastwood already.So im left with APAC,TELUS,ACCENTURE and SUTHERLAND CUBAO.

sutherland is out of my list.IVE been with them before for at least a year,salary is just 13k for a financial account.Ive also worked for a year in NCO clark,again,salary was low(provincial rate) considering that I worked for TMOBILE(its a pain the ass account!forever que,mandatory OT,99 ppercent callls are irate and is a "tri-skill" acount-customer service,basic tech and upselling!wheeeeew!).

just wanna consider applying to companies within cubao area since im now living here.

thanks for you help.

jano8 4 years ago

@fromCVG, i would like to apply in ur company, i am only a high school grad, but i have a call center experience, for about one and a half month, bec. i only finish the trainig period, and then i resigned, bec. i want a company that is very stabled like yours, i wish you could hire me, bec. i am an outbound call center agent before, but i'm looking now for an inbound career, i hope you respond on my message, bec. i know thAT i have the quality of a good call center agent that you are looking for, to @twentyfive, sir can you give me a company that give a high benefits?? thank, :)

Ma. Luz Nambong 4 years ago

Good day..I am a fresh graduate from the University of Antique with a degree of BS Information system. i would Like to apply in your company.thanks!

FRANK WOOD 4 years ago

Individuals who wanted to stay at home and work also welcome to apply on the given email below or call.



FRANK WOOD 4 years ago










FRANK WOOD 4 years ago











JohnnyKing47 4 years ago

The starting salary for QC call centers: Stream in SM North 15K plus 3K allowance; VXi Munoz will offer 16k without allowance. Stellar cubao gives 18k with 2k allowance, CVG techno hub 14k plus 2,500 allowance; IBM shells out 15k plus 2k allowance but NCO offers 14k. And FIS offers 24k basic with 3k allowance for newbies.

dimple lim 4 years ago

can anyone suggest a job for me? im a chinese citizen and wanted to work in manila..

v10let profile image

v10let 4 years ago

HI! Help please.. I'm studying spanish right now..and planning to study cantonese after a few months.. Do you guys have any idea how much a multilingual agent earn per month? Just so I have the idea once i applied for it..thanks! Would really appreciate your feedback.. :)

SylarOutsourcer 4 years ago

yiiipeeee!!! good to know that my company is in the top call centers in the Philippines. i will start my training program @ STREAM GLOBAL this tuesday.. wish me luck!!!!^_^

fromCVG 4 years ago

wow this post has become quite more interesting than i thought... :)


I hope you enjoy your stay with convergys. I worked in Ala-1. It is sad to say but I cant meet you there, yet I hope you'll be part of my team who I hope remember me as one who could have been a tcon there. hehe. Based on what new employees said to me (those who did y-jacking/barging on my calls), they are getting the standard offer which varies on call center experience. Enjoy it.yep convergys is a fun place if you're into balancing work-pressure-life-productive environment-future. Just be sure to do good on your metrics. :)


I totally agree with you that Convergys are the best guys who know how to motivate and keep their people especially those who have salient ambition to move up the ladder. Congratulations as one of the TLs. I am sure you got a lot of feedback / motivations from your previous TLs as well and even OMs and fellow agents. For me it is the best part with convergys. Though salar is not that high compared with other emerging call centers (which might later can be a risk and drop you off anyway), convergys is totally secured and stable company with super many employees to motivate you and inspire you on what you do.

Kudos to CVG. and yep I'm already resigned and was accepted to another competitive field.

justhelpin 4 years ago

hi im currently working at Ingram Micro and i think they have the highest basic salary for new hire. im on a finance department but mid-level, growth is not that too fast but for my position package is around our entry level package starts at 24k, growth is better than mid level.

DM 4 years ago

What are the current accounts @ TeleTech Pampanga?

yilisha 4 years ago

I got to say something: IF YOU WANT TO KEEP A LIFETIME JOB, PURSUE THE DREAM THAT YOU REALLY WANT... NOT BECAUSE OF THE SALARY... I've been into call center industry for like 5 years and later realize that what will happen to me if I got older. so I definitely settled for a teaching career right now. It's a matter of choice... these company are just using you and if they don't need your service anymore they can just kick you out.

salim kumar 4 years ago

hello ser i am10th pass i like this job plz give me a job my email id my mobile number is 9034020329/8950325804 plz ser i search a job my passpot is ready plz give me a job have nice day ser/madam ji i wait for u r anser plz

Michael 4 years ago

I am one of the well-wishers hoping to land a job as a call center agent. I'll just leave it here my mobile number (09198622674) if just in case you are extending your hands in helping me to realize my dream to be a call center agent. Godspeed!

eslove05 4 years ago

Hi there. I just signed a contract with CVG San Lazaro last Feb.29 but didn't really get the chance of asking further about the benefits.

I've heard from a friend that their health card does not cover dependents? Does it mean that I would have to pay for my own dependents for them to be enrolled in the same health card?

Can someone please enlighten me on this. An email would very much be appreciated.

You can reach me through Thanks!

zerowing 4 years ago


Just sharing for newbies. If your looking for a Non-voice accounts to apply i recommend try to apply in Sykes. I used to work there for a Non voice account for 2 years. According to some intel that they have a new pioneer Non-voice account.

For me after working in Sykes I've seen a better opportunity in Accenture that give a better compensation package (aaahhheeemmmm... my account is still a Non-voice account.. :)) you can also try to apply here but be sure to be patient ^_^


chEEzkeyk 4 years ago





Do you want to shift career? 5 years ago

Become a Technical Recruiter!-Open for Graduating Students and Career Shifters.


Global leader in IT Professional services with three decades of experience and best practices providing IT staffing and solutions.

With US-based sales and recruiting staff augmented by recruiters in our wholly owned Offshore Recruiting Center. Global 24x7 recruiting presence in the US and Manila

Selected to the 2009 and 2010 Global Services 100 for market leadership, innovation, outstanding customer service, and demonstrated excellence.

Primary vendor at 18 of Fortune 50.

Hiring: Technical Recruiter

(US MARKET – with opportunity to travel overseas)

(National Capital Reg - Makati)


Conduct end to end cycle of recruitment from opening to closing of candidate’s application not limited to searching, calling, interviewing, negotiating rates, job offer and placement.

Work as a team player to meet common and individual goals.

Responsible for direct sourcing and research, networking, name generation, database mining and sourcing of candidates region-wide, spanning multiple skill bases.

Open for fresh graduates/ GRADUATING students with exceptional leadership and communication skills.

Those with technical background and/or recruitment experience preferred.

With opportunity to travel, competitive compensation range and training will be provided.

10 full time positions available.

Secure a job even before you graduate!

E-mail your resume with contact details to:

AG 5 years ago


MICHAEL 5 years ago





IT Talent Search 5 years ago

Seeking to develop a team of 3-4 technology recruiters (One Lead) to support our sales team in the United States. We would like to staff a call-center in the Philippines.

Job Description: Recruiter - Outbound Call Team Manager

Seeking to hire 2-4 tech recruiters for contract opportunity in the Philippines. Ideal candidate will have 2+ years of experience in a high volume call center OR staffing agency. Must have excellent English as they will be calling people in the United States.


