Can Bad Content Be Good for Your Blog?

When blogging was still in it's infancy, it was a pretty simple affair really. Blogs were just supposed to be a way to share personal stuff with friends and family and of course the occasional stranger who happened to be "Surfing the Web" for their own entertainment.

Well, today there are no surfers and the web is much bigger and more people looking for information and content that's relevant to the searches their conducting.

So what does that mean for the content that your creating for your struggling blog?

Well, if your blog is just a basic all about me blog, then you have nothing to worry about. Eventually people will find your blog.

If your blog is for your business then that's a whole different story correct?

Well partially.

Obviously this hub is about having good content, and I'm afraid that having good content isn't just limited to a blog that's strictly for business purposes, it's also important for all of you out there with personal blogs, but I'm not going to address that today...but if your smart you'll keep reading.

Okay, so is bad content good for your blog?


Let me explain what I'm talking about before you jump all over me okay.

In this instance, BAD content isn't content that's bad, but rather controversial in it's tone.

Exactly what sort of content is bad then you're asking?

Well it's the sort of content that will usually piss people off when they read it.

Here's a link to a post that on the ABC News site and was written by James Carville called Suspending Penn State Football Is a ‘Really Dumb Idea.’

The content wasn't really controversial but Carville is if anything a bit opinionated to say the least.

Here's another blog post from someone named Dave and his blog is appropriately named "Dave's Damn Blog," I love that title. The post is called Conventions, Political Conspiracy Theories, and other Stuffs, and while I did not read the whole post, I can tell you that it sounded pretty angry.

But the point here is that if you read the posts, you'll notice that the content that there is actually very well written and constructed.

And they make you think when you read them, and that folks is what matters.

Content that engages your readers, in this case maybe a bit controversial in their approach, but the content is actually very good and so while the content is bad (again in the context of your written content actually being controversial in nature) will actually be good for your blog.

So, in closing don't be afraid to be a bit controversial, just be prepared for the results, because controversy attracts comments that can and almost always are passionate in their defense or (usually) in their rebuttal of your ideas and how you presented them in the post they are replying to.

Lew Newmark is the owner of KeyWords Media, and Lew

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