2 years experience in a call center making 80-100 outbound calls per day.

1 + years recruiting - Mobile, Web, QA & Front-end Engineers, Developers & coders.

Understand the difference between Client-side vs. Server-side development.

Understand the difference between Hardware vs. software development.

Excellent follow-up skills: set appointments, followup with call days later.

Excellent English communication as recruiter will be calling the US.

Ability to to work 8-6pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) Zone a MUST.


Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Outlook, Word.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Maxhire preferred.

Work Hours:

8-6pm (PST) - This is a night shift for Philippines workers.

Send resume: Stacey (at) ITTalentSearch (dot) com

Availability to interview: 9am-6pm PST

Stacey Broadwell


SKYPE: IT Talent Search

Avior 5 years ago

Hi guys. I just wanna say that right now I'm stuck between Convergys (Makati) and Teletech (MOA/Pasay).

The thing is, I applied at Convergys San Lazaro (because it is very highly accessible via LRT from my place), and then after about 2 weeks, I got a call and told me that I have to go and get re-evaluated at their Makati site. When I got there, it turned out I was being transferred 'coz one of the accounts in San Lazaro is already gone/closed. I was offered a 13k base (at San Lazaro) for an account that is sorta like, then at Makati, I was shocked to see on my contract that I still got the same base pay despite being transferred to a financial-based account. I was kinda disappointed about it.

Then right on the same day, I a recruiter approached me to go have an interview, she told me it'll be just about 15 minutes and I might get the job (the truth is, it took me 3 days before I got the job), I passed everything Teletech has to throw at me, I was assigned to a Mobile Phone service in the US. I was kinda psyched to know that I was getting a 19k salary, but it turned out it was 14k (plus the rest are benefits or something)... I was like; "My God!". I signed both contracts, and both of them has the same start dates, I haven't ddecided on which one... But if gossips are right, that account in Teletech is said to be hard... I really don't know what to do.


3stan 5 years ago

are there any call center in eastwood libis that's offering a day job (morning shifts)? thanks

Anne 5 years ago

im eyeing convergys in nuvali or sunpower in sta rosa/binan. can someone shed info regarding the accounts handled there and how much the starting salary is? thanks..

jeff 5 years ago

Im very interested in working around the manila and quezon city area,im very interested in the call centers,id like to apply but im still in america get my passport and whatever else i companies there sponsor anyone moving to their area to work for them? It would be a lot easier going that route then waiting on all the paper work here...i plan on coming in june...unless a company wants me sooner and sponsor me..or should i wait to get there to apply? Any answers?

newbie tsr 5 years ago


Hi! I just got hired by cvg and got a good package, hmm just wondering from which site you work because I'm sure gonna enjoy being with such a team! Thanks!

mark casim 5 years ago

hi guyz..can u give advice for me to how to fluent in english..tnx..

profile image

nicabel 5 years ago

i will be having a job offer this afternoon at infosys...any feedback 'bout this bpo company? tnx

profile image

nicabel 5 years ago

twentyfive any comments 'bout INFOSYS?

em 5 years ago

Convergys San Lazaro scheduled me an interview tom,,do you think this is a good BPO company??? thanks a lot guys!! :)

nikailee 5 years ago

Hi! I just wanna ask, does the mentioned companies accept part time applicants? Because, am currently studying 1st year IT. Thanks! You could also inform me through mobile 09163426614.

nickel25 5 years ago

forget about teletech in your list im currently employed there and so over it i just submitted by irrevocable resignation they are a total crap.

salary where in the world you will see a company that instead of appraising your basic salary (15000 presently) will soon be changed to 14000 with 2000 taxable allowance see..

now incentive it will take you 2 to good 3 months waiting for your well deserve incentive not to mention they have the guts to change prices so abruptly with no proper communication.

VL try to apply and you will never get approved plus they are doing forced Ot's tell me is this the best place for you to work?????

Accoustic 5 years ago

Hi guys i was hired @ accenture they gave me BJS account. Do you think this is a good account?

mameisty 5 years ago

Just to share my thoughts... for newbies in BPO / Call Center industry.

If you want easy call center job you'll have to start from scratch with a basic of 12-15 K TP, CVG, Teletech, Telus, Stream, etc. You can claim incentives, bonuses or commission on top of your basic salary & allowances. But beware because you have to be prepared for supervisors or team leaders that are called "KISS ASS" to clients, they would rather have their agents sacrificed to get what the client wants. Considering your paid with high salary but its nothing compared to what they earn saving their butts from paying premium if they do not outsource. And your life in call center is your metrics or your goals because that's how you earn your appraisal & that's the reason why they will keep you.

For those tenured & wants to be paid premium you can try Financial accounts such JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, CITI & even Bank of America is here. They will pay you more than what your basic is when your still with the BPO company but they would really extract every penny they spent. They will always say your recquired to comply because your "paid premium".

For someone asking about TELUS just for heads up, they offer both voice & non-voice. I've been with Telus for 2 years Sales account for DELL. When I started as a call center virgin my basic is 13,250 plus allowance & night differential ( I forgot the % though). I'm lucky I got a nice supervisor. Even I'm new hire I earn sales incentives. What I also love about Telus is they have Friday treats every 1st friday of the month if I'm not mistaken & a lot of freebies specially if we have electronic shows ( launching of new line of products or technology). But the sad part is as time pass by & because US economy its hard to close a sale. Clients are pushing more sales although they'r aware of the situation to the point that they ask for metrics that is no feasible. Normally in telus appraisal is max of 1K & your very much lucky to get that if your TL is as nice as mine. LOL. I know some that are much tenured only got like 100 - 500. Its actually a nice atmosphere that you got to have a lot of friends but it sucks to have OM's that are not so pro-employee. As I recall one of our OM's line, " We are not a charitable institution, we are a callcenter company & our business is based on the number or calls we take. We don't care what happened to you or if you didn't sleep or whatever because you recquired to come to work." After 2 years I ended my career in TELUS & moved to a financial company (sorry can't disclose as privacy policy).

Just a bit of advice if you want to work hard but not to exhaust yourself non-voice is the best option but beware because they normally start with lower basic than voice accounts. But if your tenured & already have a lot of call center experience you get a chance of high offer.

Hope this help.

redangel626 5 years ago

Hello twentyfive! Im 25y.o high school grad only :( ..but I guess I can speak better english :) do you know any bpo company accepts h.s grads?

and..does a 55y.o man still qualified in a call center? he works 23yrs in canada and u.s as tech support leader.. but he chose to live here( mas msarap dw kc pala buhay dto)..i hope you can endorse company for him..i can send his resume if anyone got interested...his last job was in netversant. :)

profile image

Saleisha 5 years ago

Thanks Nathan! I'll just wait for a call. :)

Nathan 5 years ago

Hi Seleisha,

Im one of the recruiters of TeleTech Pampanga. Yes, usually we conduct Job Offers after a week or two if we have a big target of hires. We apologize for not being able to schedule you for contract signing right away as we currently have limited number of slots. You may call TeleTech at 045-455-0326 or 27 for any concerns or you may leave your complete name so that we could give you a feedback regarding the status of your application. FYI... we are offering 16K to 17K starting salary per month which includes the basic and the allowances. Thanks! :)

profile image

Saleisha 5 years ago

Hi! I was hired @ teletech pampanga but I haven't signed the contract yet and told that they'll call me. Is this really how it works? Coz i heard in other bpo companies, once you're hired they will let you sign the contract that same day. Also, I dont have any idea on how much will be my salary/allowance/benefits. I also completed all my pre-employment requirements and medical. Please help!

Lime 5 years ago

Working @ TELUS for 6 years now.

For undergrads, TELUS may be right for you.

They have what we can Telus University.

Yes you can have a degree while working with TELUS.

You study @ TELUS locations and get degree from universities like UA&P, de la salle, AMA, etc.

TELUS will should about 70% of the tuition.

You can apply at our Market! Market! (Taguig) site or at TELUS Cubao (near SM or Araneta Colloseum).

Note: Pay is low, starting is about 14k only. (When I started it was only 12.5k)

Mine after 6 yrs is just around 30k.

Supervisor@22 5 years ago

Just wanted to share my thought.I started with Convergys back in 2009, got regularized May of 2010 got chosen as senior rep based on performance, promoted as Floor support on January of 2011, Got promoted as Probationary Team Leader/supervisor on July 2011 and Got regularized as a Team Lead/Supervisor December of last year. Convergys may not have the most competitive sallary ( compared to other company) basic is 15,000 once you get regularized plus 3500 allowances, plus Night diff, But they know how to take care of their employees because they prioritize growth from within. if you are looking for a good career path you might wanna work with Convergys. Plus their employee engagement team is the best when it comes to events. They know how to motivate people. Though we can't deny that we have number of employees who are a bit dissatisfied. Its plainly because they are not doing their job well. Why would a company kick you if your doing something good for them (just sayin). I'm a proud employee and i wanted to share this satisfaction with you guys hihi, apply in UP science Techno hub in philcoa, or in San Lazaro site these 2 are the best sites for me. :)

xtelfai 5 years ago

hi guys im working now at teletech lipa ...and i got a phone call from convergys alabang for exam tommorow. wala na daw interview. please give some ideas dun sa anu bang mga accounts sa convergys alabang ..pls email me!thanks!

fromCVG 5 years ago

**REPOST** sorry for the formatting

Thank you for posting lestat. :) Cheers. Your agony is over. I have a quite different experience though. I'm working with Convergys which I consider a very good company. Fellows were great, never got a problem with HR and benefits, Team Leads and OMs are very supportive, everyone knows how to appreciate even a small help from others. Totally hands down!

Allowances: I started 15000 then 2,500 allowance.

Overtimes: Government mandated overtime benefits, of course. There are queing periods which might require some OTs for 30 mins, 1 hour. Yet they also offer stipend which 100 Php each hour on top of the OT Pay. Just be sure to punch the correct OT codes to get paid. Anyway, you can always work with TLs about OTs as it improves team's productive hours.

PTOs: We have 120 hours VLs and 120 hours SL, (15 days each, which we earn 1.25 every month) All SLs and 40 hours of VLs are convertible to cash every end for first quarter. Then annual credits will restart. For avail time, service level team might inject offlines/trainings/additional coaching which are all paid and not deductible from your PTO (unless you requested to render voluntary out). Bottom line, they do not have force leaves.

HMO: Right after hiring as soon as you hit the ops, you can enroll your dependents. Just be responsible on submitting the requirements which are very easy. :)

Performance Appraisal: Quarterly Bonus for scorecards from 3.5 - 5 which gives up to 20% for each passing month. Then Annual appraisal which is reasonably prorated based on performance. If you get 3 months passing scorecard,you can apply to higher positions, whether higher ranking CSR or coach / trainer.

Queue: Most of the time but everyone gets the chance to enjoy avail as well. Yes staffing is sometimes a concern but that was due to the demands of the account. As usual morning (ET) are billing/technical/sup are on queues when customers are at work checking/disputing their bills and services. Then afternoon to evening are short calls for small tech tips, service orders, miscellaneous. Then weekends which are mostly family time for customers. We work on shifting schedules and it is a fact, thus we rather take it in our advantage. There are seasons that are totally queuing especially price change, seasonal service, limited promos, etc. Then you might ask, which account doesn't? :)

Labor Work: I'm sure everyone enjoys just sitting back, covering yourself with a blanket (because sometimes it's super cold), speaking foreign to escape from reality for a while, sometimes eavesdropping with your irate seatmate :P, stand to do stretching while on call, looking at your seatmates, at other teams, chatting about showbiz/life/love/food/sports/events/politics on your local chats, asking questions about tricky tips, being the first to explore updates and FYIs in your tools, helping your teammates on queries while on call, competing with sales (where earn more free stuffs), and the best part is to be commended by your teammate, TL and OM for helping out others while on call. Well, it is a matter how fast you are,ability to multitask and give focus. Just be sure sure to strictly follow floor policies. C'mon! It's set by default.

Equipment: All monitors are wide flatscreens. CPUs are fast. Just one pc login and will show all your tools. if you do not want the single login, you can ask TL to request IT to disable it. Sometimes if running too many extra programs, it hangs for 1 minute and we might need to reboot while on call. But it is not always the case. It's a machine so we do not expect it to be perfect. Just inform the customer and TL about your tech issue and they will consider your situation. Facilities are clean. Chairs are comfortable, though I cant pull up some chairs to level it higher which I prefer since I'm a tall guy. Headsets are good though some agents are too rude that they drop headsets carelessly after a supcall. Sleeping lounge has a certain scent which will surely make you fall to sleep. XD zzz

VL Approval: There is a limit to submit VL schedules request 30 days ahead of time. But as long as you see in your VL tool that there are hours available for a particular date,then you can expect that it will be granted. Sometimes, staffing issues happen due to demands offshore. If VL problems happen, always consult TL, they are always available to help. ***This is how regular agents value TLs. Most Convergys TLs are very approachable despite their busy schedules. Whether or not on same cluster, they are always available to help***

Cafeteria/Pantry: Clean. Good menus. Sometimes I hear some agents demand better menus, but I observe Convergys concessionaire is still above average. You can go out to buy fast food but I'd rather sleep during lunch time. :)

Training: I got scared during Culture training. I was intimated at first day by the trainer but she was fine after 2 more days. Training schedules are fixed and they will not kill you. With Convergys, you start your path from training. They will give you very detailed steps and timeline how to be promoted so when you step into the company, you can create your goal right away. And I must brag that trainers and TLS are very consistent on that. They always put your performance in your promotion status. Just make your numbers,and they are ready to give better position to you. Might depend on who's the trainer, and yes I can only talk about my experience.

OTs: Yes there are mandatory OTs, but the worst is already 1 hour a week, or 1 rest day ot a month. These mandatory OTs are not staffing issues due to failures of other sites or scheduling team, but because of high volume of calls due to seasonal services, price changes which are account specifics.

You might want to do your best to be hired by Convergys after reading this. I am not promoting them for my own, but I want to help others to get an insight how I feel as a Convergys Employee. I am so proud and I thought, I should have started working here from college. Before I forget, Convergys Christmas party, totally a super BLAST! Super delicious high end foods, and you'll see that Convergys people surely enjoyed it. Everyone was beautiful that night. Great give aways, I wish I won any of the the iphone 4s, Ipad2, LED flatscreen TV, Trip for two to Bora, Home Theater System, etc. Not to mention the perks of being a Top Agent every month. WOW!

I will miss them all. Yep I will miss them. I am now rendering my resignation for personal and family goals. As much as I wanted to be a TL with Convergys, I have decided to use more specialized skills where I can be more productive in a later life. It is sad to leave but pursuing a personal dream is always worth the risk. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Oh wow you really had enough with that call center company I must say. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Everyone will surely appreciate this. You have put the detailed stuff from every scenario and I must hug you for that. That's quite a tough move. I'm hoping to hear more sharings here of some employees working from other BPO companies.

I wonder where are you working now? Or planning to work to any call center again? Thanks! Have a fantastic day!

lestat 5 years ago

I worked at Teletech Pasay for 8 months before and my account there was an Australian Account. At the start, I was very impressed having a salary of 15K plus 1K meal allowance since it was my first employment. Time flies, I realized how bad this company is. I will provide different scenarios to justify this.

1. Allowances: At the time you signed the contract, your only allowance is 1K Meal Allowance. If you enter regularization, you got an "amazing" additional PHP 500 Rice Allowance. That's it.

2. Overtimes: Time Keeping System of Teletech is the infamous Kronos which has a capability of defaulting your overtimes into UNAPPROVED OTs. Unless it will be pulled out by your Supervisors and make them APPROVED OTs that will be the time they can be credited to your payslips. For 8 months, I had 2 disputes for these OTs. You might say because some TLs are sluggish but come to think of it, isn't it MANDATORY for them to credit it immediately for example you had long calls after shifts?

2. PTOs: This company is offering 30 days Paid Time Outs compared to usual companies offering 15VLs and 15SLs. Some may perceive it good but allow me to explain that it is not the case all the time. There are times especially during weekends that we had these called "avail times" where for several minutes or even hours not a single call would come in. What Teletech would do is to FORCE YOU DO EARLY OUT at the expense of your credits. For example in an 8 hr shift, you were pushed out 4 hrs prior, the remainder 4 hrs will still be paid but deducted from your credits. Remember that accrual for credits is 1.25 days/month only, hence it is serious if they would do this every weekend.

3. HMO: Single Status? Forget enrolling your parents to their HMO because their "company customized Maxicare" doesn't accommodate it.

4. Performance appraisal or Quarterly Bonuses? Annual Increase: NONE strictly speaking about scorecard. In my australian account: Perfect attendance, passed all my QAs and AHT lower compared to standards (which makes my scorecard always run 4.0+ monthly), I have my monthly bonus of 1,200-1,600. Look and check with other call centers and you would understand the frustration. (By the way, the last incentive that I had was pro rated since I was about to resign, it's P800, they did not include it to my back pay.)

5. Queue? Definitely! Why? Because of incorrect staffing and the random implementation of PTOs. For example, 7am to 4pm schedule, at around 1PM it will start to get avail by 10-15mins. The OSC will start issuing PTOs to those who had shifts from 5AM-2PM and 6AM-3PM. If you belong to closing shift group, you are dead LITERALLY. The OSC is from Teletech Bacoor sometimes he would allow them to go on AUX (meaning no taking of calls but paid phone hours) and flagged us in Teletech Pasay to compensate for increasing # of calls. Before I resigned, there was approximately 10 incidents that I was the last agent in our site (this is not an exaggeration, and is serious). PTOS are issued to make mandatory day offs also. There was even a week (weekly schedule is being followed) that I only have to go to work 3days/week. This practice resulted to a lot of my teammates losing all of their VLs and SL credits. Imagine the scenario if you would get really sick, then you don't have a choice but to have your monthly wage deducted.

5. Labor Work: Oppressing. We started our Line of Business to Retail Sales Support Postpaid Mobile Phones. We are catering "phone and postpaid plan" dealers selling to their customers support like activating the phone, customizing their plans, integrating internet access, overriding unapproved applications, referring to collection agencies for unpaid debts and answer disputed charges for calls, texts and internet. SUPER AGENT? Hehe. OOOPPS. They did not stop there. They wanted us to be SUPERB100X AGENT because 2 months prior finalizing my days, they upgraded us to telephone, internet and cable support. ALL OF THIS WITHOUT A SINGLE CENT INCREASE. Imagine the scope of work you need to do above and multiply it after the upgrade. By the way we are dealing with corporate and consumer accounts.

6. Equipments: It's a big folly that we have flat screens in Pasay. IT IS ONLY FOR TLS. If you are a starting or even a tenured agent, you would have a sluggish PC with POP UPs (this is based on 30+ PCs that I experienced. We are constantly moving to different parts of the building so I know how do they perform. Not mentioning the chairs which are limited and non-adjustable. If you happen to be with AT&T you got a brighter side in this aspect ALONE because they have faster PCs and better office chairs.

7. VL approval: Due to exhausted PTOs and the company managing your credits, it would be very hard to file VLs. It is required to raise your intention at least 1 month after but the result will be most of the time within the week of your designated dates.

8. Cafeteria: There is only one cafeteria in Teletech Pasay. It usually depends on the concessionaire but the variety is definitely lacking. You might be thinking of going to SM MOA but considering the duration of walking back and forth plus the immense size of MOA, it is not practical for an hour lunch.

9. Training: It might depend on the trainer. It is NOT true that Teletech holds best trainings. Expect training schedule is very erratic, changing weekly by opposites of day and night.

10. RECENTLY MANDATORY OT: If you get hired into an Australian Account in Teletech Pasay, better rethink first before you sign the contract. The attrition was too high after the "upgrade to SUPERB AGENTS" that all remaining agents in our LOB has a mandatory 1 DAY OT per week. Though it's dayshift imagine working 6 days/week, queueing, and higher chances of OTs being left unapproved (due to their Knonos system)

dmelancholy 5 years ago

Are there any part-time call center positions around makati? Some of my co-workers would like to earn extra cash. Any recommendations would be appreciated! (:

kendii isaga 5 years ago

hi sir/ma'am , good day . i just wanted to ask if the mentioned companies have part-time job 'coz i'm currently studying as a 3rd yr. IT Student and yet , willing to find a job to finance my endeavors . i'm proficient in english , comprehensive and computer literate . i really hope u could help me . thanks a lot and God bless !

P.S : you could also inform me to these numbers : globe 09358675718/ smart 09469316040

thank u :)

patricia 5 years ago

hi i'd like to ask how does the salary work in call centers? is it per month? or is the salary per quota? can someone explain further?thanks

Angelic 5 years ago

Hi there, I want 2012 to start well. New life and new job. I once was an online english teacher for 3 months. They pay less. (12-13K a amonth, 7k for partime) I want to apply in call center company. Though i have to adjust in their schedules. (especially graveyard) i am a marketing graduate.I applied last week in Accenture but unfortunately I was rejected. I am 42 yrs old. I was thinking they're looking for much younger applicant(s). I hope with the help of this site i can get a job. Thank you for posting and God bless. ^-^

kevin 5 years ago

does call center companies accept a 17 year old applicant?

Geo 5 years ago


I'm currently a Call Center Training Supervisor at Sykes but i'm not that happy with the compensation I get, anybody here knows an opening for the same position i mentioned? I was a 3 year Product trainer for a financial account before being promoted as training sup. If theres an opening for Trainer im cool with it too as long as thepay is higher than what Sykes offers.

Rob 5 years ago

Hi guys nice site! My wife is currently an experienced top agent in Convergys Makati and I'm looking into her transferring to Telus so that she familiarizes herself with Telus accounts since she will be joining me in Canada in the near future. Anyone working for telus to give me an idea how to go about this. I know the pay sucks but its the Canadian experience that she's seeking right now...Any one with ideas about Telus? Regards

Kaustubh korde 5 years ago

Hello! My nationality is Indian and i m having the ability to do this job and if i get good opportunity then i am ready to stick with this company, i am having not much but good experience of customer care executive. I hope you must be giving training for this job.

liezel 5 years ago

hi i just want to know if there are any vacancies in quezon city call center now ?

Amy 5 years ago

If you're REALLYearning 4mil 1) you wouldn't be on this forum wasting your time, 2) you wouldn't be "testing" yourself to see if you would be hired in the Philippines 3) apply as a non-experienced agent....

ako 5 years ago

twentyfive pa help nman po.i really nid a work

Ryan Zadoo 5 years ago


With/Without any sales or marketing background!

FRESH GRADS/ UNDERGRADS are welcome to apply!

Any College/ 18 years and above!

Earn BIG and enjoy the benefits of this industry!

More than 10-14K/Month Base Pay++ PLUS Commissions!!!

You are qualified if you are:

- Female or Female sounding

- Must have good English

- Confident

- Someone who wants to make MONEY!!!

Don't miss this opportunities and APPLY NOW!

Invite your friends!

Hiring only happens here in BACOLOD CITY!

CONTACT DETAILS: (034) 435-6487 / 09228821178 / 09267769149

CV’s and INFOS /

Preferable to reach us beyond 10PM! Don’t hesitate to call

Invite your friends!

Unit 3 3F St. Francis Centre Singcang Bacolod City 6100

ghe 5 years ago

hi twentyfive.. how much salary do they offer in jp morgan taguig city.. im a newbiee by the way.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

wow, 4 million annual salary?! Hire me lol

TripLang 5 years ago

I had a great experience testing my hireability in call centers when I was on vacation there. I got through much of the interview process, and the last step in hiring process, I got later. I applied as beginner agent only since I have no experience. However, I can't see them matching my Php4Million a year salary right now.

she28 5 years ago

hello guys...patulong dn po.i really need a job also.gusto ko dn mag try sa call's my contact numbr 09179975144.tnx po.god bless.

jano8 5 years ago

hello guys! is there anyone who can help me to get hired in a call center company? cause i really want a job, is there anyone here that in a call center that is in need for an agent? tnx a lot guys! i know you can help me, :)

sintown 5 years ago

@twentyfive I have already taken the call simulation and the interviewer said I passed. She told me to wait for a text message for the medical examination. It has been two days. I don't know if they will hire me or not. :(

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Sintown Yes, if they liked you on the call simulation, you have a pretty huge chance of getting hired. Keep your fingers crossed and always believe in yourself. :)

@Viola their basic is 14 thousand I heard.

viola 5 years ago

im planning to apply at teletech dumaguete. i only have 9 months call center experience. have u got any idea how much would be the basic salary in my case?


sintown 5 years ago

Hi there all. I just applied to Teletech UP Technohub earlier. I have already completed the online exam but I was told that I should go back on Monday for the call simulation. Will I be going to be accepted after that? Just nervous. Lol

@Rachel: My friend applied to Transcom for IT developer. I will be applying if he will be accepted. How's the job?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Rach! Wow, thank you so much for the useful info. I'd definitely add that to the Call Center Companies to work for for 2012 in my next article. Thanks. :) Bless ya!

Rach 5 years ago

Why not try Transcom Worldwide. It is located near Tiendesitas. We need CSR's.... Been here for 3 years.. 16k basic, after 3 mos, additional 2k.. and when you hit 2000 login hours, you'll get an additional 2k. you can put my name: rachelle.37667 in the referral form. Good luck!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Dwin Thank you for sharing with us your experience with Teletech and TL. More power to your call center career this 2012. Cheers!

@Sophia Hi! Thanks for the ad

@Janine Hello! It’s a pleasure. :)

@Chel-why not visit Telus official website.

@Jano Hi! I heard Aegis People Support in Makati and Ortigas are hiring now. They require at least 1 year college education and the usual call center agent’s criteria.

jano8 5 years ago

@ mr. twenty five tnx a lot! but teletech called me last week and they say that they can't hire me bec. of my educ. background, coz they only require a at least 2 yrs. in college, can you recommend me some company that hire a undergrad 1st yr., tnx!

chel 5 years ago

is there a tenure at TELUS?

janine07 profile image

janine07 5 years ago from dasmariñas cavite

@mr twenty five thank you so much...

Sophia Lim 5 years ago

Spread the word!!! We are always hiring!

Check out callbox inc located in Iloilo

Visit our website at:

Edwin 5 years ago

..hi i'm dwin and i'm now starting my career in TeleTech Pioneer. I love TeleTech because of their training and specially my account which is Technical Support. not unlike with my previous call center company in Convergys and in Teleperformance that my TL is very unapproachable and not nice when it comes to my benefits and compensation...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Janine- hello! Oh wow, you surely are qualified. I would recommend Teletech since they are always hiring and they don’t require college graduates as long as you’re fluent in English, can work under pressure and willing to learn, you’d be hired easily. Teletech has a lot of branches nationwide. Submit your resume to the one nearest you. Best of luck. :)

@Jano- yes, like I told Janine, you may wanna try Teletech or better all the BPO companies listed above. The more companies you applied to, the more chance of getting a job. :)

@windyrain- I’m not sure if anyone mentioned about the salary of Teleperformance before. But I heard they pay well too. Share with us when you know. Thank you.

@Glenda a lot of call center companies here also hire foreigners living in the Philippines since they are already English-speaking people. Would be so easy for you.

janine07 profile image

janine07 5 years ago from dasmariñas cavite

@jano8 thanks for the comment..hopefully you could recommend me to mr.twentyfive..thanks..anyway can i ask what company would you recommend??

glenda walter 5 years ago

hi can anyone tell me if there are any companies tht hire ppl outside of the states, namely in the caribbean

windyrain 5 years ago

Im planning to relocate in Bacolod city and look for a job there. Does anyone can tell if how much is the basic salary in TelePerformance? I already have a one year experience in inbound and outbound calls and right now im still committed with my current job here in Cebu.

@twentyfive. thank you :)

simplified 5 years ago

Hi, i find the topic here great :) got a sec to pass by cause i am really interested about online job hunting.haha just to tell you- i am seeking for a job quiet hard.. I tried on oDesk.well works fine but lots of scammers..wew.wanna screw them..specially those indian people..tsk,tsk, well,anyways I wanna try this home-based BPO too . i guess it fits well in my skill xD I am a starter with no experience so basically i'm seeking for a BPO company that is offering a training.. hope to get some info here.

tnx :)

jano8 5 years ago

is it ok to apply even if u r only acollege level? i'm currently 1st. yr. student ryt now, but i stopped in this 2nd sem bec. of the financial problem,ahm, mr. twentyfive can recommend me a company that can hire even if u r only a college level? tnx mr. twentyfive, coz i really need a job ryt now, tnx a lot!!!

janine07 profile image

janine07 5 years ago from dasmariñas cavite

hello guyz i really need your help i am 19 yearsold i only finished 2years in my 4years course i took up bachelor of secondary education major in mathematics in dela salle university dasmariñas..

due to financial problem why i had to stop and find a job..i have no experience ever since but i badly need a job ..can anyone help me how??

ive plan to make my career full time in call center field. i am begging you guyz do help me please..suggestion comments and advice are highly appreciated..or anyone legal job you could offer are highly accepted thank you..this is janine cariño here's my contact number 09173796588..Godbless

yebah 5 years ago

@dagger88, 17k? is that the newest basic pay for Sprint sales consultant in stream makati? I was just hired there about 6months ago and our basic is only 14.5k? AWWW.. how come?

Ahncy 5 years ago

hi.. any one who can help me.. i'm looking for a part time job? good for a night shift only, starts 6pm-6am

Abdiel Technologies 5 years ago

after reading this article i m thinking that to make my career in call center field.........

dagger88 5 years ago

Hello everyone! Why don't you try @ Stream Global Services? Our basic is only 17k but our commissions,bonuses and incentives our great! When you're in the floor already, you can earn an average of 15-20k/month on top of your basic salary. Isn't that great?If you work your ass out, you'll get around 25-30k/month of commissions. Im talking about is inbound. What more in our outbound. Anyway, it's easy to close a sale. They call us for inquiries, so what we only do is put "icing on the cake" right? Our account is SPRINT. The largest coverage service provider in U.S and the most affordable. We don't yelled by irate customers unlike in AT&T and T-mobile. That is why Apple Iphone is now the official partner of Sprint. Right now, we are really in need of agents to absorb the large demand availing the new iphone 4s. Right now im earning 20-22k/month in commissions only. I dont work my ass out coz I have a baby to attend to when im home. What more on December? The hard part is on our training and the learning lab. Here they will push you to be dynamic! Hope to see you guys here!

jhen 5 years ago

hello....does a high school graduate can apply as a CSR? I mean,can you give us oppurtunity to try also how to become a call center agent despite of our educational attainment?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Missy! Sounds like they had some strange mishaps there. If they asked you to reapply, then better reapply. At least they didn’t tell you, don’t apply again or don’t anymore. After a month or two, if they didn’t contact you yet, means they’re not interested anymore. You must apply to other companies while you wait for them. At least you’re not wasting too much time and opportunity. You mentioned you’ve gained much skills related to call center, I’m sure other companies will chase you anyway. :)

Missy 5 years ago

Hi. Your blog was referred to me by a friend. So its true that this is so amazingly sensible! Got a concern, hope you can help me sort this out..

Do you think I should reapply from a company I was terminated 7 years ago? I got terminated for not passing the CCT Training. Currently, they've offered me a job in one of their prestigious account. During the training, I think they were not aware of the situation. I was already in the company again when they called up my attention and asked me to reapply and had my current job offer void yet they didn't close doors upfront on me (I hope). Can I still get the job after going through another process? Can they still trust me for the job? Or should I just go on and move on? I'm so confused because I like to be working in that company. For the past 7 years, I've gained exceptional Skills & Abilities related for the position.

A lot of Thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Some amazing things happen out of boredom sometimes :) Be thankful you got hired. Why don't you try and see what happens after few months. Who knows, salary would rise and benefits would smile at you. You'll never know until you try. P14750 is not that bad. But what really matters is you're happy and you enjoy it. Let us know what happened after few months ok :) Good luck and cheers on your call center career!

marl 5 years ago

Hi I just got hired by CVG, I went there for an interview just out of boredom. I made it through, I got the job. But I think their offer is not really that appealing. I'm starting off at P14750/mo regardless of the night diff/overtime. SOS is highly appreciated.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

thank you so much for sharing your experience :) It will help everyone

nedkellyfanatic 5 years ago

Dont you dare to apply in any sites of Teleperformance here in the Philippines...Aside for being known as Politics rules inside...there are lots of assholes in TP. Lots of promises and things discussed in HR briefing but they don't usually keep their promises...especially about attendance bonuses, sales incentive and the hell are those who are in high positions that they even had a cut in all of their employees in terms of sales...and in case u didn't finished ur 4months-6 months tenure....say gudbye to all of ure sales commissions

Not to mention they don't give regular contracts only what they so called contract renewal from there clients ...DAMN this company who is not PRO~EMPLOYEE...

TP also has the lamest HR's/ Accounting/ Recruitment that aside from those are also selling items that sometimes in the eve of ure sleep, somebody from these dept. calls u or text u up just to sell something...GRABE!...tigas ng mukha ha

Lastly, just to share, I know someone and even become my supervisor that this person from the training ranks was endorsed to a higher one who has a higher supervisory level and yet still doesn't had a chance to take calls or finished a full course training in TP ...that's what u call POLITICS

SPL 5 years ago

Helo! :) do you know how much is the basic salary being offered in Sutherland, Clarkfield? Do they offer meal and transpo allowance? I will appreciate if you will respond :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

what is the name of your BPO company?

chicanehere 5 years ago

we are starting to conduct interviews for the position of Corporate Vendor sales executive for our upcoming office this November. We have one of the highest commission scheme in the BPO industry and you will be able to do what nobody in the call center industry does -- Sell passionately and make a lot of $$$... our office in ortigas center.. basic pay starts at 15k ( no experience / newbie ) , 18k ( with experience in sales / call center ) send your cv to if interested and we will get back to you shortly... cheers!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@lois - I put the link for homebased call center jobs in the Philippines, entitled "work at Home Call Center Jobs" Thank you for dropping by :)

SheanCasio 5 years ago

You can try visit TELEPERFORMANCE..

lois 5 years ago

hi anyone here knows a homebased account? pls help me...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

try Morgan and Chase. Kick ass it's big time. :)

jobhunter 5 years ago

im looking for a high paying call center job. just got in VXI. outbound sales agent basic salary is 14,500! too low! help!

ceejay 5 years ago

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foxjohn 5 years ago

Telus? sucks!!!! I started with a basic pay of 14K & ended after 3 years for only 15K as a tech support that is why I resigned & look for a better company...

maricris 5 years ago

im woking as a csr in one of the call center here. try to applied in convergy to have stable job.luckily i got hired. pass all the exam. since i sign the contract im confident that i have a new job. resign to my previous job. undergo traning but with some reason i didn't pass the training although my grades is good. passing grade is 85 but i only got 79. just want to raise my sentiment. today i have no job coz i thought im good at convergy. is it right in training that they teach their employees. how come they fails us. is their a politics in cvg. fyi i had a good grade in my grammar test. sad abt it they made me resign to my prev.job. IS CONVERGY KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE ON THEIR EMPLOYEES....... anyway, let be karma serve to convergys....

Einghel 5 years ago

hi! i'm einghel btw, im currently working in telus right now but i was thinking of moving to stream however, i've read a lot about them from blogs online. i believe they're having a problem right now with the management... would you know how the company works with their employees? how much is there basic salary & other incentive? as well as with accenture & CVG? i will appreciate any feedbacks/answers from anyone... ;)

adeline 5 years ago

I'm looking for job, I am hardworking I have also complete my 2 years in college...

Powdermonkey 5 years ago

Hi. Column is helpful but let me just add something, the 12k for 10 days is not a myth but very few centers can give you that. Most likely only in manila. If you are looking for a specific range sign on to and you can customize your profile to your desired compensation. Jobstreet will search the market for you and email you often. Sometimes daily so you might wanna create it's own folder. Keep in mind 20k upwards are usually reserved for experienced agents. There are also recruitment firms in jobstreet that will call or reply to your email

sometimes within the day. They can point you different companies without any fee but you would

need to come in to their office. Some recruitment firms give out training as well. Most are for free so you have to dig in for maybe 2 weeks. Some even gives allowance for trainees. Not much but it's free lunch. If I'm not mistaken excelasia does this now. Before they don't. Ope his helps. Go get!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Janet. :) Call center training centers can help some people to land on the job well. Yup, I know some and I'd be glad to publish about them on my next article. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a message here. God bless :)

janet 5 years ago

i really am so tempted to work as a call center agent but i'm not that confident with my conversational english. I will find some call center training services first, then I can try my chances with these companies. do you know of any? reading this thread helps a lot by the way. thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I have put the WORK AT HOME CALL CENTER JOBS on the article above. Go over that link and the legitimate BPO companies for homebased call center jobs are there. Thanks!

theresa 5 years ago

hi guys,i really nid a homebased jobs,yun talagang for real not scam,hope you can give me a link to that or send email to,ive been working from a bpo industry since 2004 and now i need a work from home to take care of my kids at day time too...please can anyone help me.........tnxs

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

You must try the BPO companies hiring on the article. Call center jobs pay well ;)

Dhenber 5 years ago

I really need a job....hoping somebody can read this simple ads pls contact me 09194338230 my cp...or email ad DHENBER36@yahoo

Chuck Bartowski 5 years ago has given me the job i wanted. And it was so fast! try it.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

The requirements are posted on the link of Convergys. Thanks :)

Cy 5 years ago

Do convergys accept vocational graduate?

profile image

ivo722 5 years ago

Hi,just want to know if there are IT support vacancies/ IT Helpdesk jobs(not TSR)that you know that are highly paid.

jing 5 years ago

Is there a so called - permanent night?Or it has to be a rotational shift?How much roughly is the incentives on a night shift?Thank you!!!

Genie Pascual 5 years ago

Hi! I would like to know if there is an age limit in call centers. I am 48 years old and used to work in the UAE. Although i have a small business at home, I would like to go back to office work to earn extra income.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Ramoel - hmm non-voice, I might make a hub about that. Thanks for asking. I hope these call center lovely folks here will share about non-voice if they know any vacancy.. :)

Thanks guys! You're awesome!

Rhonice 5 years ago

Hi Gracia,

That was a very good opportunity to you, you must be really a hard working person. From what you have shared, TELUS seems to be a promising company. I am interested in knowing my chances there as well. Would you know if there are openings right now?




Ramoel 5 years ago

hi, can you give lists of BPO companies with non voice account that is hiring. if you have the info, please include the salary per company...thank you for your support

Ramoel 5 years ago

hi, can you give list of BPO companies with non voice account that is hiring?

Gracia 5 years ago

TELUS is the place to be. started on a help desk role with 30k salary. I then moved a little to a different role with approx 32k salary until i found my niche as an IT support analyst and bumped my salary to approx 60k. Traveled to Canada on a few occasions too all in under 3years. I must say hard work pays. a lot.

Rhonice 5 years ago

Hi, I am interested in moving to another call center company. I have been a supervisor for 3 yrs now for a GPS company. Would you know an opening in Eastwood or Ortigas?


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Big companies that are stable of course gives the best benefits and can help boost your career levels in the long run like Accenture and Convergys. Optia? I never heard of it till now. lol Tell us bout it, would you. I could add it in the line up above.. thanks! Bless ya!

Mr. Pogi 5 years ago

I've been working w/ a BPO industry for 5 years now, and the pay as i hop from call center to another was increasing. This blog seems to be realistic and sensible. Just have a question, have u heard of Optia?

5 years ago


veta 5 years ago

been in this industry for almost a decade. been an agent, supervisor, account manager and back to 3 centers... unfortunately, 2 of them closed down due to peso appreciation, and the other one? im reallly not sure what they're up to... all i want is to move to a center that

would really take care of their employees, very stable, as the best benefits, incentives and no politics involved. i hope you could suggest what center i could check out here in quezon city... thanks!

mina 5 years ago

hi! wat center has the best medical benefits for their employees and their dependents?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

tempting offer you got there. I LOLed to your "bawal and sensitive" hehe

chicane_here 5 years ago


I am setting up a sales office in Manila this coming december. We are a Belgian Owned company and i'm the only filipino partner. We are not a call center but we do sell over the phone and this will probably be the first of its kind in the Philippines.. We are offering the highest commission scheme in the BPO industry - you can earn as much as 50k to sky is the limit on your monthly commission - right now we are thinking of how much will be the basic start up salary.. we are leaning on to 15k / month... The initial job is Corporate Vendor Sales Executive and this job is not for everyone!

We only hire people who are Passionate, Dynamic and Determined.


Shift is will most likely be 1pm-9pm M-F. Possible office location : Emerald Ave. Ortigas Pasig

for any questions re: my post up there email me at

daMac 5 years ago

yo we hiring hre... mack me!

Heath Watson United Kingdom 5 years ago

I am in the united kingdom and would like to be and live with my wife however I need advise as to how i would get work in the Fils ie call centre etc please can someone advise

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

JP Morgan Chase I heard they're awesome! And one commenter mentioned about Siemens. Accenture is cool for career development..A friend of mine was sent to offshore in the US for a year. Wow, German and French, teach me. lol You're so much qualified. I bet wherever you will go, high salaries and perks will hunt you :)

mulder  5 years ago


i can speak fluent, dutch

english filipino and understand german and little french

where should i apply for best salaries?

anonymous 5 years ago

I currently work in ATOS (Siemens) 23k is the Starting salary

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

thanks for posting your jobs hiring..All the best!

Dave 5 years ago

Hi, we are seeking the following position in our Quezon City office. We may be small (40 people) but growing everyday and the staff love it here. We are a Canadian based company that wants to make a differience in the Philippines.

Oracle CRM on Demand specialist

Marketing Manager (IT industry)

Social Media Specialist


send resume to


tonton 5 years ago

@Pejo: Stream Globals bank account is with Union bank.@Payman: What language do you speak? Many BPOs pay executive level salaries for Multilinguals. Most in demand languages are: spanis, french, italian, german. Some also need chinese, arab, dutch and many european languages.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

wow triple x that's aewsome! congrats and hope you enjoy your new job in the call center..Convergys is popular and the company is huge. Cheers! Nice salary and perks by the way ;)

xxx 5 years ago

I got a starting of 13.5k @ convergys, with no experience. my first day of work will be on July 7, 2011.

13.5 basic salary+2500 non taxable allowance+ 20% overtime and night diff.

payman ziaolabsari 5 years ago

Im a multi-lingual and searching for a job in call center.

Pejo Jojo 5 years ago

If you were with Stream Global ano po ang bank kung saan mo makukuha sweldo mo?

andrei 5 years ago

try to work at jp morgan chase and you can get 25k basic +perks nightdiff and bonuses.

JJJC 5 years ago

"For starters without experience, BPO companies compensate their employees with around 10,000 to 12, 000."

Is this for 10 days or for a month????

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Leandro! In Pampanga like Cyber and Teletech, salary for call center agents ranges from 12,000 to 14,000. You are welcome :) Teletech hires continuously. Just go to SM Pampanga Anex and drop by. :)

Leandro Santos 5 years ago

I would just like to ask, how much is the salary for call center agents in Pampanga?? thank you so much its urgent.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Hi Bryant! Yup, Fusion BPO Services is a BPO/Call Center company that has recently opened its branch in the Philippines. Its main office is in Montreal, Canada. Fusion operates in the USA, Canada, India and the Philippines. As far as I know, it's a a very good company as it originally started in Canada. As for the salary, I bet they give higher rates as it has been opened yet.

Thanks for dropping by. God bless! :)

Bryant  5 years ago

Hey Twentyfive... My girlfriend lives in Metro Manila, she just got hired on doing the call center training. I was curious if you know of the "Fusion BPO" company. I want her to work for a good company and to be able to get paid decent for starting, and to have an opportunity to make more as she works hard..

:) I'm just curious if you know about that company thanks!

crystolite profile image

crystolite 6 years ago from Houston TX

Thanks for the information. I will check later

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hi Meliza! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I made another article bout home based call center. They give the same high salary to agents. I linked the article at the end part of my hub before the picture of the cat. LOL Just hit the title and it will lead you there. Thanks a lot. Good luck! :)

meliza 6 years ago

this site is very informative., I would also want to work in call center in cebu city.Since every info is stated then all i can say is up to me now. Do you know what are the requirements in applying for home based?


M . ZAGHAM JAVED KHAN 6 years ago

i want this job

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

@icashu - Hi! Try Accenture and Convergys. They're international companies. Check out their site if they've got branches in your country. Majority of good call center companies already offer homebased :) Good luck!

@John - Hi! Yea it depends with the company. If it's huge and operates worldwide, expect higher salaries. It also depends with an employee's performance and rank. I know someone who works in the graveyard shift and she earns 15K. It's not that easy. It really takes hardwork and commitment and one big call center company to receive your dream payout. Bacolod is a nice city. Few years from now I bet BPO growth will push through.

If you're an American and you wanna work here, you may have the advantage from call center companies coz of your English. However, peso is still peso. Things may be so cheap in here but compensation is not that appealing.

This site is NOT their (BPO companies') website. It's just a link to theirs. And about the 35000php per month. You know advertising and the law of attraction in marketing. 35000php is not fixed obviously. You could get that in America in a week. lol

Thanks for commenting and sharing about Bacolod call center.. All the best to you :)

John 6 years ago

In Bacolod city, starting salaries are MUCH MUCH lower than what you stated for 12k for ten days of 30k+ for a month. Here, most don't even pay 12k for one month. Only Teletech and Convergys start inexperienced CSR's at more than 12k. Convergys I believe is still set at 14k starting and 18k+ depending on experience level but even then no one gets hired in much above 25,000 monthly. So your numbers may be for Manila but you have to remember, the salaries change with each city. They still stay well above the average manager salaries for their cities, however, 50-70k over time? Not in Bacolod and from what I have heard from Cebu Call center employees they are nowhere close to your average starting salaries either. These are ACTUAL salaries offered to me AS AN AMERICAN working here in the Philippines with all my papers taken care of ready to work. They are also no different than the salaries offered to friends of mine who work in call centers all over town including teletech, convergys, teleperformance, panasiatic, and focus.

Just thought I'd share how Bacolod is and considering we have nine call centers in our small town and they are continuously building more, this is the place to be for a job in a call center however the pay is not the same here.

I would just hate for people to go into a job expecting 35,000php per month and only be offered 11,000. Then your site looks bad since this site is highly trusted and all. ;-)

Thank you for putting the time into your site though. It does have some informative pieces in it.


profile image

icashu 6 years ago

Good and trustworthy, welldone twentyfive. I have been surfing for the last 2/3 years looking for free online work from home and finally I found yours. But I doubt whether homebased call center will employ international citizen eg. Malaysian?

xiaochen 6 years ago

12k for 10 days?talaga?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

If you read the whole article, the homebased call center were listed at the bottom, and I've listed their official websites and I even made a hub about homebased call center. I won't put links that would mislead the readers as this site is known reputable and trusted. Just read and read and read. Goodluck.

claudia 6 years ago

It would have been helpful if you listed the BPOs based here in the Philippines that offer home based call center jobs. As it is, the links you included was a bit misleading.

Philippine Call Center 6 years ago

Apply Now - Cebu Call Center Company

Taking You Forward, Inc. is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company located in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

Taking You Forward Inc.

SLL Bldg P Remedio Street

6014 Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines

PH Hotline : +63323465551

Skype: takingyouforwardinc.

yaryt28 6 years ago

i dont think so the link u have given are a good help for online homebased work in the philippines.pls dnt give false hope

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Good luck on your call center career Maya :)

maya 6 years ago also interested in applying for kind of job most especially about the home-based call center.I will try to apply thru your website once i get back to Philippines..thank you for those encouring words.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

oh, sad to hear bout your bad past working in Convergys. WOnder what happened with your two month-salary..Ow, sounds like your tech trainer had issues with you. Just leave them, I'm sure there's a better opportunity with you to other call center companies. Good luck and thanks for stopping over and sharing your experience. :)

diosa 6 years ago

thanks for the information but I had a bad experience with convergys-commonwealth, may stay with this company cost me a lot(held my 2 months salary and my f*cking tech trainer was so insecure he gave me a failing score in PST (even if I passed the tech.mocked calls berlitz mock calls,cct, and etc)he passed those other trainees who didn't know how to use a computer..hehehehe. I will go back to may previous company stream(former etelecare) or apply for either accenture or teletech instead

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Call center is saving the economy and job less here. Thanks Chin :)

Chin chin profile image

Chin chin 6 years ago from Philippines

Good and informative hub especially for many Filipinos looking for better paying jobs.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hi Richie! Yup, home based call center are growing rapidly. How cool is that, working at home earning full time too. These work at home call center solutions are so brilliant. I've made a more detailed hub about home based call center jobs. You can check it out, too. Thank you and God bless :)

Richie 6 years ago

I have been with Convergys for more than a year now but I am also busy atending my kids needs and work-at-home call center job is what I am really looking for.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Thanks Prof A. A call center agent in the graveyard shift seems a big challenge :)

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

Good Call twentyfive,Lol;)

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